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About INDIAN INSTITUTE OF SCIENCE EDUCATION & RESEARCH, Tirupati Facts & Figures, Rankings & More

IISER Tirupati was started by the Government of India with the vision of establishing it as a premier institute, driven by technology leading in research and Basic Sciences. The institute’s permanent campus is yet to be fully completed; however, major facilities are already developed and operated. The Mission of IISER Tirupati is to establish a world-class education for the Basic Sciences system and be part of the IISER chain. Presently, the institute offers three programs in the field of Basic Sciences with the aim of bringing up more relevant courses in the near future.


The institute is presently situated at a temporary campus ( transit campus). The temporary campus is at Sree Rama education society, also referred to as Sree Rama engineering college. The campus, despite being temporary, is in no shortage of required facilities. The temporary campus houses facilities like Hostel, Library, free Wi-Fi, mess, labs, etc. The completion of the permanent campus is still due. However, the college is operating from what is available. The newly completed buildings of the permanent campus are enough to house the first two batches of students of BS MS. Moreover the new campus has facilities like a guest house, health center, canteen hostel among others.

The nearest airport (Tirupati international airport) is 12 KM away; one can easily take a cab from the airport and reach the campus. . Furthermore, the nearest railway station is Tirupati railway station; one can take a cab or rickshaw to the institute after reaching the station.

Courses and Programs

The institute has a sum total of six departments, namely the department of biology, department of chemistry, department of earth and climate science, department of mathematics, department of physics, and department of humanities & social sciences. More than twelve courses are offered across these departments. The faculty is highly intelligible and knowledgeable. The course available across the departments of IISER Tirupati are as follows.

Integrated BS and MS course: Courses in Bachelor of sciences and masters of sciences in four major streams of science. The total time for the course is 3+2 = 5 years.

Integrated Master and Ph.D.: 2 years of Ph.D. and four years of Ph.D. clubbed together.

Ph.D.: 4 years of Ph.D. in any among four-stream.


Veekshana is an initiative by IISER Tirupati which primarily focuses on empowering women at the institute. Fellow Scientists and researchers come together and work, network, and guide newcomers to the field. The major goals of Veekshana are to provide networking opportunities to females, create a sense of gender equality among students, organize seminars and consult students about their career path.


  • Year of Establishment: 2015
  • University Address: Karakambadi Rd, Rami Reddy Nagar, Mangalam Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh 517507
  • Chancellor: K N Ganesh
  • University Type: Publis Research Institute
  • Approved by: MHRD
  • Number of Courses Offered: 3 degrees are offered in more than 12+ specializations
  • Admission Criteria: Merit and Entrance based
  • Degrees Offered: UG Integrated, PG and Ph.D
  • Mode of Education: Fulltime
  • Total No of Seats: 181

INDIAN INSTITUTE OF SCIENCE EDUCATION & RESEARCH, Tirupati Rankings (International & National)

The ranking methodology of an institute is a rigorous process; various factors at play are taken into account for the ranking. The institute is fairly new, it operates from a transit campus as of now. Therefore the availability of proper data holds it from securing a rank.



The institute came into existence as a bill was passed to build three institutes in Tirupati. Namely, the institutes bound to be build to full potential are IIT Tirupati, IISER Tirupati, and IIM Tirupati. IIT Tirupati was flagged a goto by Union Minister Smriti Irani when she laid the foundation stone in 2015. The institute though quite new, started immediately after its establishment from a temporary campus as Sree Rama Educational Society, Tirupati. Furthermore, the institute was due to move to its permanent campus in few years; expectations were by 2020 however, due to the Covid-19 outbreak, things got delay. IISER Tirupati is still working at its transit campus and also at its permanent campus where there is no shortage of facilities for students.


Infrastructure directly in one glance shows the capability of a college. Proper infrastructure coupled with adequate staff and teaching faculty is the go-to requirement for a student. Moreover, quality education and holistic learning can become possible only through the ample availability of infrastructure and facilities. Colleges with proper infrastructure contribute directly and indirectly to the overall development of a graduate. The infrastructure available at IISER Tirupati is basic as well as advanced. The infrastructure available at the college is as follows.


The library at IISER Tirupati has 7580 Print Books, 2000 E-journals,47 Print Journals, Four Bibliographic Databases. Furthermore, the library is accessible to all students, faculty members, and staff. Furthermore, the library has subscriptions to e-sodh Sindhu and operates on open-source Koha software.

 Research facilities

Proper research facilities are the go-to requirement for a Basic Science student. The good news is IISER Tirupati has ample research facilities available in the fields of biology, physics, and chemistry. Some of the available equipment is below.

Physics Department: Plasma Asher, Inverted fluorescent microscope, Thermal evaporator,picoammeter.

Chemistry department: Flash chromatography, Atomic force microscopy, Rheometer, CD spectrometer.

Biology Department: RT-PCR 2, BD FACS celesta, Liquid Chromatography-Mass spectrometry.

These are namely some of the available research facilities available there are much more available at the college.

 Computer Lab

The computer lab of IISER Tirupati has quite many capable systems available readily for the students. Furthermore, a proper air condition facility at the lab is available.

 Hostel and Canteen

Separate residences are available for girls and boys. Presently, four hostels with 148 rooms are available with proper furniture and fittings. Clean drinking water, washing machine, and hot water for bathing are also available at the hostels. Moreover, each hostel has spaces for dining, indoor games, and gym activities. The mess food is good like any other college, and students can even request the mess committee for changes to the menu.


Sports facilities like cricket and football playground are available at the campus moreover a basketball court a table tennis indoor space is also available.

Health care

The health center at IISER Tirupati has a full-time Nurse, a visiting doctor, and an in-charge. There is also an ambulance available for emergencies.

Frequently Asked Questions about the INDIAN INSTITUTE OF SCIENCE EDUCATION & RESEARCH, Tirupati (FAQs)

How can I reach Tirupati IISER?

The nearest airport (Tirupati international airport) is 12 KM away; one can easily take a cab from the airport and reach the campus. Furthermore, the nearest railway station is Tirupati railway station; one can take a cab or rickshaw to the institute after reaching the station.



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