M.Voc is the abbreviation of Master’s in Vocation, it is a two-year post-graduate course. Vocation is simply synonymous with talent, trade and opportunity. But in order to sum up Master’s invocation as a course, it is referred to as a course that provides specializations in various courses and fields. Some common fields under which M.Voc provides specializations are Banking & Finance, Trading & finance, Marketing management, Mass Communication, Journalism and mass media, Photography, Travel & Tourism, Interior design, medical lab technology, Agriculture, Apparel Design, Product Design, Jewellery design, Beauty therapy and aesthetics, Textile design and Radio production.

Also and the main focus of the course is to induce the students with the skill set that is necessary for the future.

Table of Contents

M.Voc Specializations

  • Design
  • Hospitality
  • Medicine and healthcare
  • Marketing
  • Media
  • Software

These fields show signs of high competence and scope in the coming years. And have also proved to have shown certain levels of emerging characteristics in the past few years making them emerging sectors. These fields need personals who show competence, efficiency, adaptability and fast learning aspects in their skills sets and M.Voc courses provide them. M.Voc courses are designed in a way to induce practical knowledge upon their students and provide a communicative and interactive way of learning. Therefore trying to simulate the real-world environment and scenarios which help the students. Also to understand the aspects and elements of the subject in a better way.

How to Pursue M.Voc?

In order to pursue M.Voc, a candidate must have completed Bachelor’s in Vocation as their undergraduate course. And must also have scored more than 50% as aggregate marks during their final semester examinations, that is exit examinations. Then to pursue an M.Voc course in any specialisation the candidate must have to attend the entrance examinations conducted by the particular college that they desire to join and must secure the cut-off marks that make them eligible for the course.

And apart from that, to join the Bachelor’s degree the candidate must have completed their 12th board examinations with more than 50% aggregate marks without any arrears. The fee structure for any M.Voc course entirely depends upon the particular college or university. And in most cases, government colleges charge less fees compared to private colleges.

Average Fee for M.Voc

  • Government colleges – 3.5 lakhs
  • Private colleges (Self-finance) – 5 lakhs

This is the basic difference between government and private colleges in the nation.

An M.Voc graduate has a wide aspect when it comes to choosing his/her career. Since M.Voc’s have a wider range of specializations to choose from. It makes it much more crucial for the candidate to choose a specialization that he/she is interested in. Because the specialization will eventually form their career and then their job opportunities also align on the basis of their specializations.

  • Manager – ₹ 4 lakhs P.A
  • Executive manager – ₹ 4.5 lakhs P.A
  • Technician – ₹ 2 lakhs P.A
  • Junior assistant – ₹ 1 lakh P.A

All About M.Voc:

DURATION (M.Voc) 2 years
ELIGIBILITY 12TH pass/ B. Voc graduate
COURSE LEVEL Postgraduate
FEE 4 to 5 lakhs
FULL FORM Master’s in Vocation
Avg. PLACEMENT PACKAGE 3 to 4 lakhs per annum
Avg. CUT OFF More than 50% aggregate in both 12th board examinations, and UG end semester examinations.

Eligibility Criteria for M.Voc

The eligibility criteria for M.Voc courses are as liner and simple as any other normal course in the nation. M.Voc course demands the candidate to have passed their 12th board examinations with more than 50% aggregate marks, and without any setbacks or arrears.

Although M.Voc courses are widely recognised throughout the nation, and that the admissions for these courses have been increasing constantly over the years. The admission/eligibility criteria differ from college to college. And since there is no autonomous governing body for those who have completed their M.Voc courses like there in professional courses like Engineering and MBBS, there is no singular or linear chain of command. In some cases, colleges might ask the candidate to write the entrance exam conducted by the particular college, whereas in some cases the college won’t demand the candidate to write the entrance examination. Therefore, we could say that M.Voc courses do not have a singular method of admission or eligibility criteria. It also projects the fact that there is a vast number of specialisations under the M.Voc course.

Mentioned below are some of the commonly opted specialisations under M.Voc.

