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Students often get worried about their careers, future jobs, and everything. Students start searching for jobs after completing graduation. They are very serious and determined to get a good job. In India, there are various graduate jobs available. If you are a student or someone searching for graduate jobs, various paths are available. Like different categories of job roles, you need to choose according to your field of interest and passion. You can work in a Private Company, or work as a Government Employee, or as a Freelancer, or you can make your own business. You can choose your career according to your interest. So in this article, we will mention all possible graduate jobs that you can apply for. And you can start your career according to your choice. 

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January 14, 2022
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Table of Contents

Best Graduate Jobs for you

Combined Defence Services 

It is one of the top government exams in India. Also one of the top graduate jobs. Suppose you want to serve your nation. If you are a graduate of any branch, you can apply for this job. To get a job in defence services, you have to clear NDA, CDS, AFCAT different exams. Combined Defence Service conducts examinations for  Indian Military Academy, Noval Academy, And Air Force Academy. This position is very prestigious, challenging, and responsible. And the salary package is also good. The salary of defence services is around 60,000 to 70,000 per month. Also, extra perks are included. 

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RBI Grade B Officer- one of the best graduate jobs 

RBI is one of the accessible banks in India, and Grade B of RBI is the best post for this job. This exam is one of the toughest government exams in India. If you are interested in working in banks, it is one of the great graduate jobs. Salary is also high. A Grade B officer gets an average salary of sixty-seventy thousand rupees in a month. You will also get additional perks like- accommodation, free education for children, tourism packages every year. It is a highly respected and responsible job. 

Bank jobs-one of the great graduate jobs for anyone 

Maximum students prepare for bank exams after graduation and paper in the examination. In India, Bank Jobs are high in demand, so it is one of the top government jobs. Also, vacancies are great, so it is one of the good graduate jobs for anyone. Every year Bank conducts several examinations for different banks and posts. Like IBPS PO, IBPS Clerk, SBI PO, SBI Clerk, iBPS SO, IBPS RRB, etc. Salary of Bank jobs is also good. One can get up to 40,000 per month. 

State PSC Exams- Top State Graduate Jobs 

This is a great chance for any graduate student looking for a good and respectful job. It is a State exam, but lakhs of students prepare and appear in the exam every year. So the competition is very high. Different states conduct this exam for SDM, ETO, DSP, etc. It has a high reputation. And high demanding graduate jobs and the salary is also high. A State Service Commissioner gets around Rs 50,000-60,000 per month. Also gets additional perks like- travelling, accommodation, medical, etc. This is the same as UPSC, but different states conduct their exams for the posts. 

State Service Commission-One of the common graduate jobs everyone applies 

It is also a State exam. State Service Commission includes SSC CGL, SSC CHSl, SSC JE, MTS, etc., exams for different posts. This is also one of the top government exams and great graduation jobs as Lakhs of candidates prepare to get a job. So it is a High demanding job, and the salary is also good. You can get up to 40,000-50,000 per month. It may vary for clerk posts. 

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Graduation Jobs after Engineering 

Jobs in PSU- Best for Core Engineering students 

There are lots of opportunities for engineering graduates also. If you are a student from an Engineering background especially in core subjects like- Civil, Electrical, Mechanical then this is a great job opportunity. It is one of the great graduate jobs. Every year GATE exam is conducted to select the candidates in PSU. There are many top PSU companies like- IOCL, ONGC, Indian Oil, NTPC, Power Grid Corporation, Coal India, GAIL, Hindustan petroleum, etc. This is a highly respected job and the toughest one also. GATE Exam is one of the toughest government exams. The salary is also good. Almost 70,000-1,00,000 per month if you selected in top PSUs. 

Software Engineering Graduate Jobs 

There are many graduation jobs for engineering students, especially in Computer Science or IT branches. Students who are interested in starting their career as Software Engineer. 

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Data Scientist-one of the best Software Engineering Graduate Job 

It is one of the best graduate jobs for software engineers. If you are interested in working as a Software Engineer in any company, you can choose Data Scientist as a career. A Data Scientist is a professional responsible for collecting data, analyzing, interpreting extremely large amounts of data. A data scientist gets Rs.8-10 Lakh per Annum. 

Full-Stack Developer- 

If you are a student from an engineering background and are interested in programming languages. Then It is a good option for your job after completing your graduation. Its salary package is also high. A full-stack Developer gets Rs.10 to 15 LPA. Which is considered a high-salary job in India. As a Full-Stack Developer, you can work in IT companies. This is also one of the great graduate jobs for engineering students. 

Software Developer-high demanding software graduate jobs 

If someone is interested in coding, they can choose a career as a software developer. This is the best graduate job opportunity for software engineers. It is a high demanded job in IT companies. And salary is also high. As a Software Developer, one can get up to Rs.10 lakh per annum. It may vary. If you know some programming languages like C, C++, JAVA, Python, Ruby, then you can try for good companies for this role. 

