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May 15, 2024
ba political science

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Understanding BA Political Science

BA Political Science (Bachelor of Arts in Political Science) is a three-year undergraduate programme. The three-year course is divided into 6 semesters. It involves the study of political philosophy and an understanding of the various political systems.

The bachelor’s course includes the study of domestic and foreign political systems and historical and modern political systems. Apart from that it also includes public authority and governmental policies, and international relations and public affairs.

Political science is a sought-after degree that can help students to gain an in-depth knowledge of types of governance systems. Also, it can increase research and critical thinking skills. A political science degree will provide various career opportunities to students in government portfolios, politics, legislation, journalism, diplomacy, and many more.

If you want to pursue a career in political science, this article will help you learn about the undergrad degree in political science. It will also provide insights into various career options.

BA in Political Science Highlights

Course LevelUndergraduate Degree
Duration of the course.3 years.
Number of Universities.300+
Admission Process.Merit-Based.
Course Type.Semester Based.
The average Fees per Semester.Rs 2,000 to Rs 80,000.
Average Starting Salary.0.80Lakh to 25Lakh per annum.

Skills Needed for BA Political Science

1. Analytical skills

Analytical skills contribute to the analysis of information, problem-solving, and implementation of solutions at work. They are one of the top skills that can help political science students thrive in their field. These skills can also help a learner become a more analytical thinker.

2. Communication Skills

Individuals with good communication skills can understand others and be understood. Listening, speaking, watching, and empathy are all key factors in the context of these talents. A positive contact atmosphere boosts morale and efficiency in general. It will assist a political science student in efficiently laying out the global viewpoint. Not only that it provides the appropriate awareness of any issue.

3. Critical-thinking skills

Students with critical thinking skills can assess information deliberately to provide a sound solution. It entails assessing sources such as data, facts, observable occurrences, and study findings. Political science students with strong critical thinking skills may infer acceptable conclusions. They derive good decisions from a body of data and distinguish between relevant and irrelevant aspects.

4. Diplomacy Skills

Diplomacy skills facilitate successful communication during negotiations. It is also helpful when someone tries to be aggressive or persuasive. Diplomacy necessitates several soft skills, such as social intelligence and active listening. It is a set of abilities centred on understanding others. With diplomacy, people become sensitive to others’ perspectives, beliefs, ideas, and feelings.

5. Problem-Solving Skills

Problem-solving skills aid in the speedy and effective resolution of challenges. It all starts with recognizing the problem. Problem-solving abilities necessitate promptly identifying the root cause and executing a solution. This is seen as a soft skill as opposed to a hard skill obtained through education or study.

Admission Process for BA Political Science in India

In order to be accepted to the BA in Political Science program in India. The applicants must have completed their 10+2 from a recognized university. There is no set age limit or criterion for admission to the BA in Political Science program. This means students of any age can apply and enrol. The candidate should obtain at least 50% in their class XII board examinations or equivalent.

Note: Admission to BA political science programs is often based on merit. However, some colleges do have entrance tests as part of the selection process.

Exams for entrance to BA political science include:

Exam NameApplication Form OutExam Date
BHU UETFebruary – MarchEnd of May
CUETApril – MayJuly
JNUEEMay – JuneEnd of June

Note: that these are only some broad qualifying standards. Any particular qualifications may be verified on the website of the relevant institution or college.

On the other hand, if you want to study abroad, the eligibility requirements vary across universities.

  1. Complete a 10+2 from a recognised university board with a minimum needed percentage or grade.
  2. English Language Proficiency Test requirement — IELTS, TOEFL, or PTE. (This can be waived in rare situations. In cases when the candidate can demonstrate that English was an MOI at their former institution.)
  3. Some overseas colleges may need certification of certain language skills.
  4. Letter of recommendation

Types of BA in Political Science

1. Full-Time Course

A full-time three-year BA course in Political Science is available. In this field, practical knowledge is more crucial than academic understanding. A full-time course enables students to interact directly with professors and other students. It also helps them in broadening their knowledge, perspective, and understanding.

2. Part-Time Course

A part-time BA in Political Science is available. In this field of work, practical knowledge trumps academic understanding. The benefit of a part-time BA in Political Science is that it helps students to work while studying.

3. Distance Learning Course

Distance learning is the right option for students who want to pursue a BA in Political Science. This is for students who don’t have sufficient time to attend classes. It is again a three-year program. However, some universities like IGNOU make an exception. They may offer three to six years to complete the entire course.

BA Political Science Subjects and Syllabus

The course is divided into six semesters. The coursework and syllabus for a BA in Political Science are nearly the same across all leading institutions and universities in India. A basic course structure of BA Political Science is provided below for students’ convenience.

