Complete Guide on B.Sc.Nursing - Courses, Career and Eligibility


This article is just about that. The exploration of the medical field through the lens of nursing and taking up different questions like- What is B.Sc.Nursing? What is B.Sc.Nursing course details? What is B.Sc.Nursing eligibility, and how to apply for a B.Sc.Nursing course?

Everyone at one point in their lives wanted to be a doctor or work in a hospital. When you ask a child what their dream job would be, among the many creative answers, one of the most repeated ones is becoming a doctor. So, what is it in the medical field that is so worthy of a child’s imagination? And what can one explore in this field when it’s time to make a decision about one’s career.

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What is nursing?

Before we begin to talk about the complete guide on B.Sc.Nursing course details, let us first understand some basics of what the nursing profession entails. In a broad sense, we understand two main roles within a hospital- one is of course the doctor, the other is the equally important nurse. Without one, the other will not be able to function to their best abilities. nursing
February 5, 2021
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The next part is understanding what nursing is having to do with the personality traits of a nurse. We know that nursing is a noble profession, but what are the qualities one should exhibit if one is trying to enter the profession. Here, I have compiled a shortlist of the necessary traits one must have to be a nurse:

1. Nurses must be compassionate and understand the needs of people
2. They must be willing to work at odd hours
3. They must have enough stamina and patience to run around the hospital, catering to patients
4. They must be well educated in medicine and its deliveries to patients
5. They must have an eye for detail, to catch early signs of issues
6. They must be punctual and disciplined in their work-life

Now that we have understood the essential nature and qualities of nurses, let us take a minute to exclude some preconceived notions you might have about the profession. Nursing is a respectable profession that is practiced by millions of women as well as men. The idea that men can’t be nurses is predated and archaic. In fact, due to the large number of men that are increasingly joining this profession for the improving job opportunity and financial benefits, India has been referring to them as ‘Brothers’, giving male nurses their own unique title.

What is B.Sc.Nursing?

The Bachelor of Science in Nursing is an undergraduate degree that spans four years of studies in the medical field. It prepares students into the practices and protocols for paramedical and the nursing staff that are available at hospitals, clinics, etc.

The nursing fraternity is largely regulated by the Indian Nursing Council. It is the national governing body that sets the course and syllabus for budding nurses and institutionalizes them once they enter the workforce. Thus, it is important to check whether your nursing school is INC accredited or not.

B.Sc.Nursing Eligibility Criteria

In order to successfully pursue a career in nursing, there are some prerequisites that nursing school demands from incoming students to make their learning easier. These necessary items include:

1. Pursuing science in PCB (Physics, Chemistry, Biology) stream in Class 12.
2. Biology is a mandatory subject to be eligible for admission in any nursing school
3. Passed Class 12 with at least 50% aggregate marks. Though scoring higher in Class 12 helps as there are many seats that are reserved for merit students.
4. Some nursing schools might also ask for English as a language in Class 12.

B.Sc.Nursing Course Details

The subject matter that you will study during your time at a nursing school is divided into four different categories, each module completed in one year. Here are the short term courses after B.Sc Nursing.
Module I: 1st Year
● Basics of Nursing
● Basics of Anatomy
● Basics of Microbiology
● Basics of Physiology
● Basics of Biochemistry
● Basics of Nutrition
● Basics of Communication Skills
● Basics of Psychology

Module II: 2nd Year
● Introduction to Pathology
● Introduction to Medical-Surgical Nursing
● Introduction to Genetics
● Basics of Sociology
● Introduction to Pharmacology
● Health Nursing (Community)

Module III: 3rd Year
● Basics of Maternity Nursing
● Basics of Child Health Nursing
● Advanced Medical-Surgical Nursing
● Introduction Mental Health Nursing

Module IV: 4th Year
● Nursing Education of Services
● Management of Nursing
● Advanced Health Nursing (Community)
● Advanced Maternity Nursing
● Nursing Statistics and Research Operations

Note: These topics covered above may not be exactly the same among the different colleges, and the modules might not be arranged in this order over different schools. However, the content of the education will be similar across nursing schools.

How to apply for B.Sc.Nursing course?

The process of admission to nursing schools depends on two factors:

1. Aggregate marks of Class 12 Board Exams
2. Marks secured in the entrance exams for particular nursing colleges

There is a three-step process that you must follow while applying for B.Sc.Nursing courses:

1. Once you have completed your Class 12, the first step is researching the nursing school that best fits you. We will give a list of the best schools in the next segment. These decisions must be based on your financial ability to pay for that school, the geographic area you belong to, and the marks you scored in your Class 12 board exams.
2. After selecting your choice of nursing school, you need to go to the official website of that school and begin filling your enrolment application that asks for basic details like ID proof, marks, and other important documentation. Once completed, you will be required to pay the application fee that can be transferred both online as well as offline (in some cases though demand drafts)
3. Once your application has been selected, you might be required to go to the college or one of its centers where you will be asked to take an entrance exam test. This, in some cases, maybe followed by an in-person or telephonic interview with the admission cell of the nursing school.

