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Thapar Institute of Engineering & Technology - [TIET], Patiala

Facts & Figures, Rankings, Affiliated Colleges & more

Facts & Figures, Rankings, History & more

About Thapar Institute of Engineering & Technology: Facts & Figures & much more:

Thapar Institute of Engineering Technology believes in providing the best education in an innovative environment. Thapar University makes sure it meets the growing needs of society from time to time. It is certainly a private institute deemed to be university in Punjab, India.

Courses at Thapar University

Students can apply for courses such as:

  • Students can opt for undergraduate courses like BE, BTech, BCA, etc.
  • Applicants can also enroll themselves in postgraduate programmes like ME, MTech, MCA, MA, etc.
  • Alumni waiting for so long to be a part of a doctorate course can finally register themselves.

The Eligibility Criteria:

  • Students who plan to pursue ug courses must score 60% in their 12th
  • On the other hand, students planning for masters must get an overall score of 60% in their graduation.

If you are eager to know more, also check the Thapar University brochure.

Here is a series of steps as follows:

  • First, visit the official website of Thapar University.
  • Next, click on the three corners provided on the extreme right.
  • Then, go to the admissions section.
  • After that, scroll down until you notice the prospectus section 2020.
  • Finally, click on that and then confirm the details.

The Ultimate Goal

Like every university, Thapar University has some objectives too. Please go ahead to know more.

  • They keep working on their teaching methods to provide an interactive learning environment. Therefore, students can enjoy learning with innovative faculty members.
  • Thapar Institute of Engineering Technology certainly makes sure they provide the best infrastructure possible to its students.
  • Thapar University also ensures it provides an educational and professional environment. Thus, students and faculty members can benefit from each other in the presence of this effective environment.
  • They strive to be versatile, dynamic, and adaptable in framing curriculums, teaching methods, and structures.
  • Moreover Thapar University gives its students the authority to discover their ins and outs through continual learning. Hence, students can eventually be good enough for Thapar University and the economy as well.

Core Values

Core Values are qualities or beliefs that every organization works and lives up to them. For instance, the idea of working with integrity and dedication is one of the beliefs organizations look after.

You must check what Thapar University has to offer. It carries out core values such as:

  • Thapar Institute of Engineering & Technology makes sure students have a great learning experience with the cooperative faculty members.
  • The idea of ensuring transparency, honesty, and ethics is what they expect out of its students, faculty members, and staff. Hence, every student, faculty, and staff member has to make sure they do not disappoint the Thapar University management in any manner.
  • The concept of acting with honesty and ingenuity is all KIET wants.
  • KIET believes it is important to be diverse in terms of education, infrastructure, methodologies, etc. Thus, students can ultimately develop that urge to be unique in their respective fields of study.

The Campus Area

The area of the premises is 250 acres exactly. It lies in Patiala, Punjab. The Institute forms resourceful heads who are keen to make the world a better place. The National Assessment Accreditation Council accredited the institution with an A+.


Thapar University is proud to receive the status of an institute of higher education. The UGC of India declared Thapar University a deemed university in terms of quality education. Therefore, it makes sure it makes apt changes to the admission and teaching standards as well. The National Institutional Ranking Framework (NIRF) ranks the institute 31st among all the Indian engineering and technology Universities. Also, the NIRF ranks the organization 51st all over India and 29th in the engineering field.

7 2020 Top 50 Deemed To Be Universities In India Outlook
3 2020 Top 110 Private Engineering Institutes Outlook
801-1000 2019 World QS
801-1000 2020 World QS
271-280 2019 Asia QS
261-270 2020 Asia QS
251–260 2021 Asia QS
31 2019 India QS
30 2020 India QS
601-800 2021 World The Week
27 2020 India US
1142 2020 Global US
45 2019 India NIRF
27 2019 India NIRF
51 2020 India NIRF
31 2020 India NIRF
23 2020 Engineering India
601–800 2020 Business & Management The Week
801–1000 2020 Chemical Engineering The Week
601–800 2020 Chemistry The Week
601–800 2020 Civil Engineering The Week
601–800 2020 Computer Science The Week
601–800 2020 Electrical And Electronic Engineering The Week
601–800 2020 General Engineering The Week
601–800 2020 Mathematics & Statistics The Week
601–800 2020 Mechanical Engineering The Week
601–800 2020 Physics & Astronomy The Week
23 2019 Engineering NIRF
29 2020 Engineering NIRF
54 2020 Management NIRF

