Employability skills and its Importance

What are the Employability Skills?

The meaning lies in the word itself, i.e. the ability to be employed. This is based on factors such as a person’s education, skillset, etc. It highlights a crucial point about the word. That employability is a score of your potential.

Employability skills are not a score that even companies keep. It is a personal score that is reflected in your work. And your history, previous job details. These questions help the hiring team select candidates that best match their type.

In simple terms, employability is just a measure of your chances to secure a job based on your skills, talent, education and experience.

Employability skills and what does your employability depend on?

As mentioned above, it is generally calculated from your past/history. The main components are-

Your Education

This information helps companies understand your passions as a child. Thus, companies can judge the type of career they wish for by studying their education choices. They compare it with the requirements of the job.

employability skills
January 16, 2022
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Table of Contents

Your Skills

This information helps companies know how you used your education and working knowledge to your benefit. How much of your time did you divert to polish your skills. In simple terms, your skills are measured against what you know and how you use that to better yourself.

Your Attitude

This is used to measure your employability. Your attitude is what you display to the world at all times. However, companies generally look for people with a vision and strong decision-making. Weak attitudes are often viewed as negative, which makes co-working tough. Thus, one must paint a good picture of their attitude as a hardworking and honest one.

What is meant by career?

Job is work that you are currently pursuing. A career is a path that you have taken in your work life. It refers to a longer job path that offers upgrades to higher levels.

Career EDGE Model

The EDGE model provides the summary of the four essential elements that aid in the employability of people:

E- Experience

This includes your work and personal experiences that have helped you develop skills that may be attractive for the hiring team.

D- Degree of Subject Knowledge

This includes the depth of your education. As mentioned above, skills are developed from knowledge. Thus, improving knowledge can help improve or build skills.

G- Generic Skills

This includes the skills that come with a job in the social world—good communication, writing skills, attitude, basic courtesy, etc.

E- Emotional Intelligence

This is a hard one to measure. In a broad sense, emotional intelligence is the ability of the individual to take control of their emotions. Also, this help makes informed decisions, not ones that lead out of panic.

Why are employability skills important?

Employability is not just securing one job. It has traits and factors that decide the skill of retaining or hiring employees. These are the reasons why employability is important:

Competitive World

In a world, it is difficult to judge the individuality of the candidate? Many might say that college is different. However, that is true in some sense. The larger point is that the basic education for everyone is the same. However, even good colleges can offer good jobs to their students. Retaining that job defines that student. Thus, this is the unique factor in each candidate.

Adapt to changing situations

Work-life is fickle. As they say, the market can change every second. So can the insides of an office. The real change comes in job descriptions, not just in terms of emotions. Over time, you will go up the ranks of the company. You will be required to do various jobs needed at different stages. Hence, employability helps you gather and retain these traits.

It helps you explore the self.

The best thing about employability is that it is entirely in your hands. Thus, only you can find your actual employability. Therefore, exploring yourself urges you to become employable. You try to learn new things. Also, you retain more information for future use. And, you go through many work lives to finally select the one that works for you.

Return on Investment

Costs for completion of higher education are getting higher every year. Students are walking out of colleges with large debts and require a job. This is why maintaining employability is important.

A degree is not enough.

Truthfully, even students from well-reputed colleges lack job opportunities in today’s day and age. Because they have not developed their skills in different areas, though, Having managerial skills, even in non-business related fields like medicine, greatly improves your employability as you can be considered for the post of manager at a hospital.

What is meant by employability skills?

The definition of a skill is ‘ability to perform actions to achieve a determined set of results’. The words ‘action’ and ‘results’ are important here. While getting up from your seat is also an action. But, an action with a determined result is a skill.

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Examples of Employability Skills

There needs to be a wholesome approach to your skills and attitude. Here is a list of the top skills that build your overall character:


skills for job

It is required from people for creative solutions to problems or creative ideas. Bosses always look for employees who have a creative mind and can pitch good ideas. These creative ideas do not need to be revolutionary. People receive even small ideas well that better the flow of work.


This is one of the most important skills to have. Companies expect their employees to be fluent in their writing skills and manage effective and accurate conversations with partners and other firms. Not just speaking, the communication process also asks one to become a good listener. These two traits help immensely in making yourself employable.

Personal all-round Development

Companies look for employees who do exceptional activities, not just in the office but outside too. Companies always promote people who follow a hobby and are good at it. Moreover, it also shows you in good light as an employee who strives to achieve more.


Every company wants to hire people who can lead. These leaders are not just leaders of college groups. People task them with work teams and deadlines. Employability of individuals increases if the company sees these qualities in them.

Organisation Skills

Every professional wants everyone in their company to be professional too. The same goes for offices. Hence, Companies always want people who know how to manage different phases of life. People who excel in these skills are the real asset for the company.


Work-life is fickle natured. One small problem can turn into bigger. Thus, the employability of candidates is based on the factors of changing situations. Their presence of mind contributes to bettering their employability stance. This is one of the highly regarded skills.


All companies want employees who show initiative to do work. Showing initiative to take charge of some activity goes a long way in your character file. People who take the initiative make profits for the company.

Tech Savvy

jobs in india

The digital age has shown us many possibilities. Moreover, what once was only magic, now can be accessed through a click. In this fast-paced world, digital gadgets change faster than the speed of light. But every digital gadget has a significant appeal to people. Either in the form of a new laptop or new software. Having these skills shows you as a self-sufficient candidate.

Problem Solver

This is another important skill. A crisis is the only certain thing. However, the kind of crisis will always be different. Thus, companies keep problem-solvers extremely close to their hearts. They are employees who the company values. Thus, these are the most important skill to have in a person.


The world is changing every day. Employers seek people who are aware of the market they operate in. John Scully, the youngest VP of Pepsi-Cola, went to bottling plants to understand the process. He still wanted to know the process even though he was from the marketing department.

This awareness is extremely necessary for an extremely fragile market. Employees who can make sense of trends and insights that arise from market research are very valuably and are an asset in the strategy meetings of the company.

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence is one of the most important skills one can develop. When a problem arises, people refer to a person who keeps calm.

Emotional Intelligence also leads to professionalism as people become aware of social responsibility. Employers want candidates who deliver the best work in times of distress or conflict.

Final Thought

“To be employed is to be at risk; to be employable is to be secure.”

These words have the true essence of employability. It is not the measure of how many jobs have you had in the last three years. Instead, the traits and skills you’ve developed in the past three years have positively affected your personal development.

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