Top Performers - June 2021

Chegg Top Performers
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ShashikantShashikant Mane is an expert in Accounting and has completed B.Com, ICWA. He has been working with Chegg for one and half years now. In his words, “Chegg has given me immense opportunity to teach students and use my academic knowledge to the best of my capability. For instance, I have utilized the lockdown period to solve more number of questions and earn additional income. The work experience with Chegg has been extremely satisfying, personally and professionally. I thank Chegg for providing such a wonderful platform to showcase my skills and talent. My overall performance improved by understanding students’ expectation and through Chegg’s online training. I always provide the solutions as per Chegg guidelines with step-by-step explanations, due to which my CF score has been consistently above 90%.”

Raj kumarRaj Kumar is an expert in Finance since February 2020 and is a Chartered Accountant by profession. In his words,Chegg is an important part of my life as it helps me to utilize my time effectively to update my knowledge and enhance my professional competence. It has also supported me financially throughout the pandemic period and continues to do so. My performance excelled down the line as I always provide complete and correct solutions. My quick response to students’ queries has enhanced my CF score. Working for Chegg is a delight because of the flexibility it provides.”



Dhanya kumar JainDhanya Kumar Jain is an expert in Mechanical Engineering, who is also working as a Commercial Manager in a textile company. She has been engaged with Chegg for the last 5 months. In her words, “Chegg is one of the best platforms to share knowledge. Chegg has been like a family. It has provided me with the dream job that I always wishing for. The best part of working with Chegg is that I can set my own schedule and work accordingly. Besides, it is one of those few companies that generate learning as well as earning opportunities, simultaneously.

My foremost priority while solving a question is to maintain quality. I always solve those questions that I am confident about and ensure highest quality in all the solutions. Also, adhering to the Honor code and Chegg guidelines is my priority. I explore subject related concepts on the internet to expand my knowledge rather than remaining limited to college books. Chegg means a lot to me as it gives me international exposure. Due to Chegg, I got to know about the American Education system. Chegg has made me financially independent. In short, Chegg is an excellent platform for online tutoring.”


Shubham upadhyay (1)Shubham Upadhyay is an expert in Statistics and Probability and has been solving questions on the Chegg Q&A board since July 2019. In his words,” Chegg is a wonderful platform for learning. Helping students globally gives me a great deal of satisfaction. It provides financial stability. Since I have joined Chegg, I have sharpened my subject skill. There is a reciprocal benefit here. Whenever we provide a solution, we not only help the student but also help ourselves in understanding the concepts clearly. The best way to perform well is to keep learning. If I am not 100% confident about the question asked, I revise the concepts related to the problem from textbooks, Google, etc. Only when I am 100% sure do I provide the solution for the question.”


Prashant kumar singhPrashant Kumar Singh is an expert in Chemistry and has completed B.Sc. (Hons.) in Chemistry from Delhi University (Deshbandhu College) and M.Sc. Chemistry from Delhi University’s  Sri Venkateswara College. He has also qualified GATE 2021. He joined Chegg in May 2020 during lockdown and has solved more than 6700 question till now, with overall CF score of 89-90%.

In his words, “ I try to give a detailed and comprehensive explanation for every solution, so that the student can clearly understand. I provide diagrams and examples for better understanding of the students. Chegg is one of the best platforms to gain and share knowledge. After joining Chegg, my confidence level has also increased. Chegg is the best platform for freshers. My overall CF score is 89%+. I try to solve the question with proper explanation which in turn increases the CF score when a student likes my answer.  I take my work at Chegg seriously, like my College assignments, with punctuality and honesty. After working at Chegg, I noticed that with time, I have improved my understanding and now I approach and answer questions considerably faster; I have also been able to further my understanding of Chemistry.”