  • Tourism and management in M.Voc
  • Fashion designing in M.Voc
  • Information technology in M.Voc
  • Renewable energy in M.Voc
  • Automobile in M.Voc
  • Food processing and preservation in M.Voc
  • Apparel design in M.Voc
  • Dairy technology in M.Voc
  • Radio production in M.Voc
  • Product design in M.Voc
  • Hotel management in M.Voc
  • Banking and finance in M.Voc
  • Modern office practice in M.Voc
  • Textile design in M.Voc
  • Digital media and animation in M.Voc
  • Jewellery design in M.Voc

Entrance Exams for M.Voc

There are a vast number of colleges and universities that provide the M.Voc course. Hence, there are a lot of entrance examinations that students/candidates must prepare themselves for namely, CUSAT (Cochin university of science and technology), CAT (Common admission test), MHT CET (Maharashtra common entrance test), IPU CET (Indraprastha university common entrance test) and CUCET (Central universities common entrance test).

These entrance examinations are computer-based, multiple-choice-question examinations that cover all the basic portions from the previous course/degree. These examinations act as a gate to let in all the eligible candidates.

M.Voc Fees Structure

College/University Type Average Fees
Central Universities 10000
Private Universities 15000
Deemed/Deemed to be Universities 40000
State Universities 30000
Private Colleges 20000
Government Colleges 5000
Institutes of National Importance 10000

M.Voc Admission Process:

The admissions process differs from one institute to the next. Some colleges are known to use a merit-based admissions system. Other institutions are known to use a direct admissions system. Candidates applying for admission through the Community college OEE 2021 can submit an application at the Campus Common Entrance Platform’s official website and upload their required documents there. Offline submission of the necessary documents or application form is not essential. IGNOU University enrolment are held twice a year, in January and July, and yet are primarily based on the overall increase obtained by applicants in their minimum eligibility degree.

M.Voc also has a very similar admission process compared to another conventional course in the country. And like most of the courses, M.Voc providing colleges/universities conduct entrance examinations that help the college segregate the eligible candidates from the group of applied candidates.

Admission process in detail:

To explain the admission process in detail, we need to first understand the workings of the various educational institutes that provide M.Voc courses in the nation. The various institutes that provide M.Voc courses are only a handful, from this factual statement we can understand that there are only few colleges that provide M.Voc courses in a higher standard. These colleges that provide the M.Voc courses in higher standard partake in the process conducting entrance examinations for their candidates.

For instance, educational institutes like Amity university conduct their own entrance examinations that allow them to segregate the list of candidates that have applied for M.Voc courses provided there. And these entrance examinations prepared by the university management, mostly by the teaching staffs in the university. Then these entrance examinations conducted at a predetermined date, where candidates can come attend the exam or in some cases the educational institutes assign various exam centres across the country to ease the process for the candidates who reside far away from the institutes that conduct the particular entrance examination.

Eligibility for M.Voc

  • Passing of the 12th exit examinations with more than 50% aggregate marks, without arrears.
  • Passing the entrance examinations of B. Voc course conducted by the respective educational institutes.
  • Passing the exit examinations of B. Voc with more than 50% aggregate marks, without arrears.
  • Clearing the entrance examinations of M.Voc courses conducted by the respective educational institutes.

Entrance Examinations for M.Voc

Entrance examinations are a part of every course that are being taught in almost all the colleges in the nation. These entrance examinations are conducted both by the respective educational institutes or by an autonomous educational body that regulates, monitors and follows the actions of all the colleges/universities under its direct supervision. These entrance examinations are mainly conducted to segregate the number of applied candidates to the ones that are eligible to pursue the M.Voc course or any course.


CUSAT CAT is an entrance exam which is conducted by the Cochin University of Science and Technology. This entrance exam in conducted once a year, mostly in the month of July when the new academic year commences. CUSAT CAT stands for Cochin University of Science and Technology Common Admission Test, this implies that CUSAT CAT is conducted exclusively for those candidates that wish to pursue M.Voc in the particular college. However, in this case, the CUSAT CAT is conducted to test the eligibility of candidates who have applied to various other courses in the particular college such as B. Tech, M. Tech, M. Phil, M.Voc, MCA, B. Sc, M. Sc, B.A. LLB and LLM. These are some of the various courses the Cochin University of Science and Technology provides to the desired candidates, who have cleared the entrance examinations.