Note: The application fee is non-redeemable and does not ensure admission. It is just a transaction you make to be eligible to apply for that college. The final decision has based on the marks you score in your entrance exam or your college admission interview.

Top entrance exams for B.Sc.Nursing

Though there are many entrance exams across the country that makes you eligible to pursue a degree in B.Sc.Nursing, two of the conduction of the most widely recognized exam nationally are:

Conducted by the National Testing Agency, the NEET exams consist of 180 questions that test your knowledge in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. This is an MCQ based test that can be taken online.

SAAT is a college-level examination that offers students eligibility into many undergraduate and even postgraduate studies in the field of nursing. This is also an online-based MCQ examination consisting of 120 questions.

Top B.Sc.Nursing colleges in India

Some of the most renowned nursing schools for an undergraduate degree in the country are listed below:

1. SRM University, Chennai
2. Christian Medical College, Vellore
3. Symbiosis International University, Pune
4. Sharda University, Greater Noida
5. Institute of Medical Sciences, IIT-BHU, Varanasi

Career Opportunities after B.Sc.Nursing

Students after completing their four-year program of B.Sc.Nursing opens their world to a wide range of job opportunities. Some of the most sought after jobs after B.Sc.Nursing are:

Nurses are qualified medical professionals who assist doctors in managing the day-to-day operations within a hospital or a clinic. They are also tasked with caring for the sick patients and providing support, emotionally, to the bereaved family members of the patients. One of the most important tasks for nurses is to do daily evaluations, more than two times a day, to check up on the needs of the patients, providing them with medications, and keeping notes of the recovery of the patient.

Salary Options:

For nurses, the average monthly salary can range from 16-25 thousand rupees. Though, with big hospitals like Fortis, these salaries can go up to 46,000 rupees per month.

Nurse Supervisor
Also referred to as Nurse Administrator, the job of a nurse supervisor is to manage all the nurses in the hospital. They are responsible for coordinating the efforts of nurses and overseeing that all needs of patients are met by the nurses. They also develop plans for the efficient functioning of the nurse department within the hospital.

Salary Options:

Though the average monthly salary of Nurse Supervisors can range from 26,000 to 36,000 per month, these go up in number when working for big hospitals, as much as 56,000 per month.

Completing a B.Sc. in Nursing also opens up the door for enrolling oneself in the world of psychology. Studying the human mind has always been a fascinating endeavor and one can seek this career option if they are interested in the workings of the human mind. A psychologist makes symptomatic psychotherapy to patients who are experiencing mental problems. These problems can be from depression to addiction. All these mental disorders are well categorized in the handbook for psychologists- the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-V)

Salary Options:

Working as a psychologist, you can earn up to 30,000 per month. However, the bigger your name is and the bigger your clients are, you can earn up to even 60,000 per month conducting sessions.

Nurse Trainer:
New recruits are always true within any organization. It is the same case with nurses. Every hospital does shuffles of their nurses and there is always an inflow of new nurses that need education on the workings of your particular hospital or about the duties of a nurse in general. Their main task is to create a robust framework for including new nurses into the hospital with ease and get them aware of the processes of the hospitals leading a smooth and seamless transition.

Salary Options:

The average base pay of nurses who become trainers ranges from 20,000 to 30,000 per month. This salary is expected to increase based on your job performance.

Part-Time Jobs for B.Sc.Nursing students

While pursuing your studies, students can enroll in different types of part-time jobs that allow them the much-needed exposure and even some extra money that can cover certain expenses.

1. Staff Nurse:
A staff nurse is tasked with similar duties as a nurse, including checking up on patients, examining their vital signs, handing them medications, and nurturing them to recovery. These types of part-time nurse jobs are always available and a great way to learn the skills for nursing jobs.

2. Nurse Trainee:
You can also enroll yourself under a Nurse Trainer to teach you the workings of the job. Shadowing their everyday activities is one of the best ways to learn from them. As a nurse trainee, you might not be interacting along with the patients, but understanding what the job entails and what must be your response.

3. Take Online Classes:
There will never come a day when a student will not require extra help from tutors. This is where you can use your study material to help school students or even other college students, and teach them on the side.

If you are interested in taking these online classes, Chegg has a great opportunity for you- the Chegg Subject Expert program. These experts are offered the ability to work from home to answer various questions that students put up on our website. For every question answered, Chegg pays you with a pre-decided amount. The more you help other students clear their problems, the more money you earn. The top experts at Chegg can earn up to 1 lakh rupees per month. And with our dedicated platform for Healthcare questions, that belong in nursing, anatomy, and psychology, you can also test your own skills by answering real-life questions posed by students. You can learn more about the program here.

Final Thoughts

As you can see above, this was a complete guide to your nursing dreams. I have tried to touch on all the B.Sc.Nursing course information and also offered some exciting job opportunities that you can take while doing your studies. Your next step is to make these pointers your goals and commit to them.

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