Do you know what is the most popular course among the students in India? One and only Engineering is the course that is preferred by most of the students all across the country. Each year out of millions of students dreams to be a part of this degree since their early school or after completing their 12th. When a student decides to go for science stream in their school years the path for them is already prepared for the future. It is not a hidden fact what engineering is capable of. The inclusion of many new branches in engineering shows the interest of youth in this course. Some include mechanical engineering, computer science engineering, Chemical engineering, and many more. 

Being an engineer is not an easy task as most people think. The engineering course includes a great determination and ample knowledge of different subjects. Some of them include mathematics, calculus, various theories, and a number of projects to get that degree known as Engineering. Engineering courses are not all about studying the given material but also making use of your analytical thinking. The aim of engineering is to teach you the technological solutions to every problem. How well and how fast you can solve any problem is what you learn out of it. 

Engineers are known for their practical approach and problem-solving methods that will eventually help mankind in a better way forward. So deciding a branch in which you want to pursue your career is what depends on your personal interest. Ask this question to yourself and then analyze what that thing will make you dive into it. If you are still in some kind of dilemma and looking for a clear picture then we are here to help you. 

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The basic requirements for a student looking into the engineering field. 

Before we dive into the world of different branches let’s quickly get some things clear about the requirements.  In India to pursue this engineering career, you need to focus on a few subjects from the start. Firstly you need to pass your 12th with main subjects like Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry. After which you will start with applications for engineering colleges. You can also appear for some of the competitive exams that make sure you get the best engineering college. Some colleges ask for just your 12th passing certificate with relevant subjects. 

This was all about how you will start the process if you want to be in the engineering field. Now, here are some soft skills that will be beneficial for you if you prior join this course. 

Communication skills.

Communication skills act as a key part of your daily life. No matter what career you choose in the future, this skill should be your strong point. If you have thoughts of problem-solving but your communication is not up to the point then it is a problem. You will not be able to convey your thoughts properly to the third person. So from an early age before you get into this field make sure you are ready with this skill set. Try and practice as much with this as it will help you in a later stage. 

Highly analytical and problem-solving attitude.

Being an engineer you need to be a person who can solve problems with various solutions. An analytical attitude towards a problem will make you flourish in this field. Try to bring out as many outcomes of a situation and then analyze what is the best one to choose. This is what engineers do. It will be very helpful in your engineering days if you have such an attitude from the start. 

Know your basics.

Before you get into any stream of study you need to be strong with your previous basics. In engineering courses as well if you have strong mathematics, Physics, Calculus then it will be easy for you to survive through your engineering days. It is not like you won’t be able to pass the semester but things will be easy and you will grasp any new topic related to it much quicker. 

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List of Engineering branches that you can choose. 

Most students tend to choose the engineering stream that is most popular at that moment. It is also safe to say that it all happens in the heat of the moment and with less guidance. But now it is not like that. You can choose your preferred brand of engineering after proper research and its benefits in the future. The ultimate goal should be to learn new and productive things and get a better job after engineering. Having proper resources and knowledge now you can choose what is best for you. We have compiled up some of the branches that might be your future career in any of these fields.  

Mechanical Engineering

If you are one of those individuals that are fond of designing mechanical devices then mechanical engineering is what you should go for. Mechanical engineering is a very known and popular engineering course. It is generally composed of the manufacturing of different mechanical devices that are used in industries. When you join this elite group of mechanical engineering courses then you work in various industries at different posts. It may include the manufacturing department, testing department, designing, and many more. You study the core of machines and their different types of equipment. You can also lead into different research and development of the mechanical industry. 

When you choose this course then all you will study is mechanics, energy, and how different components of the machine works. Talking about jobs after engineering then you can be placed in any mechanical department of renowned companies. You can even part with your desired subject like working on automobiles or machine parts. Most people in India work in general machinery, manufacturing plants, and the designing sector. Such jobs after mechanical branch include working at a certain plant or it can be a desk job as well if you are in the designing field. Mostly it is a field job as you will be authorized to test and manage machinery. 

Mechanical engineering has a great future ahead as it is the backbone of any industry. There is a constant demand for various machinery and improvement of such types of equipment that make work easy for people. 

