Career counselling and its need - A brief analysis


Career counselling is a way of engaging students about their careers. It helps students decide how to study and what to study. Career Counselling advises students not to confuse about their decision. They make students mature in deciding things. It brings out one’s interest to pursue their career and guides the student in their way. It has not got its recognition in the past. But now, parents and students know the importance of career counselling. And let students attend career counselling sessions. Students had also found their interest in attending career sessions. They have a bright future. To have a better reach out, let’s step into the article.

career counselling
January 13, 2022
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Table of Contents

What is Career Counselling?

Career counselling is nothing but helping people make one’s own decisions to build, change, enhance one career to have a bright future. Career counselling is a wide branch in a country like India. It conducts the sessions for people who pursue their careers after the 12th. Then, it’s for people who are in search of jobs. The career guidance brings out the ability and skill of the student what he wants to become in the future. The main aim of counselling is to motivate students to keep their goals higher. It moulds students to make the right decisions and removes the fear about their careers. 

Importance of career counselling

Career counselling helps the students decide their careers. It has been difficult for students to pursue a career in their dream institutions. So, parents and students are under great pressure in making their careers better. In such situations, the career adviser makes the student and parents understand what is good. And guides the students on the best path. Career counselling centres are available in the city centre. They conduct sessions for the students of class 8th to 12th. It motivates them to build their best careers. 

Guide For Education Path 

Education has been a fear for most of the students these days. They are afraid of their future, what course to take, best institute to study for the betterment of their life. Education had become business for many educational institutions. The advertisements of the institutions attract the students. So, the career advisors save us from being wrong. They pave the way in selecting the right subject and institution for us. 

Tackles to overcome competition through counselling

The job opportunities for youngsters are increasing day by day. The availability of jobs is also decreasing. In such cases, the students want to pursue higher placements and jobs. Certifications are important aspects for the people to increase the standard of the main degree. The company’s deals with people who have clear skills and a high sound of knowledge in the subject they study. Career advisors examine people their strengths and weakness. They guide the students on how to start their careers and be successful. Career counsellors create a friendly environment to interact with the students easily. So, the bond between them becomes closer. 

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Career guidance for technology-related Aspects

In the world of today, everything is technology-driven. The place where you travel, sit, eat, everything deals with technology. The role played by the career guidance experts is to conduct assessments related to the upcoming technology. They analyze the people through assessments. They use this method to test the person’s skills and guide him. Some students have an interest in attending online courses and gaining certification. Career counsellors also recommend people’s best courses. They tell good websites for the courses, raising queries. Technological aspects of the courses are discussed in forums so that people get aware of these technologies. 

Efficient career counselor 

The efficient career counsellor is free to approach, and they solve problems—faced by the students in every step of their carrier. Career counsellors always engage with student-related aspects. They listen to the queries raised by the students. Suppose you are a student pursuing your graduation in college. You have an idea of completing your higher degrees. But your parents compel you for seeking a job. The best way to handle such a situation is to take the advice of a carrier counsellor. They advise us to take what is right and what is wrong. They tell us the disadvantages in both with a comparison. This makes students and parents think better. 

The following are the functions of the carrier counsellor: 

Skill-based research: 

There is a huge demand for job opportunities, and people want their work finished faster. They search for a carrier counsellor who can reduce their pressure and stress in seeking the future. They provide choices for students who want their lives to be of interest. 

Skills to handle:  

They tell students how to begin their careers. For this, they have to be friendly and approachable. So, they listen to their point of view. 

Communicate things : 

People who hear about career guidelines should have a clear view of them. This depends on how they communicate with the people who have questions in their minds. 

Discussion forums: 

Discuss problems faced by the students. This is another major criterion for the carrier counsellor to interact with parents. 

Efficient problem solving: 

Able to handle and manage the conflicts faced by the people in their career and give solutions to such problems in the future. 

Career guidance and higher education

The carrier guidance helps by seeking out the best carrier option for students who have completed their graduation. So, there are many engineering colleges these days, and the number of engineers passing out is also high. The common question among students is, “WHAT NEXT?” So, to answer this question, the carrier guidance experts visit colleges and institutions. They motivate students in top job-related companies. They bring the best out of them to make students understand. Guidance experts also give feedback forms after sessions to understand the real plans of the students. They also conduct paid sessions for students struggling to get a job. 

