The Best CV format for Freshers and Experienced


Whenever we think about our future, the first thing that comes to our mind is how to secure our future. The first step towards securing the future is to find a good job. Finding a good job is very important. Nowadays, students are very concerned regarding their future. They all want a good job or pursue higher education to fulfil their dreams. Students and many people working already but not happy with their jobs also want to change their profession. In India, there are many job opportunities you may work for. But finding the right one is very important. It may relate to your field of interest, your passion, anything. To find any job, the first thing that came to our mind is to create a good CV format for freshers. To find a good job or for higher education, creating a good CV format for freshers and experienced is very important. 

What is CV? 

The complete form of the CV is Curriculum Vitae. It is a document where students showcase their academics and professional life. In a CV you can tell about your whole career, about every academic detail, everything. If you are experienced in any field, you can also mention it briefly in your CV. 

Main Purpose of a CV  

If you are a student and writing a CV,  you need to understand the main purpose of writing a CV. If you are applying for any job or any specific position, your CV should mention why this specific position matches your career. Your CV must communicate with the recruiter to be eager to meet you. Someone’s CV format must be written so that anyone gets to know about your specific knowledge and interest by reading it. And they can consider you for a specific role or position in many companies or jobs where you need to send your CV first. They can choose you based on your CV. So making a good CV format is very important. Because sometimes it can be an important factor for any job role or any specific academic profession. 

cv format for freshers
January 6, 2022
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Table of Contents

Difference between CV and Resume  

Many students are confused about the difference between CV and Resume. Although they are quite similar and almost used for the same purpose, there is a small difference between them.  The main difference is that a resume is a one-two-page document representing your academics and skills. But CV is a long page document representing every small detail about your career and academics. If you are applying for any job, then you can write a resume that will only highlight the main points you want to tell or about your academic, about your skill. A tiny detail is mentioned there.  And if you are applying for any educational purposes, mostly CV format is used. In this, you can briefly tell every detail so they can understand why you are a perfect candidate for the specific role. 

How to write the best CV format for freshers and experienced? 

Your CV format must be in such a way so that it attracts the recruiter. So there is a couple of things you need to remember for writing a CV. 

  • The first thing you need to do is to find the right format and structure for your CV.  Remember, it has to be professional. 
  • You can use the job description as a guide to writing your skills. To make a good CV, the most important factor is to write down your skills properly. Mention the skills you have. 
  • If you are experienced in any field, mention it briefly, about your work and your position. 

  • Mention your all academic details. 
  • Write down your hobbies and interests. 
  • Highlight any specific skill or ability which matches the job profile. It’s a very important point. It can attract your CV. 
  • Tell them about your specific subject knowledge or skill you are confident in. 
  • By mentioning all these things in detail, you can make a good and attractive CV. And you can enhance the chances of your selection. 

CV format for freshers 

If you are a student and finding jobs, making a good CV is most important. In maximum private companies, they shortlisted the candidates based on their CV. Not only in Private Jobs, but now they go through Cv first in most cases. Then if they find Someone’s CV is attractive, they will select.  Suppose you are a good student and have good knowledge, but your CV format is not good, then how recruiters will know about you? They will only see your CV first and choose depending on that. So if you are a fresher, it is more important for you. Writing a good CV format is very easy. You need to know the basics. Sometimes freshers find it difficult how to mention all the skills. Because mentioning the skills you have is precisely important. So here I’m going to discuss some ideas one may apply.  CV format for freshers plays a vital role.

How to mention your skills 

  • First of all, you need to mention that you have good communication skills. Because they need someone who can communicate well, mentioning it first is very important. 
  • Then it would be best if you mentioned that you could work well in a team and manage the team as a leader. 

  • After that, you need to mention that you are a quick learner. So that recruiters can trust you that you will learn things easily. 
  • Then one should mention the flexibility of work and time management. That, in a given period, all work will be complete. 
  • It is also an important point to mention that you can solve problems and wisely make decisions. 
  • Many recruiters also want to see your mental ability, so mentioning that you can work under pressure is very important. 
  • And last of all don’t forget to tell, how determined and dedicated you are. How badly you want this. This is the perfect role you applied for, and you are the perfect candidate. 

Lastly, don’t lie as it will affect your whole CV and might create problems for you. 

CV Format for experienced  

If you are experienced, then correctly writing a CV is also essential. The most important factor comes to an inexperienced person to mention their experience in a good way. As an experienced, you need to mention your previous work profile in detail. Starting from where you previously worked, what was your job profile, what projects you had done, about responsibilities all. As an experienced person, you have to mention your previous projects briefly. It’s a chance to make your CV more graceful. Then you should also mention your strengths and skills.

Most importantly, it would be best to mention how the applying job profile matches the criteria. More or less, the CV format for freshers or as an experienced person is the same. An experienced person needs to mention all previous academic or work experience briefly. It’s a good opportunity to apply as an experienced, enhancing your chances of selection. 