The History of Thapar Institute of Engineering & Technology

Thapar Institute of Engineer & Technology was previously known as Thapar University. Thapar University is certainly declared a deemed university. It also lies in the Indian state of Punjab. Karam Chand Thapar founded the organization in 1956. Thapar Institute of Engineering Technology also makes sure it develops a highly educational and liberal environment. Hence, students can develop the desire to work passionately and freely. Besides that, students can also adopt great ideas out of this scholarly environment. Thus, they can gradually gain development in their individualities.

A Past Expansion Project

The campus area is 250 acres. Moreover The premises of Thapar University are designed by McCullough Mulvin Architects, Ireland. In 2018 it also expanded the premises for adjusting a lecture hall, computer area, and new library. Thapar University has some plans regarding future expansion projects. Therefore, it decided to build 2 new campuses in Chandigarh and Chattisgarh.

The Infrastructure at Thapar Institute of Engineering & Technology

Students are always interested to know about the facilities any university provides. They make sure they are satisfied with the infrastructure of any university in every manner. Likewise, universities ensure they provide the best facilities possible in the form of:

  • Effective library resources
  • Amazing hostel facilities
  • The basic medical facilities
  • The best placement records
  • And many more.

Let us discuss the Thapar University Infrastructure in detail:

It offers the following provisions:

Hostel Facilities

Thapar Institute of Engineering & Technology provides separate hostels for both girls and boys. As a result, students can save their time residing and studying on the campus. In other words, they can give more time to intense education over unnecessary travelling. Thapar University follows a block system. It divides hostels into 8 blocks. Each block has provisions for supplying water purifiers, attaching washrooms, installing geysers, etc. Besides that, each block is also wifi-enabled and equipped with newspaper stands to stay posted.


Thapar University has spacious lawns for students right there. Additionally Each lawn provides its students with the provision for playing basketball and volleyball as well. Hence, students can enjoy playing either of the sports.

Gym Facilities

Thapar University makes sure it offers gym equipment to its alumni. Therefore, students can keep themselves physically and mentally fit too. Besides that, they can also spend their free time relaxing in the gym.

Hostel Food

Thapar Institute of Engineering & Technology has high healthcare measures. Hence, they make sure food is prepared and served in a hygienic and clean environment. They cater to every need of their alumni with the best hygienic food methods. Therefore, students find the food items edible and safe.

The Placement Cell

Thapar University has a separate student placement cell. The Thapar University placement cell arranges activities supporting the overall development of students. Besides that, the cell also organizes job interviews for the final year students. It makes sure it arranges interviews with corporate companies like:

  • Infosys
  • Oracle
  • Wipro
  • Microsoft, etc.

The Frequently Asked Questions of Thapar University (FAQs):

What are the fees of Thapar?

The course fee varies from one another. Here is the fee structure of the following courses:-

  • Bachelor of Engineering (BE) – 5,97,7,43 for 3 years
  • BTech- 7,35,400 for 4 years
  • Master of Engineering (ME)- 1,96,640 (2 years)
  • MTech- 1,96,640 (2 years)

Is Thapar University good for engineering?

Thapar University also makes sure it sustains its high academic and teaching standards. It also makes sure students get big job offers with its training centre for student placement. Therefore, students can develop some qualities that match a large number of company’s requirements.

Is Thapar better than VIT?

Thapar University turns out to be better than VIT in terms of:

  • Exceptional placement records
  • The best faculty members and
  • Appreciable International Rankings
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