Quality Champion - January 2021

Quality Champion
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Soumyaranjan Pal EESoumyaranjan Pal is an expert in the subject of Electrical Engineering and has been working with Chegg since April’2018. He is currently in his final year of the Dual Degree Course from NIT ROURKELA. The course includes B.Tech in Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering and M.Tech in the domain of VLSI Design and Embedded Systems. It has been two and half years since he got associated with Chegg.

In his own words “From the beginning, Chegg has always been a supporter from both academic and financial perspectives. It always helps me to keep in touch with all the fields in my sphere of education. It keeps me motivated in terms of my learning goals and gain more expertise in the process. I always keep an eye on quality while I am submitting a solution. To be honest, I never hesitate to skip a question even if I feel remotely unsure regarding the answer. While answering the question, I figure out the knowledge of the student regarding the subject. If a student has asked a question at a very fundamental level, then I try to simplify the solution and answer it based on the student’s knowledge and level of understanding. The best part about Chegg is its flexibility of work. There is no pressure and no specific working hours. So, you are totally on your own and you can work irrespective of the location and time.”