July 8, 2024

Could you please introduce yourself and share a bit about your educational background?

I completed my graduation from Shivaji College and my master’s in finance from Delhi University. Additionally, I have cleared the UGC NET exam.

How did you first hear about Chegg, and what made you decide to join?

I learned about Chegg from a friend. With my master’s in finance, I was looking for an opportunity in the education sector that would allow me to learn and grow. Chegg seemed like a perfect fit. Initially, I faced challenges because I wasn’t used to dealing with students from other countries, but with time and experience, I overcame these difficulties.

Can you tell us more about your educational journey and personal life?

I come from a joint family. My brother is a chartered accountant, and my father runs a clothing shop. I did my schooling in Sonipat and excelled academically. After high school, I decided to pursue my graduation at Shivaji College, Delhi University, for better quality education, even though it meant travelling over 120 kilometres daily. Later, I prepared for the entrance exam and secured a place at Delhi University (North Campus) for my Master’s in M. Com.

What challenges did you face after completing your Master’s, and how did you transition to Chegg?

After completing my Master’s, the pandemic posed significant challenges. My initial job at a company ended after a 4-month contract. A friend then recommended Chegg, highlighting its flexibility, good pay rate, and the ability to work from home.

How has your experience been with Chegg in terms of learning and growth?

Initially, I focused on learning and accuracy rather than answering a high volume of questions. Over time, I gained confidence and increased my speed by focusing on familiar concepts first and gradually learning new ones.

What benefits have you found working with Chegg?

I appreciate the flexibility, convenience, and earning potential that Chegg offers. The ability to work on my schedule and earn extra income is very motivating. I started with a small volume of questions and gradually increased my income to a maximum of ₹45,000 per month.

What are your future aspirations with Chegg?

I am interested in a role as a Senior Quality Analyst at Chegg if the opportunity arises.

Can you share your strategies for effectively answering student questions?

My strategy involves starting with familiar concepts and gradually learning new ones. I focus on accuracy and providing clear explanations. I utilize resources like notes, Google searches, and consultations with colleagues to understand unfamiliar concepts. Implementing the learned knowledge by answering relevant questions and building confidence through positive student ratings is crucial.

Are there certain types of questions that frequently appear on the platform?

Yes, questions related to time value of money, capital budgeting, and financial statement analysis are quite common.

Is there anything else you would like to share about your experience with Chegg?

Reaching 10,000 answered questions is a goal I aspire to, though I have surpassed 4,000. Chegg offers the unique benefit of enjoyment without pressure, with flexibility to adjust workload as needed. Consistency is key to success on the platform. Chegg’s income potential has allowed me to save and build financial security. I recommend Chegg to others for its earning potential and learning opportunities. Interaction with a diverse group of experts, including chartered accountants and CFA professionals, enhances my knowledge and problem-solving abilities. Even negative student ratings are opportunities to learn and improve. Consistency remains crucial for success.

How do you encourage others to use Chegg?

I recommended Chegg to my cousin who was preparing for the CFA exam. While he didn’t need the extra income, I highlighted Chegg’s value for learning and growth, not just financial gain.

How do you find the diversity of perspectives on Chegg?

The platform exposes me to a wider range of knowledge and problem-solving approaches used by experts from various backgrounds, significantly different from the educational systems in India. By interacting with experienced financial professionals, I gain valuable insights and expand my knowledge base.

Do you see Chegg as more than just a source of income?

Absolutely. Chegg fosters a collaborative learning environment where experts share knowledge and improve their skills. Negative feedback is seen as a chance to learn and grow.