Choosing a Format

The format you write your CV in is often the most important element of your CV. This is because it decides the first impression you (and your CV) will have on a recruiter. If your CV is too colourful, cluttered, or over-the-top, it might lead to a wrong impression and, in some cases, a rejection.

CV for freshers is the most attractive when presented neat and simplistic style. Monochromes- usually greys or blues are preferred.  A simple black-and-white CV works perfectly too!

Make sure that there are adequate margins and the paragraphs are adequately spaced. You can use tables and bullet points to consolidate your material effectively.

The format you choose should complement your material, be easily readable, and have visual appeal. Avoid elaborate designs or pictures. Please keep it simple and functional.

Heading and Initial Information

A CV for fresher begins with a heading, which is usually your name. That is followed by your basic information like email-id, address, and phone number. You do not need to mention your full address. The city or area you live in will suffice. If you are applying for a job in your location, you can use your address. Otherwise, you can skip it entirely.

Adding your social media or professional network profile links such as your LinkedIn id is a good idea. You can also include links for your personal blog/website. However, if you add links to your profiles, ensure that everything you upload is professional and conveys the professional image you wish to portray to a recruiter.

Please do not change your font for every piece of information. It makes the CV look cluttered. Bold letters or underlines can be used for emphasis.

Personal Statement/Summary

A personal summary is not a compulsory addition to a CV for fresher. A good CV for Freshers does not need a professional statement or work vision, as the applicants have little industrial experience, and the recruiter focuses more on the required skill-set and relevant activities and achievements.

However, if you include a summary, ensure that it is not too vague or generic. Avoid phrases like “determined learner”/”hardworking and diligent” as the recruiter would have seen the same phrases thousands of times. Your summary should bring out what is unique in you and is your USP. It should tell the recruiter why you are the best fit for the desired role, including your career goals, passion, etc.  It should be crisp, concise, and adequate.

If you do not feel the need for a personal summary, feel free to skip it and sharpen the rest of your CV for fresher!

One of the pro-tips on making an attractive CV for Freshers is knowing what to leave out of it. If something is not serving you as an applicant for your desired role or job, leave it off your CV.

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Academic Qualifications

The next part of your CV for fresher is the academic details. This includes your Class 10th and 12th marks, Graduation marks along with the subjects studied, and any other professional exams you have given- such as CA, etc.

You can enter these in the form of a table with Year of Passing, Board, Subjects, Percentage, etc., as columns.

It is a good idea to include the courses you have taken, especially if they are relevant to the job you are applying for.

If you have professional training and certifications that you want to highlight, you can do so in this section of your CV under the headline “Professional Qualifications.”

Skills Known

This is the section where you can highlight and mention your technical skills and relevant soft skills. Make sure to tailor your skill-set concerning the job you are applying for. The relevant skills the employer is looking for will be mentioned in the job description. Try to fit your skill-set to the required one as much as possible.

Also, highlight the level of expertise in each of your skills using a scale from 0-5/0-10 or categories like “Beginner”, “Intermediate”, “Advanced”.

You can either include this in a one or two-column table or mention them in a bulleted list. Ensure your skills are relevant and not exaggerated.

Academic Achievements/Awards

Use this section to write about any academic achievements in high school and college. This includes distinctions, subject topper awards, class topper awards, scholarships, and other academic achievements.

Highlight your academic proficiency with phrases like “Top 0.2% of a batch of 250” or “Stood 1st/2nd in a class of 7” or “Selected among 2000 applicants”, etc. These demonstrate your excellence and capability.

Positions of Responsibility

Since jobs do not look for only academic skills, holding positions of responsibility shows the recruiter that you have leadership and organizational skills, which are important in being “job-ready.”

List all the positions of responsibility you have held in school or college. Also, briefly mention your role and responsibilities, team size, goals achieved, etc.

Academic Projects

Academic Projects are a great co-curricular activity. They demonstrate your skills and knowledge and show the recruiter or employer that you take the initiative and are willing to go beyond what you ask. Doing academic projects is a great way to increase your chances of hiring, especially if they are in a relevant field or include a similar skill-set!

Mention the title of your projects, along with the year of the undertaking, who you worked under, what was the aim of the project, and a brief description of it. Do not go into too much detail. One or two lines highlighting the crux of each project (if any) will have a great impact on your CV format for freshers!

Work Experience and Extra-Curriculars

Use this section to highlight your work experience, including your internships, part-time jobs, or freelance experience. Mention your previous employers, your designation, tenure of internship/job, and then briefly describe your role and contribution to the organization. Use words and phrases like “Lead/Headed/Created/Took initiative”, etc. that will demonstrate your eagerness and capability at excelling in your workplace. The way you present your work experience plays an important role in how the employer perceives your CV for fresher. The presentation is one of the most crucial factors affecting making an attractive CV for fresher. During college, your work experience is the only clue an employer has to judge how well you function in a professional environment. So, if you have the skills and experience, presenting them well will take you a long way!

