Quality Champion - September 2021

Quality Champion


Soumitra Chakraborty has been associated with Chegg for almost 5 years and going by what Soumitra Chakraborty says “Chegg is synonymous to ‘Independence’ or ‘Freedom’. A Chegg expert can work as per their chosen schedule and still can earn more than a senior corporate employee. A Chegg expert also grows internally by learning new concepts every day and applying the knowledge in work.” He has done his MBA and is an Operation Manager.

Soumitra Chakraborty has shown excellent performance on Q&A with maintaining a lifetime CF score of 94%. He advises his fellow experts to attempt questions only when they know that they can justify the needs of the student.

He loves to learn, and he keeps track of the learnings. Constantly referring to those learnings helps him to answer most of the questions.

He says, “I have focused on organic growth and hence for me, the growth (in terms of a number of questions solved) was slow but deterministic and steady.  CF score is quite important for me and I strive to improve over my past records. I will contribute in the best possible ways in future for the betterment of the company and students. Exploring some of my managerial skills is my next goal. I have managed more than 150 people at some point in time. I can use that experience to develop and help new experts.”