Top Performers - January - March 2022

Chegg Top Performers
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Ops-Management-Expert-Soumitra-Chakraborty-248x300Soumitra Chakraborty | Operations Management

Education/Profession: MBA

When did you join Chegg?

I joined Chegg in 2016. I have been associated with Chegg for more than 5 years.

What does Chegg mean to you?

Chegg gives me the freedom to work as per my schedule. Moreover, I can earn as much as a senior corporate employee, just by answering on the Chegg Q&A Board. Learning new concepts every day and applying the same concepts to my work has made me grow internally as an expert.

How do you manage to maintain your performance and quality?

Being vigilant and detail-oriented while attempting any question is very important. One must ensure to avoid confusing elements in solutions so that the result is crisp, clear, and concise. The solution must directly address the core concepts within the student’s query. I am alert to any notifications for doubts and follow-up questions from the students’ end.

I strive to minimize my response time to these comments. That way, students do not have to keep waiting and their learning experience remains uncompromised. My promptness, accountability, and extremely conscious nature have helped me grow as a dedicated and valuable expert answerer. I have maintained an admirably high CF score of 91% throughout my time with Chegg.

Other comments:

I aspire to dispense my knowledge to those who wish to improve their quality, increase their productivity, and contribute effectively to the Chegg Q&A board.



Indranil Bishayee | Physics

Education/Profession: Education: M.Sc. in Physics, NET Qualified

When did you join Chegg?

I have been associated with Chegg since September 2020.

What does Chegg mean to you?

Chegg holds a lot of significance for me. Apart from the rewarding feeling of helping students, I also find Chegg to be exceptionally useful in widening the scope of my knowledge.

How do you manage to maintain your performance and quality?
To maintain decent performance and to answer the questions with top-notch quality, I keep myself updated with Chegg’s latest guidelines. This can be done via interactions with other experts as well as Chegg’s video interviews.



Anil Kharpuse | Advanced Math & Basic Math  

Education/Profession:  M.Sc. (Mathematics), M.Ed. From RDVV Jabalpur

When did you join Chegg?

I have been an expert with Chegg since January 2018.

What does Chegg mean to you? 

I believe that Chegg is my window to the world since it offers me the unique opportunity of contributing to the supplemental education of students from a wide range of countries. I relish the feeling of being an educator connected to thousands of students and being able to pass on my love for learning to them through Chegg. It is my firm belief that learning is a lifelong endeavour, and Chegg has given me not only the immense satisfaction of being a part of students’ learning experiences but also the excitement of exploring new avenues of learning and conceptual thinking.

How do you manage to maintain your performance and quality? 

So far, I have submitted 19,500 top-notch solutions with a stellar CF score of 92.7%. The secret to my perpetual winning streak is my student-first principle. I push myself to solve even upwards of 3 to 4 consecutive questions posted by students within the solving timeframe so that they need not wait for long to review their concepts. In addition to solving problems, I simplify solutions while also providing tips and tricks for the students to mentally retain concepts and formulas.



Indrani Mukherjee | Basic Maths

Education/Profession: B.Sc. (Hons.) in Mathematics

When did you join Chegg?  

I joined Chegg in September of 2019 and have been an avid solver for almost 3 years.

What does Chegg mean to you? 

I am overwhelmed with gratitude at the thought of how Chegg has been my stronghold during times of financial need. Chegg offered me the freedom to earn remotely. It also gave me the flexibility to extend my working hours to support my family, financially.
I consider Chegg to be a true friend and a valuable support system that has enabled me to unlock my increased earning potential. I believe that Chegg has done a remarkable job in bridging the employment shortfall and earning gap brought about by the pandemic.

How do you manage to maintain your performance and quality? 

I always prioritize quality over quantity, as we encourage all our experts to do. I go down to the granular details of a question and its concepts and enable students to see the bigger picture.



Rajesh Pai | Accounting 

Education/Profession: B. Com and CA.

When did you join Chegg?  

It has been 3 years since I have begun my association with Chegg. I hope to continue forward.

What does Chegg mean to you?

Chegg has brought meaningful changes into my life since the day I began working on the platform. Working with Chegg has added an extra dimension to my knowledge as well as opened innumerable possibilities to disseminate that knowledge to students. I have also been able to put my corporate experience to good use in providing well-structured, high-quality answers to students. Chegg brings me great personal satisfaction.

How do you manage to maintain your performance and quality?

This is my recipe for composing superlative solutions and maintaining a CF score of 90% and above:

  • Following the Chegg-recommended answering format while solving questions.
  • Providing the full workings of any formula/statement and writing detailed steps.
  • Promptly answering all the queries students might leave in the comments section of an answer.



Tarun Kr Das | Advanced Math

Education/Profession: M.Sc. in Mathematics, Junior Research Fellow

When did you join Chegg?

I am working for Chegg since 2018. So far, I have answered more than 12,000 questions on the Chegg Q&A board.

What does Chegg mean to you? 

For me, Chegg is a platform that offers a plethora of benefits, the least of which is, being able to earn during my leisure time with no strings attached.  I am glad to be able to share my knowledge with the students through the dashboard and encourage them to relish learning.

How do you manage to maintain your performance and quality? 

I take utmost care while choosing the right assortment of questions on the dashboard, leaving no room for ambiguity or inaccuracy in the solutions. Apart from meticulously justifying every step in the solutions, I also include diagrams and other pictorial representations of concepts to better illustrate the logic in every solution.
I incorporate every remark and suggestion given by the Chegg Quality Management Team for my improvement. Also, I keep students’ feedback at the forefront to maintain a distinctively high quality of solutions.