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Indian Institute of Science Education & Research - [IISER-B], Bhopal

Facts & Figures, Rankings, Affiliated Colleges & more

Facts & Figures, Rankings, History & more

About Indian Institute Of Science Education & Research, Bhopal Facts & Figures, Rankings & More

IISER B, also known as the Indian Institute of Science and Research, is a public research institute of immense value. It was established in the year 2008. The foundation stone was laid by Human Resource Development Minister late. Shri Arjun Singh. The institute is a part of IISER (Indian Institute of Science and Education Research), an initiative by the MHRD. IISER Bhopal presently is a proud sharer of the title with six other IISERs within the country. Most graduating students at IISER Bhopal chooses either to pursue higher education or seeks placements.


The campus is full of lush greenery and sits by a hillside. It houses academic complexes, Residential Houses, and sports arenas, among others. The total campus area is about 200 acres. The campus is at least 20 km away from the nearest railway stations and 20 minutes away from the airport. One needs to take a cab to reach the campus either from the airport or from any of the two nearest railway stations.

Courses and Programs

The institute has a sum total of ten departments. Thirty-one courses are offered across these departments. The faculty is highly intelligible and knowledgeable. 96% of the faculty of IISER Bhopal is Ph.D. Moreover, four types of courses are available, which include Bachelors of Science, integrated program for bachelors and Master of Science, integrated Ph.D. program, and normal master and PhD program. The course available across the departments of IISER B are as follows.

Bachelors Courses: Chemical Engineering, Electrical Engineering & Computer Science, Economic Sciences, and Data Science Engineering.

Masters and Bachelors Courses Dual Degree and Ph.D.: Biological Science, Chemistry, Earth and Environment Sciences, Humanities and Social Sciences (only Ph.D.), Mathematics, Physics, Chemical Engineering, Electrical Engineering & Computer Science, Economic Sciences and Data Science Engineering.

Integrated PhD: Chemistry, Mathematics, and Physics.

Facts & Figures about the Indian Institute Of Science Education & Research, Bhopal

  • Year of Establishment: 2008
  • University Address: Bhopal Bypass Rd, Bhauri, Madhya Pradesh 462066, India
  • Chancellor: Siva Umapathy is present Director
  • University Type: Public Research University
  • Approved by: MHRD is a parent institution.
  • Number of Courses Offered: 31
  • Admission Criteria: Entrance and Merit
  • Degrees Offered: UG, PG, Ph.D., and Integrated Ph.D.
  • Mode of Education: fulltime
  • Total No of Seats: 1518


Rank  Year Ranked for Ranked by
B 2020 Top Public Funded Institutions ARIIA
901-1000 2020 World ARWU
10-15 2020 National/Regional ARWU
801-900 2019 World ARWU
9-10 2019 National/Regional ARWU
801-1000 2021 World The Week
37 2019 India NIRF
40 2020 India NIRF

History of the Indian Institute Of Science Education & Research, Bhopal

Indian Institute of Science Education & Research, Bhopal, was established in the year 2008 as per the Guidelines of Indian Institutes of Science Education and Research (IISER) developed by the MHRD (Ministry of Human Resource Development). The institute was set up to provide collegiate education in the field of basic sciences. IISERs, however received their formal recognition in 2010 when the Government passed in the parliament an amendment in 2010 in the act of National Institute of Technology 2007. In its thirteen years of operation, the institute has developed numerous course programs and infra to support and expand its vision.

Infrastructure at the Indian Institute Of Science Education & Research, Bhopal

The infrastructure of an institute shows the overall ability of an Institute at a glance. Therefore the Infrastructure of IISER B is given below in detail. The college has its own library, sports arenas, and guest houses, among many other facilities.

Central Library

The library at IISER Bhopal houses as many as 10000 books. Furthermore, most of the books are a huge collection of basic science-related.

The library also houses documents, articles, magazines, encyclopedias, and non-science books.The library is modern; thus, it uses Web OPAC technology and KOHA library management software.Likewise, services available at the library are book loans, document delivery, and SDI and CAS services.

Additionally, the library also owns subscriptions to score scientific journals. Moreover, 120 computers are ready to use at the institute.

Health Centre

A wide number of healthcare facilitators like Doctors, Nurses are available 24*7 to take care of emergency and non-emergency situations.

Emergency services are available at the health care center always and throughout. Moreover, an automatic defibrillator is also available to deal with emergency situations.

Routine OPD services are also available in campus health care centers.


Presently sum total of six hostel houses the students at the campus. Among the seven hostels, two hostels are for girls and the rest for boys. Additionally, four dining halls are available on campus. The inhabitants of the hostel are to follow guidelines always.


A sport council functions as the major lifter of sports at IISER B. Therefore, it organizes sporting events and meets over time. Students keep physically fit at IISER B as they get access to numerous sporting facilities available throughout the campus.

Playgrounds for football, cricket, kho-kho, kabaddi, and volleyball are readily available at the institute. Furthermore, courts for sports like badminton, lawn tennis are also available. Additionally, indoor games like carom and chess are also available. That is not all separate Gym’s for boys and girls are also available. Additionally, daily yoga sessions are also available around the year.

Other Facilities

ATA (any time auto) transportation facility is available at the campus. Under this facility, students can make requests for transportation from third-party private transport agencies. A visitor’s hostel for visiting guests is also available at the campus. Security and safety measures are notable as well.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Indian Institute Of Science Education & Research, Bhopal (FAQs)

Is  IISER Bhopal  good?

 IISER Bhopal  has Alumni working in the best organizations in the world. There is an active placement cell, and the campus of IISER Bhopal is among the most beautiful campuses in entire India. The quality of experience at IISER Bhopal is not only limited to studies but also to mental and physical wellness; the college organizes sports and urges Yoga and physical fitness. Moreover, IISER B is a mentor to new IISER’s and has MOU’s with major organizations of the world. ALL these combined makes IISER Bhopal pretty good.

Does  IISER Bhopal  have good placements?

Past recruiters of ISSERB were Excel Instruments,, Elucidate, Unilever, Avanti learning, and Nucleome Informatics, among others. Furthermore, the placement cell at IISER B is the only properly functioning placement cell among all IISER’s. Moreover, internships at IISER B are not only national but also international. However, proper placement records are not publicly available.

Is  IISER Bhopal  good for chemistry courses?

It is among the best institute for basic Sciences in India and has MOU’s with colleges like Harvard and Ecole Polytechnic France. The institute also has quality faculty. Therefore it can be summed the courses on chemistry are also up-to-the-mark.



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