Career guidance and forums

The career guidance solves the problems of the students in choosing their careers. The forums conducted in open auditoriums make it attractive for students. The strength of the discussion forums is that students can ask their queries. Students seek help from the experts during the forums. Many educational experts take part in these forums. They motivate students in understanding the essential tools for building a strong career. The growth of career guidance forums is in the hands of the students and parents. The more they involve, the brighter their future. 

Necessity in career guidance

It makes students understand the learning of new skills. People reduce their stress and concentrate on their goals. It brings out the strength and weaknesses of the students. Students think about their future and help themselves out in every possible way. Motivates the people on how to start the career and shine in them. So, guidance for students is the very important one to be told the students for achieving bigger. Students these days are more tired of searching for jobs. So, they don’t have a clear idea of what to do and how to place faster. So, the more you take the advice of the career guidance experts, the more you will shine in the future. 

Ways career counselling helps us

Career counselling is one of the best means to reach out to students. It takes care of the student’s betterment for their future goals. It gives confidence to people on how they work and makes them think out in a better way. The best part played by the career counsellor is that it seeks out the students’ attention in building their best career. Once the students come for the counselling session, they are worried. This is because they can get good institutions. But, career counselling helps them guide the way people want them—the best way to boost students’ confidence in enabling them to learn a new skill. 

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What does  counselling teach us?

It makes us bold in making decisions. So, the counsellor brings our unknown abilities within us so that it helps us in building our career so that students don’t get worried about wasting time. It also teaches the necessity of being smart and doing work efficiently. There are separate counsel sessions for students so that it helps them to shine better. The counsel also brings about lots of qualities in students. They also teach them how to attend interviews. Counselling also tell the background and working atmospheres of companies they came across. 

Advantages of career counselling

It makes a wide range of students engage themselves. So, the students show more interest in studying higher through career. The major advantage is that those subject experts also interact with students on how to start their careers. Then, it also listens to people’s choices of handling pressures and overcoming difficult situations. This makes people think before choosing any degree courses. Conclusion: it gives counselling to weak students who cannot concentrate on their studies and helps them focus. Thus the career counsel treats people for what they are looking for and finds a quick solution. 

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Challenges Faced

The challenge faced by the career counsellor is encouraging people in participating in their sessions. The huge the number of participants, the more they are interested in training students. Expert suggestions vary from person to person. So, people have confusion to select the best out of them. The other challenge is that people don’t come forward to attend such sessions in the past. Now, newspapers and magazines have made things possible for career counsellors to engage with us. The people do not know small counsel centres, which makes career counsellors unable to connect us. 

Training And Centers

There are many centres worldwide, and the role is to help the students guide them in their higher studies. Some centres conduct psychometric tests to test the person’s aptitude and other personal skills. Training centres charge money for students for specialized sessions. The students who have attended the counselling sessions get certification after finishing the paid courses. 

Why do students and professionals need career counselling?  

The underlying and most important reason students and professionals get career counselling is career clarity and a happy career. After NEP 2020, many students face the dilemma of the right career choice. They are even more confused than before because understanding the new education system and adapting to it is a huge challenge. 

Every student in every school needs career guidance. A student of a tribal school in Chhattisgarh needs it just as much as an international school in New Delhi or Dubai. Their challenges and the skill sets they develop may be different, but their need is the same. Everyone wants to realize their dream careers, live a life filled with purpose, and enjoy what they do, and career counselling in schools as a support platform is second to none in helping students through this journey. 

Career counselling can help to bridge the gap for the students. Many professionals are unhappy with their careers and looking for a career switch. Many working professionals face stress at jobs and the stress of managing home and career, affecting their overall state of being. Many women professionals want to make a comeback after a career break. These are a few of the dilemmas that professionals face. Career counselling can help professionals find the perfect job that aligns with their interests. 

Who does career counselling?  

A professionally trained career counsellor does career counselling. They have got immense knowledge about all the career paths and occupations. With the help of the right psychometric tool, the career counsellor paves the perfect career path for students and professionals. 

There is an increasing demand for career counsellors in India. We have 450 million students and less than 10,000 trained career counsellors. For every 250 students, we need one career counsellor. This is a huge gap that needs to be addressed. Edumilestones website is a single aggregated website where a student can directly connect with the best and verified career counsellors for career counselling. 

Need for career counselling? 

Effective career counselling and guidance is the need of the hour. Individuals spend the majority of their time at the workplace. They spend more than 50% of their lifetime at the workplace. So, the right career guidance at the right time can play a life-changing decision in the students’ lives. 