In this section, mention your extra-curricular activities, including any clubs or societies you were part of in college, any sports activities you undertook, any awards won in these fields, or any performances like drama, music, dance, etc., have given in your academic years. Extracurriculars show the employer that you are an all-rounder and take interest and initiative in various things. If you have many extracurriculars, highlight only the most prestigious/relevant achievements, as you do not want to clutter your CV.

You can mention your hobbies in one line at the end of this section if you wish to.

What Not To Do

  • Avoid using multiple fonts throughout the CV format for freshers.
  • Steer clear of using multiple colours or designs in the CV.
  • Do not make the CV too long. The ideal length of a CV for a fresher is 1-2 pages at max. Recruiters reject longer CVs.
  • Do not send the same CV to every job you apply for, especially if the skills required are different. Taking the time to tailor your resume to fit the job description can prove worth your while. When making a CV for fresher attractive, remember- One size does NOT fit all! Customize the CV according to the job you are applying for!
  • Do not fill your CV with irrelevant skills and information. For example: If you are applying for a finance analyst job, mentioning skills like “SEO” is not required. Your CV is not only about what you put in but also about what you cleverly leave out.
  • Do not lie on your CV. While you may be tempted to exaggerate your skills or fudge up an achievement or two, it is not wise to do so, as the employer will ask for proof in the interviews and getting caught can lead to your candidature being blocked.
  • Do not use unprofessional language like “Lead a team of 10 guys” on your CV for fresher.
  • Please do not post links to your accounts like Facebook, Instagram etc., unless relevant to your job profile. E.g., If you are an Instagram content creator and are applying for a Digital Creator job, you can include your Instagram id as it is relevant!
  • Do not forget to update your CV regularly, for example, after every semester, completing an internship, winning an award etc.
  • Do not forget to proofread your CV several times. It is also a good idea to get your mentor, professor etc., to proofread it for you.

Proper Format to write a CV format for freshers


It would be best to write your name, contact information, mobile number, email-id, address, etc. 

Profile summary 

Your profile summary is a summary of yourself. You can tell here about you, about your academic background, your skills, your interest, all but in a concise way. Please don’t write it long. 

Educational qualification 

All your academic details should be mentioned here. If you are not experienced, your educational qualification plays a vital role in your selection. It would be best if you said your all qualifications. Firstly, the highest qualification may be a postgraduate, graduate, or anything. It would be best to write it from where you completed your graduation or higher studies. Passing year, all semester marks, percentage, etc. Then comes your 10/12th details. All details should be mentioned here. Like about your subject choice, stream, percentage, school name all. 

Technical Skills 

All the skills you have should be written here. If you are an engineering student, then mention your software skills or anyone having any skills or skills related to the job profile. Just mention it here. It can be a deciding factor. 


If you have done any training or internship, it will enhance your chances of selection. The number of internships or training you have done can be mentioned here, and write down those details. 


if You have done any project, then write about it. It can be your academic project or job profile related. 


Having experience in any field will make your CV more graceful. If Someone has work experience or academic experience, then mention it here. In many cases, experienced people get the privilege. 

Certification courses 

Mentioning certification courses is also important. If a student did any course, then it should be mentioned here. 


You can mention here all your strengths, your specialities. If you properly mention all your key strengths and responsibilities, it may attract the recruiter. Mentioning your strengths is very important. 

Languages known  

you can mention here all the languages you know and speak as well. You can specifically write about one language you specialize in, which will make you unique. 

Lastly, you can also write your parent’s name, date of birth, and address. 

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Why making a good CV format for freshers is important? 

We know the importance of a job in a student’s life. It can be a deciding factor for your future. So with every job opportunity, students started worrying about its interview process, about making the best CV format. This article tried to mention all the possible ways to help a student. Many students also want to pursue higher students in jobs, so making a good CV is important. Because whenever you apply for a job or any academic purpose, your CV is the first thing they will see. Based on your CV, they will judge you. If your cv is good, it will impact the recruiters. So making a good CV is very important as it will increase your chances of shortlisting in any case. 


So, in short, I want to say that making a good CV format for freshers is important for both freshers and experienced. For fresher it’s important cause you don’t have any experience, so presenting your academics and skills in such a way impresses anyone is very important. Above I mentioned all the skills you need to write and present them. For experienced, it’s already a golden opportunity because you already have experience. You need to present your all projects and previous work profile in a good way to attract the recruiters. And you get selected. Getting selected is most important because the recruiters hardly see your CV for 5 mins and in these 5 mins they will judge you according to your CV. So make sure to make a good format Of CV to impress anyone. 

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