These Could be Your Career Choices If You Hold a Degree in Civil Engineering


It would be everyone’s dream to earn millions or even billions one day after graduation. However, it is also true that no one can make millions or even a billion instantly. One must have the desired knowledge and skill and the practice and experience to earn or get such brass into your pockets. Civil Engineering has created many things that need in our life and can not be substituted. Fun fact, the slipperiness on the water slide, right? This career must be a fun one.

What is Civil Engineering?

You might have seen those tall buildings like skyscrapers, bridges, and those big highways with fourteen fifteen lanes. All of these structures were developed for easement by Civil Engineers. Creating such structures is not just their only speciality. They also have an approach towards road construction. In addition, they also cater to township planning involving the construction of buildings and metro construction with some other specialities as their talent.

I am getting so much pumped up after knowing about some of the specialities of a career after Civil Engineers. It has even made me enthusiastic about this career field and to such an extent that now I want to go back to my college days and opt for Civil Engineering. However, it’s a phase in everyone’s life where it feels like there’s a halt in their respective careers—especially when in a graduation course like B-tech. After graduation, it’s common to get confused about starting one’s career, and there’s an itch in mind about what to do next. What’s next after Civil Engineering?

Now, don’t worry about providing you with a guide. For developing a career after Civil Engineering, here are a few options available that can be explored:

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January 24, 2022
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Table of Contents

Startup Ventures

I’ve seen people who don’t work under someone become their boss? A civil engineer has tremendous potential to grow with a startup as he has all the exposure he needs. You can start this venture with your fellow teammates and operate the business based on your knowledge and skills. It’s not a piece of cake, however. Starting an investment on your own requires a tremendous amount of patience and toughness, be it any business.

There is no best age or time to start your business. Having a professional degree or a specialization and a few years of industry experience will always give you a higher edge in your commercial venture. So, it is one of the career options after Civil Engineering; a few examples of business ventures could be to:

  • Start a cement manufacturing plant:

A cement manufacturing plant is one of the startups that a civil engineer can go into. Even starting this business may require a little capital and investment in many expensive tools and equipment. Selling cement, however, will not be too difficult. The rates are highly competitive. With all this, there can be a connection with the market and other civil engineers when they have projects to carry out. Although, the profitability of this business is very high because of the demand for these enterprises having a touch of competition. Moreover, it can give you a chance to make a lot of profits, especially in areas where buildings are just starting to emerge.

  • Start manufacturing bricks and blocks:

This company is another monumental task for civil engineers who want to start their experience in the beginning. Firstly, this kind of startup does not require much capital investment. Secondly, this business venture strives to make connections. Above all, there will always be a requirement for raw materials like bricks and concrete blocks as long as buildings are being constructed. The building industry is the primary consumer of bricks, so make sure you make partnerships with these businesses and get the most out of your business venture.

  • Setting up Air conditioners:

This is one of the potentially profitable companies in the construction and development value chain. However, this business is not linked to the installation of air conditioners. Any ambitious entrepreneur will successfully launch the construction of electrical water heaters and air conditions in homes, making them perfect for beginning a career in b-tech and landing in the industry. The demand for this business is high, especially if you are an excellent salesman. It involves working and networking with the site supervisors and other stakeholders and always providing excellent business leverage.

  • Construction Consultant:

Career options for civil engineer - Construction Consultant

Construction consultants are usually asked to examine the entire project and markings before any construction contract is handed to them. They mostly provide their advice. They look after construction plans and other related issues. Hence, they offer genuine advice to their clients, governments, and corporate organizations about the construction that is going to take place. Having the needed skills and a significant amount of experience in the construction industry, a civil engineer may set up a construction consultancy practice after Civil Engineering. If you deliver quality insight, you are sure to get long-term contracts with both corporate and government bodies.

  • Construction estimation service:

Nowadays, there is an emphasis on knowledge to start something big. You provide services to companies or individuals who want to build an estimate of how much they need to spend on constructing a project. As an expert, you help determine the amount they would spend to prevent them from saving their time. If you’re great at deconstructing the cost for a project on different parameters, this startup business for a civil engineer career is an excellent deal.