Top Colleges for Admission in BA in Political Science

Several institutions in India provide BA Political Science degree programs. This program is for students who want to study sociological, economic, and political life on a national and global scale. The table below lists some of the top BA Political Science colleges in India:

College NameFees Structure
Lady Shri Ram College For Women, New Delhi.₹ 15,870
Presidency University, Kolkata.₹1,100
Jai Hind College, Mumbai.₹ 5,730
Banasthali Vidyapith, Jaipur.₹ 48,000
Panjab University, Chandigarh.₹ 7,8900

Jobs after BA Political Science

1. Civil Services

Several civil servants, including the IAS (Indian Administrative Service), IPS (Indian Police Service), and IFS (Indian Foreign Service) officers have been political science students. People graduating with bachelor’s in political science can become civil servants after giving UPSC exams.

Civil officials are the ones who develop Indian laws and policies. They work for the elected government and help them in drafting new laws and policies. They must develop specific rules and policies based on the opinions and interests of the government.

Salary – 6.2lakh to 22lakh per annum.

2. Law

Students with an undergraduate degree in political science have several options. A student of political science can pursue a master’s degree in law after completing an LLB graduate course.

After that, the student needs to pass the All India Bar Examination held by the Bar Council of India to practice law.

Salary – from 1lakh to 8.3lakh.

3. Social Work

After receiving a B.A. in political science, students can pursue a Master’s degree in social work. There they can pursue a career as a social worker or in social services. This is another way to help society and those in need without getting involved in actual politics and administration.

With the advent of NGOs, government outreach programs, and MNCs creating Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) divisions, job opportunities have expanded.

Salary -1lakh to 6lakh.

4. Education

Teaching is an interesting career opportunity for a political science graduate. Political science is becoming more popular as a field. Students can now teach it at the high school level as a teacher or the college level as a professor. To teach at the secondary level, one must have a master’s degree in Political Science as well as a B.Ed.

As a college professor, one needs to have passed the UGC NET. M.Phil and PhD can also help you to grow in this profession.

Salary – 0.2lakh to 4.9lakh.

5. Journalism

Politics dominates news coverage in the media. As public awareness of politics grows, more people are drawn to reading the news. BA Political science graduates have a complete understanding of politics and the landscape.

They are the ideal candidates for careers in the media. They can work as political journalists, writers, editors, and reporters. To enter the media profession, one can pursue a post-graduate degree in journalism.

Average Salary – 4.6 Lakh.

6. Political Scientist

A political scientist’s role entails the study of many aspects of public bodies and government systems. They also study how cities/countries run and interact and the influence of governmental actions.

Political scientists also advise on the actions that can be taken by the government for the improvement of the nation. A MA in Political Science degree or a PhD is required to become a political scientist.

Salary – 8lakh to 15lakh.

7. Marketing Analyst

Marketing entails carefully planning a strategy and launching a service or product. A Political Science graduate may make calculated decisions about product marketing and positioning. This is because they have an understanding of society.

Average Salary 8.2lakh.

8. United Nations Organization

International organizations like the UN frequently employ political science graduates from all around the world. Holders with a BA in Political Science may apply for internships and other opportunities in several UN agencies.

For the top positions in the UN Organization, a higher degree in political science is necessary.

The average annual salary is 6.3 lakhs.


Along with educating you, the BA in Political Science degree will help you develop your analytical and critical thinking skills. Many possibilities for employment are financially reasonable for BA in Political Science students and may suit their preferences and interests.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does BA political science do?

The numerous political ideas are the focus of BA political science. The entire course covers a variety of political, economic, and international forms of government. The BA Political Science course teaches students how to learn and understand political systems. It also offers them an insight into how governments operate.

What job can I get after my BA in Political Science?

After earning a political science BA, you have a wide range of excellent career options. It includes Foreign Service Officer, Corporate Manager, Marketing Research Analyst, Politics, and Corporate Manager.

Is BA political science a good course?

With a wide range of intriguing prospects, political science aids students in advancing their careers. The government and society operate, and studying political science is the best option for people interested in understanding and analysing.

Is BA in Political Science hard?

Political science will be a very intriguing subject to study if you have a sincere desire to understand politics and its operations. Since the basics are covered in school, studying political science is not all that difficult.

How much does the BA Political Science program cost?

The typical annual fee for the degree ranges from INR 5,000 to INR 80,000. This cost is applicable across various institutions and universities in India.

Can I complete a BA Political Science degree program via distance learning?

Yes, you can achieve your BA in Political Science through distance education. Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU), Annamalai University, Sikkim Manipal University, and others are among the institutions.

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