Top Performers - January 2021

Chegg Top Performers
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Debasmita Bardhan BioDebasmita Bardhan is an expert in Biology and has been working with Chegg since August’2020. She has completed her M.Sc. in Biotechnology and has submitted more than 1500 solutions during this time.

In her words “It is a pleasure to be a part of Chegg. Receiving the confirmation mail was itself a blessing in disguise during the pandemic situation. It’s been just 6 months working with Chegg and I am already enjoying the work. The best part is you can work from the comfort of your home and you get to choose the time and choice of work by yourself.  With each passing day, Chegg provides an opportunity to learn new things from the questions posted.

The foremost priority while answering a question is to maintain the quality of answer. I always answer those questions which I am confident about. Apart from answering questions based on the basic knowledge, I read research journals and then employ that knowledge in my answers. Quality always takes the precedence in my opinion. I always prefer to work at night as the volume of questions is quite high during night. Chegg has now become a routine. Till now the journey is good and hope it lasts longer and I get the opportunity to help students with my knowledge and keep learning each day.”

Gaurav Binay Operations ManageGaurav Binay is an expert in Operations Management and has been working with Chegg since August’2019. He has submitted more than 5500 solutions with an overall CF score of 85%. He is pursuing MBA currently.

In his words “Chegg is quite important for me in terms of my learning curve, academics and my financial independence. It allows me to work anytime of the day, which is highly advantageous as I am pursuing MBA simultaneously. I ensure high quality in all the solutions provided by me. Also, I adhere to the Honor code and Chegg guidelines.


Tanveer Sahab EcoTanveer Sahab is an expert in Economics and has completed B.Tech., MBA + UGC NET Qualified. He has been associated with Chegg since the last 6 years. He has submitted more than 27k solutions so far.

In his words “Chegg has been very special to me since the very beginning of my association. I started working with Chegg when I was looking out for any opportunity. Chegg brought me a platform, where I could reconstruct my career and grow. Throughout my journey as an expert with Chegg, I have learnt that, one way to maintain CF score is to give genuine, correct and systematic solutions to the students, that is, focus on the requirements in their questions. Another way, is to keep learning about new concepts, adapting new ways to improve the answers and use correct approach as per the Chegg guidelines, to answer the questions. It not only brings quality to the answers, but also helps in securing more thumbs-up and positive comments. 

Chegg has many learning tools, to know more about quality. Moreover, they also help experts through the subject based skill development programs which are mostly fee-based on a course to course basis. So, it is of immense help, to the experts who get questions, ranging from high school to the master level or above it.”