Computer science Engineering

Computer science engineering is a branch where you will be constantly developing professional software and computer science principles. If you are tech-savvy and want to know inside-out technology then computer science engineering will give you the correct exposure. To get started you will need to learn some basic programming languages. Knowing C++ and Java is very common in this field. It is the first step that you will need to take to make a career out of this Computer science engineering stream.

The career prospects and jobs after engineering in this field are budding each day. We are aware of how the IT industry is reaching heights and the whole world is dependent on their service. Many business application, software developing companies are all based on computer science principles. You will learn everything about coding, developing applications, even developing video games are taught in colleges. When you get into college then you can even choose for various specializations in your desired stream of Computer science engineering.  

The branch of Computer science engineering also includes system engineers. The profession of System engineers is to deal with computer systems. Developing a security system, researching is a task that is generally given.  

Civil Engineering

Let’s talk about designing buildings and different solid structures as a profession. Yes, we are talking about Civil engineering. Civil engineering is all about different infrastructure projects, designing, constructing, and many more. You will be taught about the mechanics of structures as it will help in understanding the building structure. Constructing and creating some unique designs is all part of this stream. Understanding the software to make a 3D model is all part of this core subject. To become a Civil engineer you will be taught from scratch. 

Whether it is about material strength, environmental hazards, and norms. It is a very vast topic and the oldest streams out there were chosen by many students in India. The jobs after the engineering stream are quite impressive, growing at a constant pace. The construction of buildings is such a thing that will never stop on this earth. There is a constant increase in population and to live such infrastructure projects are required. So civil engineering is that stream that will grow in the coming years and will provide a constant upgrowth of job opportunities. 

Electrical Engineering

Want to bring major changes to technological aspects then you can go for electrical engineering. There has been a major advancement over the past few years in electrical design and manufacture. As we are aware, the world is shifting to renewable sources, and generating such electricity through some natural sources is a great initiative for a sustainable future. This allows a great demand for electrical engineers in today’s world.

Not only this but if we look at the different designs of wind turbine electrical appliances such responsibilities are common for the one who study this subject. Electrical engineering is a combination of developing, testing technologies, and then implementing them for better power generation and transmission. Prospects of a job after engineering are quite high as demand is certainly high for electrical engineers. Various projects in India require such professionals to put their knowledge to lead the country to a sustainable future. 

Electrical engineering is also mistaken for electronics engineering but there is a vast difference in both. A student can opt between the two and build a career. The Electronic department deals with the communication and signals part of electronics. 

Chemical Engineering

Chemical engineering is a branch that involves forming a valuable asset out of raw materials. As a name suggests it involves a study of chemistry to a great understanding. It is a branch that is also connected to the refinery of fuels. Chemical engineers are responsible for the development of byproducts, testing different manufacturing methods, and many more tasks. There are many paths to travel when you choose chemical engineering. You can get into food engineering, ceramics testing, and also petroleum engineering has a structure related to this field.   

The value of this branch is still underrated but they are a part of essential work as an engineer. Many manufacturing industries require chemical engineers that can provide a great impact on food, clothing, and many other resources. Since the manufacturing of certain things involves a somewhat impact on nature, certain chemical engineers solely work on how to tackle this issue. Thus making less impact on the environment making a better advancement in their respective field.  


With all that included in some of the major branches of engineering, you can choose what suits you the most. Never ignore the future prospects of any field as it will also play a major role in your life as an engineer. To aim for such a profession you need to follow the routine of strengthening your basics. Even if you are in this profession and want to learn more for your higher studies then we have a great platform just for you. Chegg India is a place where you can earn through your knowledge. You will be assigned the role of SME, Subject matter expert at Chegg India. Your job will be to answer all the questions related to a certain subject of your choice. There are a lot of subjects that you can choose from

Engineering, mathematics, science, health care, business, and many more. You can be an expert on any of these subjects and can earn money on answering every question. To start with, just sign up here and know more about Chegg India.

We tried to cover most of the branches with their career prospects and roles. You can select the branch accordingly and move forward with your career. The engineering path is long and one should act with patience during the journey. You can even look to pursue a master’s in any above after completing your undergrad. Choose what you are fond of and also keep an eye on the future they hold. 

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