Voice of an EA - Krishna Kardam

Voice of an EA - Krishan Kardam
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In this edition of the Voice of an EA, we interviewed Mr. Krishna Kardam, who hails from Haryana. The following is a transcript of the interview.

How excited are you to be here with us today?

I can’t express in words my enthusiasm for being associated with Chegg. I joined Chegg in September 2018. It has been three years since then. In fact, it is my dream come true. I had applied for the online tutoring opening but couldn’t make it initially. However, I got selected as EA later. My joy knew no bounds. In less than ten days, the entire process was complete, and I became a part of Chegg.

How did your journey with Chegg begin? What propelled you to join Chegg?

One of my friends was working as an EA in Chegg. It was he who told me about Chegg and asked me to apply. As I said, I got the opportunity, and here I am.

What do you find the most fascinating about working with Chegg? 

The flexible work hours. That is my favorite thing about Chegg. The earnings with Chegg are good. Initially, I used to earn only my pocket money – it was in thousands. But now, I can make around a lakh per month. It is highly rewarding and gives me immense satisfaction. Apart from this, the culture, the support provided, and the timely payment are exceptional at Chegg. Also, the freedom to work at my preferred time gives me wings. I don’t feel bound and hence, try to achieve more.

Tell us something about your education.

I completed my primary education from my hometown, Hodal, in Haryana. Then, I completed my Diploma in Mechanical Engineering from Government Polytechnic College, Uttawar. After that, I did my B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering from Satya College of Engineering and Technology, Palwal. Finally, I completed my M.Tech from Maulana Azad National Institute of Technology, Bhopal. My discipline in M.Tech was Maintenance and Engineering Management.

Please share something interesting about your family.

My father is a farmer, and my mother is a homemaker. I have a brother who is still studying. Like every other family, my family is loving, caring, and very supportive. My father has always wanted me to have a good education and is my pillar of strength. I am here because of him.

Has Chegg helped you improve your personal and professional life?

It is a boon to me, both on the personal and professional fronts. The flexibility and the fact that I work from home give me ample time to prepare for government services exams. The money I earn is decent enough. I feel happy, content, and enriched.

How has Chegg helped you in your overall growth?

Earning as well as Learning – what else would I seek? Chegg has helped me widen my horizon; it has enhanced my knowledge and enlarged my perspective towards life. Chegg has been quite helpful in my overall growth.

How has Chegg contributed to your earnings?

Initially, I joined Chegg only to earn some pocket money while pursuing M.Tech. My initial pay was around 4k. But after M.Tech, this has become my regular source of income. I have been earning close to a lakh, and this has supported me financially.

Would you like to share about anything special that you bought from the earnings from Chegg?

I bought land from the earnings I got from Chegg. It made my parents both happy and proud. Their happiness matters the most to me. Though the land is a material asset, the happiness I see in their eyes is priceless and gives me immense satisfaction.

What sets Chegg apart from your previous professional experience? 

Well, Chegg is my first tryst with professional experience. It has opened the doors to financial stability, growth, and intellectual enhancement.

What else do you enjoy doing, apart from solving on the Chegg Q&A board?

I enjoy the knowledge acquisition it provides. I enjoy doing research work and then hitting the correct solutions. It makes me feel empowered.

How many questions do you manage to solve in a day?

On a good day, when the question volume is high, I can answer around 35 questions.

How much time do you spend answering questions on the Chegg Q&A board? Do you set targets for solving a particular number of questions in a day? 

On average, I try to work for more than 8 hours. I work from 11 PM to 9 AM. Then I take a break and work from 10 AM to 12 PM. I have lunch and take a break and work again from 5 PM to 7 PM.

Could you share a specific strategy that you follow to help students while solving on the Q&A Board? What are the types of questions you usually seek to answer?

I take up the topics I am very confident of solving, like thermodynamics, oil, and machine hydraulics, because I feel passionate about these. These topics require symbols and diagrams, which I love to draw.

What measures do you take to give the students their money’s worth? How do you ensure you provide quality solutions? 

Once I answer, I recheck the solution and only then submit it. This helps me submit correct and high-quality solutions, and the students are satisfied. The positive feedback I receive from students encourages and gives me the added impetus.

Share your experience with the Chegg Question & Answer Board.

It is a very user-friendly board. Initially, I tried writing, but my handwriting is poor [chuckles]. Now, I type, so it is definitely better. But otherwise, I find it fun to work on the Chegg Q&A Board.


Chegg is now expanding in the international markets. How do you feel now, as Chegg gives you a platform to support students from multiple countries across the globe?

I deem it a privilege to work for an organization that has set its mark the world over. I always feel proud of working for Chegg.

Has working on the Chegg Q&A board helped you during the lockdown?

Yes, of course! When I see my friends working in the private sector going through a rough patch owing to Covid, I feel lucky that I am with Chegg because it provides a good income and timely payments. I feel blessed.

Cite a challenging moment while solving questions.

As I said, when I used to upload handwritten solutions, my handwriting wasn’t very legible. Moreover, I had succumbed to a few watermark violations and got reprimanded for the same. But now, thankfully, I am more equipped to answer and do a better job.

Have you ever introduced anyone to Chegg? 

I did tell a couple of my friends about Chegg and would continue doing so.

How do you introduce others to Chegg?

I have introduced Chegg to many of my juniors. I cite my own example, and they are immediately interested and attracted.

If given a chance to become a full-time employee, would you like to join Chegg? If yes, in which profile?

Yes, why not? Even if I get a government opportunity, I will still wish to continue with Chegg.

Seeing your love for Chegg, it’s time to share your best Chegg Moment!

Haha! My best Chegg Moment was when I paid an Income Tax of 90k. I did not feel sad about paying such a huge amount as tax; rather, I felt proud that I could earn 12 to 25 lakhs per annum. I consider this as my proud moment.