Voice of EA - Sumit Dangi

Sumit Dangi
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 Please tell us something about yourself and your education.

I hail from the historic city of Jhansi, Uttar Pradesh. I completed my school years at my hometown and moved to Delhi to pursue my B. Tech from NIIT.  I have been a topper throughout my life. I have earned many scholarships too. (chuckles).

My first job was an Assistant Engineer Executive for Voltas Ltd., Pune and then I got the job of an ALP-Assistant Loco Pilot in the Railways, post that worked as Junior Engineer in Indian Railways. Meanwhile, I joined as an Expert Answerer in Chegg and I earned so well here that I left the Railways job as well.

If Chegg had not happened, I would have been struck as a Junior Engineer, if not for an ALP for sure.

Q. Some brief about your family, please…

My father is a farmer. He has worked very hard for my education. I have a loving mother, an elder brother, my sister-in-law, and a cute little princess – my niece, (his eyes get moist). Now, it is my turn to reciprocate.

Q. How excited are you about this interview?

I am very excited for the interview and feel so grateful to Chegg, that I wish to reciprocate.  Motivating people by talking about my experience with Chegg is what I want to do.

Q. How did your journey begin with Chegg? What propelled you to join Chegg?

It was after my engineering exam, I stumbled upon this wonderful platform – the Chegg site through YouTube. After completing the registration, I went through the screening procedure and in a week’s time, I got the solving rights. In October, I solved only one question, wherein I got a thumbs down (smiles sheepishly) by the student, yet to my surprise, Chegg released the payment for that one question, despite me getting a thumbs down. This made me gain confidence. I realized it is a genuine organization.

The next month, luckily for me, was a rush season – October and November, where many questions were solved and I was suitably rewarded with a fat paycheck. Since then, there is no looking back. Now, I work on around 500 solutions per month and never took Chegg as a part-time job. I am 100% dedicated to Chegg that I take only 5 hours of sleep during the peak time and my system is always on. Even my coordinator Deepanshu, admonishes me to be careful and take care of my health. Love his concern! (with gratitude).

To me, it is only EAT, SLEEP, CHEGG, REPEAT!

People criticized me for letting go of such good opportunities, but now, seeing my hard work being rewarded, and the returns I get, people are happy with my decision, and applaud me. Chegg rewards every drop of sweat – so I sweat. (laughs) I joined Chegg in 2019.

Chegg is a blessing during COVID times. Most of my college mates have lost their jobs, whereas my graph has been growing upwards in Chegg.  The opportunity to earn @ Chegg is so huge, that really acts as an impetus. When I joined Chegg, I did it only to be financially independent, and did not take it as a long-term commitment. Now, one year down the lane, I know Chegg is my destination – It is Ultimate.

Q. Describe how Chegg helped you improve your personal and professional life?

Enormously! My parents are very happy with me. Initially, they did feel bad that I was leaving good opportunities, but I have a lot of support from my parents. I am 25 now, and I am quite happy with my life so far. My family is happy that I am earning good – all thanks to Chegg. Chegg is giving everything to me. Chegg is my financial strength.

In fact, I have also been able to sponsor for his brother’s wholesale business. My brother, to me, is like a second father. I have pledged to fulfil all their dreams. Chegg has given meaning to my life. Thanks to Chegg (Beaming)

Q. How has Chegg contributed to your earning? What have you bought from the earnings you got from Chegg?

In November last year, I gifted my parents a car with the earnings I made from Chegg – an XUV 300 top model and felt very happy. I have used my earnings to completely renovate my house. I am indebted to my family. My father has always been a pillar of support to me – he faced many struggles in life – many setbacks. Now, I want to take care of them.

Q. How are you enjoying your journey here?

It has been a great journey. I am here to earn, but there has also been an exponential growth in my knowledge and that is the biggest gain from Chegg. The simple but academic environment of Chegg with absolutely no pressure, the freedom of work, the timely payments, the work culture, and the constant support make Chegg a great platform for people like me.

Q. What do you find most fascinating about working with Chegg?

Everything about Chegg.  Every day is a learning opportunity and I look forward to every single day. There is a huge difference between the US curriculum and the Indian curriculum. I learnt a lot after joining Chegg – many new concepts like MATLAB. Financial benefits plus learning new concepts each day is really a blessing. My advice is do not consider Chegg as a part-time opportunity. It is only when you spend time with the Chegg Q&A board that you understand the trend of the Q&A flow. Give your 100% and get 100%.

Q. What sets Chegg apart from your previous professional experience?

I worked for Voltas. I had to work under pressure, timeframes, and in a closed setup. My time was not mine. I could not take leaves as and when I wanted. But with Chegg, I am the master. I am free to choose my time.  When the volume is less, I work less and am free to socialize. Chegg is different. Destiny has brought me to Chegg, and my destiny is Chegg.

Q. How many questions do you manage to solve in a day?

My aim is to be on the toppers list. I work around 25 to 30 questions in a day, 40 to 50 during peak hours, solving around 30 to 35 questions on an average. I start at night and work till 7 am in the morning, and then sleep for 5 to 6 hours , have lunch, rest a bit, and from evening 8 pm, restart. Chegg is an opportunity, and I tend to devote a lot of time on the Chegg Q&A Board. My CF score has always been good – above 80, and that boosts my confidence.

Q. What else do you enjoy doing, apart from solving on the Chegg Q&A board?

Enhancing my knowledge and spending time with my family is my favorite past time. I owe it all to Chegg. Chegg allows me to work from my hometown spending quality time with my family and at the same time, earn. I have best of both the worlds, thanks to Chegg!

Q. Would you like to share a specific strategy that you follow to help students while solving on the Q&A Board?

I attempt a question if I am very sure. We have two hours to solve a question, I clarify my doubt, refer a book, or use search engines, and then if I am sure, I solve the question. I ensure the student understands the concept. My choice is always quality.

Q. What are the types of questions you usually seek to answer?

I like to attempt questions on the topics – fluid mechanics, machine design, strength of materials, thermodynamics etc., I have good command on these subjects, and so focus more on questions related to these topics. I learnt Robotics after joining Chegg.

Q. Have you ever introduced anyone to Chegg?

Chegg is a boon, a blessing! I have recommended Chegg to many relatives and friends. As soon as I talk about Chegg, and validate with my experience, people start believing me. There is no competition and no dearth of questions. The best benefit of working with Chegg is you do not need to go outside. Just chill and work.

Q. How has working on Chegg Q&A board helped you during the lockdown?

During Covid, there was a downtrend everywhere, but in Chegg, even in such unprecedented times, the inflow of questions was on the rise. And now, the inflow is huge. The question volume increased almost 200 times. At Chegg, there is unlimited opportunity. How much you can earn is completely upon you.

Q. If given a chance to become a full-time employee, would you like to join Chegg? If yes, in which profile?

As of now, I want to focus only as an EA. Well! Coming to your question of working as a full-time employee, I work 15 hours which is more like a full-time job for me. In case I do not work 15 hours, I feel I have wasted few resourceful hours of the day.

Q. Seeing your love for Chegg, it is time to share your best Chegg Moment!

Gifting a car to my parents and seeing them smile with pride has been my best Chegg Moment. I can say, this has been the best achievement by far. Now, whatever good tidings are there in my life –I owe to Chegg.

Q. How are you an influencer?

Chegg has given me the opportunity to participate in Webinars, wherein I could talk to other EAs about my experience, my strategies, and my love for Chegg. So, I have attended 2 webinars so far, and nearly 400 EAs attended those.

Q. One liner on Chegg…

Chegg is everything to me! I am always there for Chegg!