The CUSAT CAT entrance examination has been conducted on a multiple-choice question basis. Where there are various answers given to the particular question from which the candidate has to select one. This is a three-hour examination which has purely online or computer-based where the questions are displayed on computer screen. And the candidates have to answer them via the computer. And unlike most entrance examinations, the CUSAT CAT has conducted on a two paper basis where the first paper has purely mathematics and the second paper focuses on chemistry and physics.

Exam syllabus: Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics

Validity: Cochin University of Science and Technology

Level of difficulty: Advanced


IPU CET is another entrance examination that is conducted by Indraprastha University on a yearly basis. This entrance exam has conducted mostly on the month of August when the next academic year for the university commences. IPU CET stands for Indraprastha University Common Entrance Test, this directly implies that the exam is conducted exclusively for those candidates that are willing to pursue their M.Voc course at Indraprastha University.

However, the Indraprastha University conducted the IPU CET also for its various other courses the university provides, like MCA, B. Tech and M. Tech for which the university is known for. The IPU CET is conducted for both under-graduate courses and post-graduate courses which are offered there. Apart from MCA, B. Tech and M. Tech the university provides courses like B. Pharm, BHMCT, B. Arch, MBBS, BDS, BAMS, BHMS, BA-LL. B, BBA-LL. B, BA, B.com, BCA, B. Voc, B. Ed and BJMC are some of the courses provided here.

And like most of the entrance examinations, the IPU CET is also conducted on a multiple-choice question basis where there are answer options given to a particular question and the candidate has to choose from the given set of options. In this case, negative marks are awarded to every wrong answer. This is an offline exam that is conducted for about three hours, and it is conducted in the universal language of English.

Exam syllabus: English, Mathematics, Science (biology, chemistry and physics)

Validity: Indraprastha University

Level of difficulty: Advanced


CUCET is another common entrance examination that is conducted by the Central University of Rajasthan. This particular entrance examination conducted once a year during the first week of August, it has the time when the next academic year commences in the college. CUCET the abbreviation for Central Universities Common Entrance Test, which is conducted in unison by 14 central universities of the nation. This entrance unlike other accepted by various other colleges and universities around the nation, because of the fact that this entrance exam conducted by 14 different central colleges, which makes it more valid than most of the entrance exam conducted by the nation for M.Voc courses.

CUCET 2021 has a combined national-level entrance exam for aspirants interested in pursuing undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral degrees at the central universities. After passing this exam, students can apply for enrollment at 14 central universities and four state colleges. The Central University of Rajasthan conducts the CUCET every year. The CUCET 2021 application process must be completed by candidates in terms of the ability to sit and for exams.


The examination will be a purely offline based examination that would use the pen and paper format. And this exam duration would be of two hours, and like most of the entrance examinations conducted by various educational institutes, this would also follow the format of multiple-choice question format. This exam would also consist of hundred questions from various subjects like English language, General awareness, Mathematical aptitude and Analytical skills and also Domain knowledge, which consists of 25 and 75 marks each. However, the course syllabus would drastically change for both under-graduate course and post-graduate courses, especially during the entrance examinations.

Exam syllabus: Mathematics, English, Physics, Chemistry and Biology

Validity: Valid in all nationalised colleges throughout the country

Level of difficulty: Advanced

List of Top Specialisations for M.Voc

When it comes to M.Voc courses, there are various specialisations that the course has to offer. This course is concerned with implying skills that are necessary for the students to negotiate their way of work when it comes to real-world scenarios. The M.Voc course mainly focuses on skill development, communication enhancement, development of practical knowledge and skills and also various other soft skills that are crucial for the said course and the work environment.

Students who would like to develop useful knowledge rather than theoretical knowledge enrol in vocational courses. After class 10+2, many students pursue vocational courses in photography, music, baking, food production, software development, and other fields.

