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Sounds interesting, right? Well, as the title suggests, we will be going through the various available domains and available jobs in the Biotechnology field. We will also discuss them in detail to have a greater understanding. But, before we dive into the various jobs and internships accessible to Biotech freaks, let us dwell on what Biotechnology is, its scope, and its advantages.

What is Biotechnology?

Biotechnology is the innovation that uses biological systems, living creatures, and chunks of biology to create or develop various products. The technology is dependent on biology – biotechnology harnesses cellular and biomolecular processes to create technologies and products that help improve our lives and the strength of our planet. We have utilized the biological procedures of microorganisms for over 6,000 years to make helpful food products. Brewing and baking bread are instances of procedures within the concept of biotechnology (utilization of yeast (= living organism) to deliver the ideal product). Such customary procedures normally utilize the living organisms in their characteristic form (or further created by breeding), while the more modern form of biotechnology will for the most part include a further advanced alteration of the biological system or organism.

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January 20, 2022
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With the improvement in genetic engineering during the 1970s, research in biotechnology (and other related territories, for example, medication, biology) grew rapidly due to the new possibility to make changes in the life forms’ genetic substance (DNA). Today, biotechnology covers a wide range of branches (e.g. genetics, molecular biology, organic chemistry, and so forth.). Innovations and products are developed each year within the areas of, e.g. horticulture (improvement of hereditarily altered plants, biofuels, organic treatment), medication (advancement of new medicines and treatments), or industrial biotechnology (creation of synthetic substances, paper, and food).

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The three major themes on which Biotechnology is working are:

biotechnologist salary in india

1. Heal the world

2. Fuel the world

3. Feed the world

The Indian biotechnology area is one of India’s quickest developing information-based divisions and is relied upon to assume a key job in creating India’s quickly creating economy. With various near points of interest as far as innovative work (R&D) offices, information, abilities, and cost adequacy, the biotechnology business in India can develop as a worldwide key player. The sector can be isolated into the portions of biopharmaceuticals, bio-administrations, bio-farming, bio-modern, and bioinformatics. About 64 percent of the biotech organizations work in the biopharma division, trailed by the bio-administrations (18 percent), bio-Agri (14 percent), bio-modern (3 percent), and finally, the bioinformatics area (1 percent).

What Can You Do with a Biotechnology Degree?

If you have a degree in Biotechnology, you can easily find jobs in the Biotechnology field. The field—and its vocations—range other useful zones similarly fundamental in getting an important biotechnology item to advertise. These zones include Quality Assurance, Software Development, Government(policymaking), Research & Development, etc. Biotechnology businesses go in size and type from little new companies to worldwide pharmaceutical pioneers to governmentally subsidized associations, for example, the Department of Agriculture and National Institutes of Health. There have been unprecedented advancements occurring in the field, including customized medication, quality treatment, modern sickness treatment, and even perilous waste control. However, what’s generally energizing about the business is that regardless of what some portion of the field you’re in, you can genuinely affect your general surroundings. Here are some of the most sought-after careers in the field of Biotechnology:

biotechnology scope and salary in india

Biomedical Engineer

Biomedical specialists consolidate a natural aptitude to structure answers for issues in science and medication. With the objective to improve the quality and viability of patient social insurance, they plan biomedical gear, gadgets, and clinical programming, for example, fake organs, prostheses, and demonstrative machines. A biomedical engineer can work in sectors like research & development. They can also work as application engineers, sales engineers, or hospital engineers. There are different zones in which a Biomedical architect can work. The pay at the start isn’t suitable for certain posts; however, on the other hand, on the off chance that you buckle down and have the right abilities, you can find a great job soon after graduation.

Medical Scientist

Medical scientists direct clinical examination to improve persistent wellbeing by exploring illnesses and counteraction strategies. They may likewise create and test clinical gadgets. Much of the time, they get ready and dissect clinical examples to examine the causes and medicines of harmfulness, microbes, and interminable illnesses. These researchers likewise help normalize strength, portions, and strategies for mass assembling and conveying medications and restorative mixes. Becoming a medical scientist can benefit fresh graduates in the long run as the career is predicted to grow by 13% by 2026.