Machine Learning Expert- 

There is also one great opportunity to work as a Machine Learning Expert. Nowadays, it has become a more demanding job. And salary is also high. So this is a good opportunity for an engineering student after completing graduation. If one has advanced knowledge of programming languages and Machine Learning, this is a great career option. 

Cyber Security Analyst- 

If you want to become a software engineer, this is also a great option. The main work of a Cyber-Security Analyst is to check the security of all important sites and to secure them. For this job role, one must have programming knowledge. And basic programming skills, App development, all this. As a Cyber-Security Analyst, you can work in good IT companies, non-IT companies, and banks. 

Game Developer- 

If you are interested in gaming, you can also make a career in this. But you have to know programming languages, good coding skills, and advanced knowledge of computers. As a Game Developer, one has to develop new game applications according to market needs. It is also high in demand and has a good salary package, Rs.10-20 LPA. 

Anyone who wants to become a Software Engineer and is interested in working in top IT companies, especially know programming languages and interested in working in these fields, then lots of job opportunities are available. You can work as an Information Systems Manager, Multimedia Programmer, Blockchain Developer, IT Consultant, Software Tester, etc. All these job roles are high in demand and have good salary packages. 

Other Graduate jobs in India 

Chartered Accountant 

Suppose you have completed your graduation in commerce and now finding top job opportunities to grow your career. Then Chartered accountant is one of the best graduate jobs available. Chartered accountant job is one of India’s best and highly demanding jobs. You have to handle top companies’ important business accounts and maintain financial records and financial details, etc. It is a dream job for a commerce student. CA exams are one of the toughest exams also. But the salary package of a chartered accountant is very high. A CA gets Rs 7 to Rs 8 lakhs per annum. 

Investment Banker- one of the best graduate jobs for commerce students 

Nowadays, Investment Bankers are the most demanding jobs in India. So if you have completed your graduation in commerce, it is a great job opportunity. So as an Investment Banker, you have to advise any company or people to handle money wisely. Investment Bankers provide financial advice to different companies for their growth and maximum profit. So are a commerce student then this is a great career opportunity for you. also the salary is high. An Investment banker gets almost Rs 8-10 lakhs per annum. 

Chartered Financial Analyst 

It is also a great graduate job opportunity after completing your studies in the commerce stream. CFA is one of the highest-paying and demanding jobs in India. To become a Chartered Financial Analyst, you have to clear the CFA exam, one of the hardest exams. And you must have 4year work experience. As a Chartered Financial Analyst, you can work in several banks, insurance companies, Investment firms, Private companies, etc. 

Post Graduate Jobs in India 

Lecturers in Government Colleges 

You can become a lecturer in any government college after graduation and post-graduation. This is a great job opportunity for post-graduate candidates. To become a lecturer in Government colleges, you have to qualify for UGC Net and JRF. It is also one of the top graduate jobs in India. But the job is very satisfying and relaxing. You get enough free time, and the salary is also good. Salary may vary between 40,000 to 1 lakh per month. They get additional facilities also like- medical, accommodation, etc. To appear in the exam, one must complete a Master’s in any domain. It is also a high-level examination. Every year lakhs of students prepare to become Assistant professors or JRF. 


Nowadays, freelancing has become another opportunity to start your career. It’s a good career opportunity. As a freelancer, you can work with your interest and make money. 

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Upskill yourself and gain knowledge about the industry

Take classes, go to workshops, get endorsements and certificates, and in the event that you need to, acquire a degree. This won’t just assist you with getting the information for the activity, yet in addition, show your devotion and responsibility. Also: instructors and individual understudies are an extraordinary method to begin and extend your organization.

When you come to apply for jobs, having a broad range of industry knowledge will put you one step ahead. And what better time to learn about the industries you’re interested in than when you have nothing else to do? LinkedIn and a simple Google search are great places to start; you can gain insight from experts via LinkedIn and bookmark relevant industry blogs or websites online to keep up to date with. This really helps to find these dreams jobs after graduation.

Create a big network

In case you’re a student or a recent graduate, perhaps the best spot to begin is asking your previous colleagues and companions who previously secured positions. See whether their organizations are recruiting. Try not to be remorseful or bashful when you ask them either. In some cases, these organizations offer a BIG referral reward to the current workers on the off chance that they allude a fresh recruit. So you may be making your companion hundreds or even a large amount of money. I know it’s a little harrowing to approach individuals for help or to organize all in all. Be that as it may trust me – it could be the contrast between getting a new line of work quick and looking through months with no great job offers. A couple of calls (or messages, instant messages, and so forth.) can turn your pursuit of employment around overnight with regards to referrals. A large network means a large chance to land dream jobs after graduation.

