Voice of an EA - Vipul Vashisht

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Q. How did your journey with Chegg begin?

While preparing for my CA Final exams, I felt the need for a break. Adding to this, it was not favorable for me to work as a full-time employee because of the lack of bandwidth. However, Chegg offers freelance positions as well, which came as a huge relief for me. That was exactly what I needed at that point- to be able to carry on with my preparations along with a job. Therefore, my journey as an Expert Answerer began with Chegg in January of 2020.

Q. You got associated with Chegg just when the pandemic was round the corner. Did being part of Chegg give you a sense of security and stability during a time that proved to be a setback to almost every corner of the world?

There is no doubt regarding the fact that Chegg was a great support to me during the pandemic. I remember preparing for my exams that year. Worldwide, nearly everything was affected by the pandemic. Since that brought everything to a standstill, my preparations took a backseat. Despite all that, I believe that working with Chegg was the right choice because it ensured me a steady job and income. It also added to my preparations since my work was somewhat related to my exam subject. Thus, it enriched my knowledge as well as helped me to practice more.

Q. How has Chegg helped you in your overall growth?

Before the pandemic, I was stuck with an urge to earn while learning. Chegg has unreservedly supported me on that front. I found financial liberty along with the process of learning, which further made my apprehensions disappear. I could devote my time equitably between studies and work.

Q. Apart from solving questions on the Q/A board, what else do you find interest in?

I enjoy watching web series and playing games when I am not working or preparing for my exams. Since I am not a socially active person, I like to spend my time mostly indoors.

Q. How many questions do you manage to solve on any given day?

Totally, it depends on the volume of questions. In the pandemic, for example, I used to solve over a hundred questions every day. In recent times, however, I usually solve about 40-50 questions per day. The maximum number of questions I have attempted in a day is somewhere around 140-150.

Q. What is a specific strategy that you follow to help a student while solving these questions?

One of the key things that I follow is that I only attempt questions that I know, to ensure uncompromised quality in the concept of the answer. This is especially during peak hours. However, in lean periods, I try to work on new questions. I understand the nature of the question and the related concept. In addition, I do as much research on the topic as possible, and I make sure that my final answer is clear and explanations are adequate so that it leaves no room for confusion.

Q. How do you feel now as Chegg gives you a platform to support students from multiple countries across the globe?

It makes me happy to know that I can help many students around the world. This is indeed a wonderful feeling to be able to share my knowledge with umpteen students and solve their queries.

Q. What would you call your best Chegg moment?

I was the top performer for some months. When my mother came to know about the same, she was delighted. Initially, she used to be a little apprehensive watching me sit for several hours and solve questions. This achievement served as an acknowledgement of my dedication.