There is a serious mismatch between skill-building and available jobs/ jobs of the future, with youth typically lacking access to guidance and preparation that would enable them to enter best-fit careers. At the same time, employers continue to struggle to find the requisite talent. 

With its changing dynamics and evolving careers, the new gig economy has created new opportunities for students. Still, more often than not, parents and students do not have access to timely and credible information about available career choices. 

Who needs career counselling and why it is extremely important? 

As human beings, each and everyone needs guidance to improve performance. Now few points through which career counselling can help in making careers: 

Picking up the right career 

A career counsellor’s expert can analyze your interested personality character to evaluate yourself with the best possible career options that suit you. 

Sharing a friendly bond with the counsellor 

  • A counsellor not only guides you but will also be like your best friend. You can share everything with them to understand you from the heart. 
  • Deciding time table and career strategy 
  • Career counselling helps make you a great personality and help you make you a more organized and a better person by various modern methods. 
  • It helps in gaining the Right skill. 
  • Career counselling helps you gain focus that can truly reflect in your deeds & work. 
  • Helps in learning technology 
  • In this techno-savvy world, career counselling has expanded its length and breadth so that it can reach a mass audience so that they can improve the country’s future as well. 
  • Career counsellors can also interact via various means of communication to easily learn and interact with them. 

Various other skills that can be learned via career counselling 

  1. Through different career counselling sessions, students can develop a problem-solving attitude which can help resolve their career queries. 
  2. According to various reports, a student can learn a lot more through Communication skills; therefore, the student can enhance his communication skills. 
  3. Students can research themselves with the help of a counsellor to explore new opportunities according to the latest trends. 
  4. Career counsellor always helps the concerned student about having patience and also help them to learn about listening skills. 

Importance of career counselling and guidance?  

Career counselling is beneficial in the following ways: 

  • Career counselling helps the students and professionals understand the career opportunities and options available. 
  • Career counselling helps them analyze their strengths and weaknesses and helps in finding the perfect career path. 
  • Career counselling is limited to finding the best career option, but career counselling also provides a detailed execution plan with complete career clarity. 
  • It will help in identifying the factors that influence career development. 
  • It will help boost the confidence and morale of the student and the professional. 

Best website in India for career counselling  

Edumilestones is undoubtedly the best career counselling and guidance site in India. Since 2008 milestones are maintaining the highest rating of 4.8 on google. All the empanelled career counsellors are well trained, experienced and certified and provide career counselling to both students and working professionals at the most affordable prices. 

Students can connect 1800+ career counsellors across 80+ locations to avail career counselling near them. 

All the career counselling is limited to career guidance and provides a detailed execution plan. 

Counselling as a Career 

Mental health issues can severely curtail an individual’s ability to lead a fulfilling life. They can cloud relationships, family life and careers. Mental health conditions cut across economic, social and racial groups. Issues such as depression and anxiety can affect people of all ages, from children to the elderly. 

An estimated 18.3 percent of adults in the United States have a mental illness. Approximately 21 percent of youths between the ages of 13 and 18 experience a mental disorder at some point during their lives. 

Today, there is growing acceptance of the need for help for mental health issues, such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), afflicting returning veterans and the general population. According to the National Center for PTSD, about 8 percent of people will experience PTSD at some point in their lives. 

Fuelling the need for counsellors are changing in the criminal justice system, which is moving away from jail time and toward counselling services. Schools and colleges are expanding their mental health services in response to depression, anxiety, relationship problems, suicide and substance use among students. 

There is also an urgent need for counselling for the elderly. About 20 percent of Americans 55 and older experience mental health issues triggered by the loss of a spouse, mobility, and failing physical health. 


This career counselling works to better students and parents in developing the best career. The counselling brings about the knowledge and skill within the student so that he doesn’t face difficulties in his career. The Forum sessions are conducted to know how hard to work and attain greater heights. The counselling manages to find time to spend with students and help guide career-related jobs. Also, career counsels make great efforts in understanding students’ mentality. It finds out actually what a student needs. It acts as an interlink between students and parents. 

The counselling depends not only on the expert’s suggestions but also on the information given by the students and parents. We don’t know many careers and knowing all of them is impossible. Career counselling is a logical approach to understanding students. Thus, I conclude by saying that a career is one of the important parts of a student’s life. To choose the best career, career counselling is always with us. 


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