Certificate in Vocational Courses, Diploma in Vocational Courses, Undergraduate Vocational Courses, and Postgraduate Vocational Courses are all examples of vocational courses offered at different levels. Admissions to vocational courses are based on merit, usually based on grades from high school or college, depending on the course.


The M.Voc course is suitable for those candidates who wish to pursue a career in various professional courses such as fashion designing, media and mass communication, which are considered to be some among the blooming courses/fields in the nation. These courses are also suitable for those who have a futuristic thinking with them, as this course also focuses on developing humane skills that allow the candidates to enhance their livelihood and those surrounding them in a better way.

M.Voc in Import & Export Management:

M.Voc in Import and export management has the most common specialisation that is opted by the student community for its international applicability and usage. Import and export mainly consists of bringing in goods and services from other countries and also sending out goods and services from our country to other countries. M.Voc in import and export management provides the various skills and knowledge that has required for someone to carry out this tedious process in an efficient way compared those who haven’t had any exposure in the field of import and export management.

The M.Voc course specialising in import and export management focuses on implying it candidates with real-life situations that allow them to understand the concept in a visual and practical way. This way of teaching that has predominantly followed in M.Voc makes it one of the blooming courses in the nation and also in the world.

Specialised subjects: Management, Accounting, Commerce relating to import and export

Average fees: 2 lakhs per annum

Types of jobs: Manager, Executive Manager and Supervisor

Average salary: 4 lakhs per annum

M.Voc in Interior Design:

M.Voc in Interior design is yet another commonly chosen specialisation that is opted by the student community for its wide range of applicability and wider usage. Since the fashion industry has been on the rise for more than a decade now, the interior design sub-branch of the fashion industry has also seen wide acceptability in itself and from the general public. The interior design department mainly focuses on the designing of the interiors of houses and office premises, and not just house and office premises because there are a lot of other facilities that require interior designing and all of them require good and creative interior designers who can complete the given task.

M.Voc in interior designing mainly focuses on imparting the necessary skills that are required for the candidates to carry out the given task. Creativity, futuristic thinking, adaptability and spontaneity are some of the common skills and qualities that are required for interior designing, so the M.Voc courses focus on teaching such skills to its candidates.

Specialised subjects: Fashion designing and Interior decoration management

Average fees: 2 lakhs per annum

Types of jobs: Interior designer

Average salary: 5 to 10 lakhs per annum

M.Voc in Travel and Tourism:

M.Voc in travel and tourism is also another commonly chosen specialisation from the broader range of M.Voc courses that are provided in various colleges/universities around the nation. Travel and tourism are some of the major incomes for nations like India and some secular parts of the country survive completely on incomes from tourism. While there are various places in the nation that are travel and tourism worthy, there are only few experts who are capable of managing and making a profit out of the given space. M.Voc in travel and tourism teaches all the essential skills required for candidates to perform the required acts that help turn revenue out of travel and tourism.

While there are only few educational institutes that teach travel and tourism specialisation when in comes to M.Voc. But due to the recent boom in travel and tourism and given the factual existence of the novel covid 19 virus, proper management in travel and tourism is more necessary now than ever. This is to turn revenue and rejuvenate the existing tourism spots in the nation.

Specialised subjects: Travel and tourism management, Accounting and Finance

Average fees: 3 lakhs per annum

Types of jobs: Manager, Executive manager and Travel agent supervisor

Average salary: 10 lakhs per annum

M.Voc in Journalism and mass communication:

M.Voc in journalism and mass communication has been one of the most consistent specialisations in the brand of vocation. Journalism and mass communication predominantly focuses on the skills that are required for journalism and mass communication such as flawless communication, written knowledge in the respective language, spontaneity and high knowledge in research skills.

M.Voc focuses on teaching all these skills to its students in a practical way that allows them to understand the concept better and work on it themselves. This in turn allows the candidates to explore and learn more about the respective subjects and allow them to flourish more in ways which would make them a better fit in the real world.

M.Voc also takes a very modern approach towards its syllabus that are fit and in cohesion with the real world, and the syllabus is constantly changed and updated to match the happenings of the world. All these aspects provided in M.Voc courses allow the candidates to be in sync with the actual scenarios.

