Top Performers - November 2020

Chegg Top Performers
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sudheer NeelamSudheer Neelam has completed his B. Com and currently pursuing CA (final) and CMA (Intermediate). He has been working  as an Expert Answerer in Operations Management subject and has submitted more than 30k solutions with an overall CF score of 87%.

In his words, “Chegg has played a crucial role in my life and has taught me many things apart from helping students, i.e. from managing my time to delivering quality work. I am also preparing for my CA and CMA exams. Therefore, it has made it easier for me to solve some difficult business and operations management related questions. I try to improve my performance by effectively managing my studies and work.”


zalak mandora

Zalak Mandora has been working with Chegg since 2018 as a Finance Subject Expert. After her post-graduation in Commerce, Zalak took private tuitions for commerce students. Zalak taught at an institute for B.Com and BBA students and continued in the business for eight years. Therefore, her teaching experience has carved her to deliver student friendly solutions on the Chegg Q&A Board. Her husband Mr Pravin Mandora who owns the institute also introduced her to Chegg. It has been a good opportunity for her to brush all finance-related topics. With help from her husband, she was able to master her subject and began solving on the Chegg Q&A Board. It is noteworthy that Zalak has shown an impeccable performance on the Chegg Q&A board with over 20K solutions and maintains a lifetime CF score of 93%.

In her words, “Chegg allows me to use my time fruitfully and earn well. I found reciprocal benefits at Chegg as I enhanced my subject knowledge too.She sincerely thanks Chegg for such a wonderful opportunity.


Rajesh Pai joined Chegg in August 2019 and has solved 7900+ questions in Accounting with an awesome overall CF of 85%. Along with this, he is a Chartered Accountant.

In his own words, “Chegg is one of the best platforms I have ever come across. It allows me to optimally use my knowledge and skills. My journey has always been steadfast here. Initially, I was able to solve 45 questions with decent quality. But now, I can solve sizable questions in a month with a consistent CF score of 90%. I enjoy working with Chegg, and I focus on delivering quality solutions to students.”

Above all, Rajesh thanks Chegg for the great opportunity. He appreciates the team who are at the thick of the action in managing and helping experts.