Email organizations that aren’t employing or don’t have a place that is an ideal fit

Burn through 20–30% of your pursuit of employment time sending messages to organizations that aren’t promoting the ideal fitting position. Why? Less rivalry. No one can tell when an organization is going to begin recruiting or developing and open to including new passage level individuals regardless of whether they don’t “need” it immediately. Some organizations consistently do this. Once in awhile they effectively enroll ongoing alumni or individuals with no work understanding and halt or delay frequently the selecting endeavors.

Discover experience you didn’t have any acquaintance with you had

Before you conclude you don’t have the experience, ensure this is valid. Recollect over your past positions and attempt to draw joins between the experience you need and the experience you have. Keep in mind: it needn’t be the equivalent; the catchphrase to remember is pertinent. On the off chance that you’ve composed a gathering or picked up the telephones, that is administrator experience. On the off chance that you’ve set up a Facebook page or made a flier, that is showcasing. Consider some fresh possibilities!

Concentrate on building your soft skills

Adaptable skills can be a surprise! – traversed from one circumstance or occupation then onto the next, they show how you cooperate with individuals. Instances of these delicate aptitudes are relational abilities, hierarchical abilities, administration abilities, and relational abilities. Zero in on your capacity to inspire individuals, perform multiple tasks, administer, or talk in broad daylight. Make a CV that overflows character and shows off your delicate aptitudes in the entirety of their employable greatness. On the off chance that you can show why a specific delicate ability will make it simpler to become familiar with specific hard expertise, you’ve essentially nailed it.

Try getting advice from industry professionals

Individuals love to offer guidance and be viewed as an authority or specialists in a specific field. When you have taken in the names of the experts you respect and who has the profession you need, take a stab at connecting with them – on the web or on the off chance that you like the old fashioned touch, with a transcribed note, for instance. A decent method to cause individuals to feel significant and esteemed is to ask what subsequent stages they suggest you take. Don’t simply convey huge amounts of messages with your CV – everybody’s occupied, inboxes are full. Continuously build up an association before you request guidance or even courtesies, increasing your chances of jobs after graduation.

Gain expertise in your field

Get the hang of all that there is to think about the business and the activity. This won’t just set you up for the profession – it will likewise help you while organizing and meeting for occupations. To turn into a specialist in your field, associate in discussions, understand sites, and join bunches both on the web and disconnected. Ensure you likewise know some key names in the business – on the web and disconnected; locally, broadly, and even globally. The way of turning into a specialist is building up your fearlessness and valuing your insight, abilities, and involvement with your field. Very important to land jobs after graduation!

Organize yourself and Follow up

This is somewhere else you can spare yourself a huge amount of time in your pursuit of employment. Track where you’ve sent applications and send a development on the off chance that you haven’t heard in 5 business days. It requires some investment to catch up as it did to send the underlying employment form, or likely even less. Certainly justified, despite all the trouble. In any case, you can do this if you remain sorted out and track where you’ve applied and when. I suggest keeping a straightforward Excel spreadsheet with a couple of segments:

  • Organization name
  • Date you applied
  • How you applied (email, online structure, LinkedIn, work board, and so on.)
  • Followed up yet? (indeed/no)
  • Reaction? (no reaction, declined to talk with me, keen on meeting me, meet booked for )

Have a decent story to tell

Ensure you have an enamoring vocation beginning story that leaves no questions that you are the ideal individual for a wide range of occupations in a specific field. Individuals will pose inquiries (endless inquiries!) so plan clear and succinct responses to why you need to enter this field, what you will do to arrive at this objective, and what you have to bring to the table. This is the place you dazzle with your enthusiasm, toss in the entirety of the significant aptitudes and encounters, finish it off with your training, and convince everybody you converse with. Preparation is the key towards landing jobs after graduation quickly.

One of the easiest ways to land yourself a decent earning job is to apply for Chegg Subject Experts. The only skill you need is a decent knowledge of any subject and interest in it. No industry experience, no decorated resume, no interview screening, just passion to learn and grow. As a subject matter expert at Chegg, you will be required to answer questions related to the subject of your choice that will be asked by students from all over the globe. There are many subject options available in the bucket like Mathematics, Computer Science, Accounting, Economics, Engineering domains, and more. All this is possible in the comfort of your own home and you can easily earn up to 80,000 INR per month.


So in this article, we have mentioned all possible graduate jobs anyone can apply for because every student starts searching for jobs after graduation. Because jobs play an important role in fulfilling our dreams and starting a great career. If you have completed your graduation, there are many opportunities available in India. You can choose according to your stream field of interest. So you can start your career according to your preference. So in this article, We have mentioned all the graduate jobs after graduation in any stream like engineering, commerce, or any other branch. In addition, You can apply for any graduate job according to your eligibility criteria and preference. We have also mentioned government graduate jobs as well as private graduate jobs. I hope this article will help students looking for jobs, especially after completing their graduation. Because finding a good job is very important to start our career. 

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