Higher Studies

A lot of civil engineers graduates are focusing on getting an advanced degree in their profession when it comes to what to do after civil engineering. It is the wisest decision to opt for higher studies such as MBA or M.Tech in your area or related fields. Colleges like RICS School of Built Environment offer various MBA courses like MBA in Construction Project Management and MBA in Construction Economics and Quantity Surveying. These courses help in making students build an outstanding career after civil engineering. There has been a tilt towards technological management education in the last few years. This is because it is now considered a viable option for career growth in Civil Engineering.

This techno-managerial education prepares you to excel as a project manager, working in a team, often as a team leader. Higher studies can help acquire the necessary skills. For instance, skills like handling a project, taking care of business, construction, sustainability, and managing the behavioural aspects of the business projects. All this helps give a career boost after starting an in civil engineering.

Apply for PSU’s

Public sector undertakings are also one of the recommended areas. If you have gained tremendous momentum at how things work, a career as a civil engineer could be developed. To get into this career option, one must prepare and clear the GATE exam.

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Government Jobs

“With government jobs, it is understood that you will get ease and comfort which you won’t get in any other sector” this is one statement that I’ve heard from my elders and is somewhat true. It is considered to be one of the best jobs for civil Engineers. For instance, they have to create a plan structure for the projects, look into the material requirements, the quality of the material needed and check how the construction process occurs. In addition, it provides sheer joy in a stress-free environment. After getting your GATE score, you can apply at various government bodies apart from the PSU’s.

A Private Sector Job/ Corporate Job

To have a luxurious life, a successful job, and grow well in the private sector, exposure is required through experience. Above all, this means a portfolio full of construction projects, real estate projects, industrial development projects, etc. These projects aim to improve a person’s professional and academic knowledge, thus providing a good career option after Civil Engineering. A reminder when your graduation course is going to be complete, you should keep in mind to apply beforehand in large firms while they appear in your college placements.

Afcons Infrastructure Limited, Punj Lloyd, Newton Engineering & Chemicals Ltd, and Akme Projects Ltd are top companies. They are the most recruiters of civil engineers and provide freshers and professionals with the best possible career opportunities. These companies are one of the industry’s major players and are listed in the Indian stock markets.

Part-time Opportunities

  • Help Students:

You could help students understand the concepts which you understood easily, and others might be taking time to understand or might even be hurting their brains. You could work as a Chegg study expert and answer the queries made by all the students across the world and even earn a hefty amount of ₹ 30000 to ₹ 80000 for just answering their questions, and the best part is that you work at your own sweet time whether it’s the day or night.

  • Become a Study Expert:

Chegg India, a premier educational services company and a wholly-owned subsidiary of Chegg Inc., has been offering high-quality services in the area of Homework Help. In addition, they also provide Scholarships and Content Creation for American University Textbooks. Chegg India has a vast network of employees with offices in Delhi and Visakhapatnam ably supported by a team of Managed Network Experts and Territory Managers who handle the Pan India Operations.

This part-time expectation is that the outlined quality parameters are followed, the answering guidelines are adhered to, and maintain a high level of academic integrity. The process to be followed is quite simple. It only requires four basic stages. Firstly, the registration. Secondly, the topic checks where the knowledge towards the subject is tested. Thirdly, to the guideline check. And lastly, the document review.

  • Freelancer:

By registering on websites where freelancers are directly connected to clients for work, you could even work as a freelancer online. The work demand is very high in such kinds of online platforms. Online markets with work pay start at $100. You register yourself and provide the details required by the website.

  • CAD Designer:

You could even work with computer-aided design software as an interior designer for clients as per their requirements. This would improve your knowledge and help you gain more experience by working in both conditions in terms of software. Moreover, you will also gain knowledge of trends and understand the customers’ demands. And the benefit is that while studying, you can even start earning a minimum amount of $150.

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Final Thoughts

Before earning some money, we need to focus on making our career. Moreover, we should also aim to provide a lifestyle that we only dream of. Civil Engineering would be the right choice as a career after B-tech. For those interested in designing and creating an environment, trust me, these civil engineering choices are among the best jobs after B-tech. It is the second broadest and oldest direction that the engineers choose after mechanical engineering.

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