Biochemists study the substance properties of living things and natural procedures, for example, cell improvement, cell development, heredity, and malady. They direct complex examination ventures and habitually seclude, dissect, and blend proteins, lipids (fats), DNA, starches (sugars), and different particles. They additionally research the impacts of medications, hormones, and supplements on tissues and organic procedures to create items and procedures that may improve human wellbeing.

The potential occupation profiles for a Biochemistry graduate/postgraduate incorporate Analytical scientist, Biomedical researcher, Healthcare researcher, clinical natural chemist, Clinical examination partner, Forensic researcher, Physician partner, Research researcher (life sciences), Scientific lab professional, Toxicologist, and so forth. In agriculture, biochemists study the association of herbicides with plants. They analyze the structure-movement connections of compounds, decide their capacity to hinder development and assess the toxicological consequences for encompassing life. Various companies in both public and private sectors employ biochemists. There is likewise another field where there is consistently a requirement for specialists in Biochemistry, which is the quality control and security area.

Practically all organizations in the field of food, pharmaceuticals, well-being, magnificence care, and so on require security checks, guidelines, and quality control. Biochemistry occupations in India are worthwhile and simple to stop by. Biochemistry work pay rates are acceptable. At first, expect someplace around Rs 20,000 to 25,000. With more practice and information will come increasingly profitable compensation bundles, making it one of the highest paying jobs in Biotechnology.

Biochemical Engineer

Biochemical specialists consolidate designing standards and organic sciences to make developments, for example, lab hardware, robots, and even programming. Once freely acknowledged to be alright for use, this hardware will at that point be used in research facilities for scientists and scientific experts to utilize. Biochemical engineers deal with creating unmistakable items out of their insight into science and designing, which can help rush research facility works and make new scientific achievements.

Also, biochemical engineers explain issues identified with different systems and materials, which will be utilized to decipher their association and relationship with people. The average salary of a biochemical engineer in India ranges from ₹ 27,234 per month – to ₹ 1,00,000 per month. Biocon, Syngene, Serum Institute of India, Bharat biotech are some eminent companies that are top recruiters for biochemical engineers. This is also a good option to find jobs in the Biotechnology field.

Clinical Technician

Also called clinical medical laboratory researchers, clinical technicians gather, perform, and break down consequences of body liquids, tissue, microbes societies, and different substances. These professionals use lab instruments, propelled application autonomy, specialized computer programming, and robotized gear to gather, analyze, and model experimental information.

Clinical technicians have stayed a pillar with regards to the rundown of sought after employments in Biotech because, without them, scientific experts and researchers would not have the option to finish their experimentations and exploration forms. A few instances of assignments that substance specialists, as a rule, do incorporate synthetic inspecting, expository testing, and quality control convention. Coming up next are the fundamental obligations of a synthetic professional. The average salary of a clinical technician ranges from ₹ 25,000 per month – to ₹ 90,000 per month. Almost every lab & company in India needs a Chemical Technician. Thus, many job opportunities exist in this domain, and the pay is also decent.

Food Safety Analysts

Again, a never blurring activity fragment, which will be there for a considerable length of time, truth be told, its interest has been expanding step by step according to late review by FSSAI. The job of a food safety analyst is to perform normalized subjective and quantitative tests to decide the concoction and physical properties of food and drink items. It is compulsory worldwide for all Food Manufacturing organizations to have a Food Analyst to cross-check and keep up with the nature of Food materials and refreshments.
Every nation has an administrative body to manage the nature of the food provided to the mass, like the FSSAI in India and FSIS in the United States.
The dominant part of applicants in India applies for the Food Analyst post through an exam led by FSSAI. Driving spotters in this area are ITC, Hindustan Unilever, Britannia. The average salary ranges from ₹ 27,234 per month – to ₹ 90,000 per month.

Genetic Counsellors

Genetic counsellors are experts who oversee evaluating distinctive quality strands or DNAs to know the degree of hazard an individual has in getting a specific ailment or confusion. When you function as a hereditary guide, you can hope to be progressively presented to a medical clinic setting, research centres, or facilities. Each hereditary instructor is prepared to dissect hereditary information through various mediums and interpret it into nitty-gritty data for families to comprehend.
Genetic counsellors are mostly responsible for jobs like providing genetic examinations, counselling patients, and advising health professionals. Organizations like the Ministry of Health and Welfare and AIIMS are the top genetic counsellors’ top recruiters in India. Startups and medical & healthcare companies also provide good opportunities for genetic counsellors.


