Here are the best Professional Courses after Graduation


With evolving time, graduation is becoming pretty much a basic education. Many firms need experts with more qualifications. This enhances their chances of getting promoted when in a competitive workplace. This is due to the rapidly shifting economy and the skill set needed by employers. Higher education course promises a basic polished skilled set. This helps them to sustain themselves in the workplace. It is often agreed that having a plan for your career is better than the trial and error method. Don’t wait for your graduation to finish, and then think about which direction you want to go forward. It would be best if you had a rough idea of the career you want to pursue. It can also help you prepare for your entrances as well. Some of you might be thinking of a short-term course. In comparison, others must consider taking a proper course after graduation. 

List of Professional Courses

A list of fields where a professional course after graduation can promise you something good. Fields like Marketing, Human Resource, System Management, Operations, Business Analytics, etc., are just a few to name. Given that many choices can prove to be confusing for students. So here is a list of courses that students can opt for after graduation.

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January 23, 2022
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FRM stands for Financial Risk Manager. After graduation, it is a course offered by the Global Association of Risk Professionals. FRM helps you know the underlying risk management in today’s ever-changing markets. It is one of the best courses to pursue after graduation. Once you pass the exam, it certifies that global standards validate your knowledge. To get the certification, you need to clear two FMA exams, part 1 and part 2. After which, you need to work in a full-time financial risk role for two years. To clear the FRM exam, you must study for 200-240 hours for each part. While preparing for other exams, you must remember to clear your basic concepts. The focused study is recommended keeping in mind the syllabus and practising as many mocks as possible.

Masters in Data Science

Today, data science has become a dynamic field and the best course after graduation. Data scientists help firms to analyze consumer patterns in markets. This also plays an important role in making decisions in a company. Since there is a rush of data in the market, the companies need to hire experts to analyze their data. IIM Calcutta, ISI Kolkata, IIT Kharagpur offer a full-time 2-year course with 18 months of training and six months of internship. Praxis also offers a 1-year full-time course with 9-months of training and three months internship. Only IIM Bangalore offers a 6-months part-time course, but it is only for people with above four years of experience. The course structure may include Maths, statistics, machine learning, and data analysis.


MBA is a well known PG course. It is a two-year program for people who would want to make a career in business and management. The study of an MBA does need you to have graduated in the same field. MBA is a degree that enhances the qualities required to become a better manager. Specialization of MBA in aviation, IT, retail, healthcare analytics is some popular courses in the market. A list of competitive exams can earn you a seat for an MBA. The CAT is the most popular exam. Other exams include SNAP, XAT, MAT, MHCET, and OPENMAT. These are national, state, and institute level exams for admission into MBA. Students learn both on-field and off-field management skills in the program. These skills are required to become a good manager.

PMP Certification

It is one of the best courses after graduation. PMP stands for Project Management Professionals. This degree is a standard of knowledge in the field. Through this course, students learn the tools required to manage a project. It is through hands-on training a candidate can learn to use project resources. Students also learn to deliver the project on time with a set budget. Every field requires you to manage projects efficiently. Students can get potential jobs in Manufacturing, Finance, IT, and healthcare. Some institutes that offer PMP are SPJIMR, ISEL Global, PMI, and L&T IPM.

PGDM or M.Sc. in Business Analytics

Master’s in Business Analytics is a short-term diploma course after graduation. It is best suitable to take up after graduation. Business Analytics is a process it combines data analysis and business intelligence. The knowledge of both fields helps in making business plans. The main aim of the course is to develop a skill set among students on how to increase revenue. They also learn about cost-saving, making customer relations, and predicting trends. In short, this course gives training to individuals to make plans based on the analysis of data. IIM Calcutta, ISI Kolkata, Praxis Business School, and INSOFE are some institutes that offer this course. It is better to have a STEM background for the course.

Chartered Financial Analyst

Remember there was once a hype about CA? Yes, CFA (Charted Financial Analyst) is the new CA. The reason is that it is globally accepted and also has a broad syllabus. It also opens up a variety of well-paying jobs in investment banking, research analysis, or financial strategy. To become a CFA, you need to clear three exam levels. These exams include accounting, economics, money management, and security analysis questions. The candidate is only held eligible if they have a passport. They may either hold a bachelor’s degree or should be in the last year of the degree program. They must also have four years of work experience. This should be a combination of work and college experience that totals at least four years. Being a CFA will also yield you a high-paying job in investment firms.

Certification in Digital Marketing

course after graduation - Digital Marketing

Since the world is shifting online, businesses are also striving hard to promote their brand online. This is why this course is one of the best to opt for after graduation. Whether opting for a short-term or a full-time degree, the course will have some essentials. They include courses like Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing. It also includes Email Marketing, Content Marketing, Mobile Marketing, etc. Some of the Notable courses in the field and the institutes offering them include

  • Executive Program in Digital and Social Media Marketing by IIM Calcutta. It is a 6- month part-time course. Also, you are eligible if you have completed your graduation.
  • Executive Development Program in Digital Marketing by XLRI Jamshedpur. It is an online 4-month program conducted online by XLRI. Anyone from a student to an executive to an entrepreneur can opt for the program.
  • Master’s in Digital Marketing by Delhi School of Internet Marketing. It is one of the leading Internet Marketing training providers. It provides a 2-year course that deals with digital marketing.

Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence will be the next big thing that humans will see. We can even see artificial intelligence taking up its pace in our day to day life. Also, this is the best time to study a course related to artificial intelligence. According to Stanford, “Machine learning is the science of getting computers to act without explicitly programming them.” Self-driving cars, prompt web search, and speech recognition are some parts. This course will deal with machine learning, data mining, and pattern recognition. A list of courses includes:

  • Machine Learning by Andrew Ng
  • Udacity’s Intro to Machine Learning
  • EdX’s Learning from Data
  • EdX’s Principles of Machine Learning

All the above courses are online-based.


M.Tech is a professional technical degree for post-graduation. It is a 2-year course and is suitable after graduation. This degree has various specializations like Civil, Chemical, and Electrical engineering. To pursue an M.Tech, you must have a B.Tech degree. You must also clear the National, state or Institute level entrance exam. The student must appear for the GATE exam. It is an annual exam held by the IISc and other 7 IITs to select students for M.Tech. The GATE exam focuses on three sections: Engineering, Maths, and Aptitude.

Masters in Social Work

Master in social work is a PG course in social work. It is a two-year program that consists of social work in various social services fields. The course is more inclined towards fieldwork and research training than classroom training. TISS, Delhi University, and Jamia Millia Islamia are some colleges famous for M.A in social work. You may first need to clear the entrance exam to get through these colleges. After this, you also have to crack the Group Discussion or Personal Interview. The second round depends upon the criteria of the college. After an MSW, you may get potential jobs as a Social worker. You can also work as an analyst, community worker, counsellor, or consultant.

Final Thoughts

When you pursue a professional course, you open doors to greater learning. You also get exposure and better ideas that keep you intact with your field of interest. Continuous education can be a source of learning market patterns and problems of the market. Also, you learn to find solutions that can help you cope with this problem. By pursuing higher education, one develops the skill to deal with problems. Also, this is what a company prefers in a candidate. It improves your ability in your field. It also helps sustain the clients’ interest most reliably once you start working.

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