Epidemiologists are general well-being experts in charge of contemplating different examples of human illnesses and wounds. At its centre, it expects experts to do criminologist occupations in deciding the wellsprings of ailments, particularly during episodes, and discover an answer to prevent them from spreading out. Beforehand, disease transmission experts are progressively uncovered on the fieldwork, yet now a great many people work in their research centres and direct tests. Epidemiologists are responsible for performing jobs like planning healthcare strategies for the welfare of the general public. Also, analyze how a disease or epidemic was spread and figure out a solution. Organizations like UNICEF, THSTI, the National Institute of Epidemiology, and the National Health Mission are top employers for epidemiologists.

Quality Control Analyst

If you need to leave the scholarly world and go into the R & D industry, this post is a well-suited kick-starter for you. Quality Control and Quality Assurance (QC, QA) includes the board and strategies to save and improve the nature of items or administrations. It involves a multilayer arrangement of conventions, checks, reviews, and restorative estimates to guarantee top quality information is obtained from hands-on work and research facility examination during any medication examination or other related Scientific Procedures. Satisfying built up guidelines is the primary objective.

A QC/QA analyst is responsible for maintaining the quality of an organisation’s product. They also prepare SOPs and documentation of all incoming beginning materials, active pharmaceutical ingredients, drug solutions. Top Recruiters in this field are Dr Reddy’s, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Panacea Biotech, Zydus Cadila, Coca-Cola, Bisleri, Hindustan Unilever, and many more. People thinking of going into this field can expect an average salary between ₹ 28,000 per month – ₹ 60,000 per month.


It is the most sought-after job, whether it’s India or Abroad, and will never be outdated. Microbiologists concentrate on every minuscule thing that is not seen through the natural eyes, such as microscopic organisms, infections, growths, and green growth. They research how these things form by investigating their structure and relationship with different microorganisms.

Different employments are also identified with microbiologists, for example, bacteriologists, chemists, and Clinical Laboratory scientists. Microbiologists accomplish jobs like collecting specimens and samples that can be used for research in the future. Leading Research Institutes of India, CSIR Labs, ICMR Labs, IISC & IIT’s & Biotech Giants Abroad hire many microbiologists every year. The average salary lies between ₹ 25,000 per month – ₹ 1,00,000 per month.

Part-Time Jobs in Biotechnology

1. Subject Matter Expert
Chegg Inc. offers part-time jobs to both students and working professionals as Subject Matter Experts. It would be best to realise that cost per question relies on what subject you are replying to. As you are delegated as a specialist, you get the price per question subtleties. Income is variable for various subjects and various residencies/execution. If you keep up a superior and work normally, Chegg has plans to compensate the equivalent. Various subjects have various rates. Along these lines, this can influence your profit essentially. There are various periods when the question stream is high, and numerous rewards are accessible (normally test months). Likewise, there are occasional periods when the question stream is low, and it is hard to target questions. Thus, this can influence your winning as well.

2. Laboratory Assistants
You can discover work in everything identified with Laboratory works or Research Institutes. For instance, the development of Enzymes, Synthetic Genes, Proteins. You can even get work in the Agricultural part to produce specific medications for plants or creatures. The food industry improves a few food items’ quality and sustenance estimation.

3. Part-time PhD and Post-Doctoral Programs
Many private colleges in the country offer part-time PhD and post-doctoral courses. While doing these courses, you can study further in biotechnology and teach as a part-time faculty member or become a lab assistant and earn a salary.

Final Thoughts

India’s biotechnology industry is trusted to assume a key job in continuing future development. The progressions in different sub-areas of the business, for instance, bio-pharmaceuticals, Agri-biotech, bioinformatics, and bio-administrations, are relied upon to address a portion of the country’s key difficulties, for example, food shortage, vitality deficiency, and neglected clinical needs. Antibodies and recombinant therapeutics are the main areas driving India’s biotechnology business’s development. More current treatments are foreseen to dispatch in the following hardly any years. These are monoclonal antibody products, undeveloped cell treatments, and development factors. Our nation’s enormous populace places it among the world’s biggest markets for immunizations. It is presently a fortunate opportunity to procure a propelled degree if you’re keen on being at the cutting edge of rising advances in biotechnology. As the field keeps advancing, there’s a developing requirement for talented experts to enhance and put up new advancements for sale to the public.

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