Specialised subject: Communications and Soft skills

Average fees: 2 lakhs per annum

Types of jobs: Journalist and Executive manager in journal firms

Average salary: 5 to 10 lakhs per annum

M.Voc in Agriculture:

M.Voc in agriculture has always been a very useful and in trend course that has produced more graduates in a year than any other specialisation in M.Voc. Agriculture has been the backbone of our nation, and it has been the case for more than a hundred years. And since our country’s aesthetics best suit agriculture, it is one of the predominant sources of income for the nation. Although our country has been practising farming for more than a thousand years, the world around has improved technologically and we are lagging behind in the technological department.

M.Voc courses allow the candidates to learn the modern ways of agriculture and let them use it for the betterment of the nation. M.Voc in agriculture mainly focuses on the various aspects of agriculture, such as physical practising, implementation of technologies, efficient farming and various other forms of farming that have been implemented in various parts of the world.

Therefore, we can conclude that M.Voc in agriculture is one the commonly chosen specialisation in M.Voc and it will remain to be so until the time we consider farming to be the only back bone of the nation.

Specialised subject: Farming, Technological farming and Innovative farming

Average fees: 2 lakhs per annum

Types of jobs: Farmer and Farming consultant

Average salary: 10 lakhs per annum

Subjects & Syllabus for M.Voc in India

M.Voc has a two-year course that focuses more in the practical side of learning, with a modern approach. Also towards teaching and more case study related methods of learnings the syllabus has constantly been updated and configured.

M.Voc’s syllabus also regularly updates which makes it one of the in-trend courses in the nation. It also enables the students to be in reliance on what is happening around them, which eventually imparts them with all the skill sets that is necessary for them to endure the real world. M.Voc courses also emphasise the planning process that enable the students to plan their future works and formulate themselves with all the required skills which would be of greater use and return. But given the fact that there various specializations in the given course, there are numerous syllabus which have to be kept in check on a regular basis. Since there are no autonomous governing bodies that supervise all the specialization of the M.Voc courses, it does not have a constant change and it differs from institute to institute.

  • 1st semester Communication skills development, Human resource management, Experiential learning and Legal environment of business
  • 2nd semester Human rights, Language skills, Environmental studies, Industry assessment, Seminar and Presentation
  • 3rd semester Research methodology, Technical hands-on training lab, Corporate communication, Teaching methodology, Enterprise management and growth
  • 4th semester Internship, Report work and publication, Seminar and Project

Skills required for M.Voc in India

The ability to use one’s given knowledge and apply it to situations necessary can be considered skills. Any job, work, talent and studies require skills that will enhance their already existing knowledge. Skills are required in almost every aspect of life and we need the right skills to enhance what we have in us and to exploit ourselves in ways that would help us reach more heights.

However, every course requires a different aspect or a different skill in order to enhance the ourselves in accordance with the matter of subject that has being taught. This development of skills that has in accordance with the respective subject will allow us to gain more knowledge and more value towards the subject in ways which would eventually be of greater use to us. Skills also allow to sell ourselves in the market for a greater value, because people hired for their skills which would yield our employer more return than recruiting a person who doesn’t possess the necessary skills required for the job. Therefore, we can conclude that skills are necessary for almost any aspect of life, let alone for something like an M.Voc course which would be a greater part in someone’s life if endured in the right way.

Communication skills:

Communication skills can be considered one of the necessary skills when it comes to pursuing M.Voc. Communication is the process of expressing our ideas, thoughts, emotions, wants and needs to the other person or to a group of people in an effective way. Effective communication is an important element when it comes to M.Voc as it enables the student candidate to ensure that their ideas and thoughts are effectively communicated to the right person.

Computer skills:

Computers and technology have become an integral part of our lives, and not a day goes by without the participation of technology in our lives. And learning computer skills would be of great benefit when it comes to the modern world and especially M.Voc. Computers are the brainchild of technology and without them, we would be left far behind in almost all aspects of our lives, right from communication, sharing information, monetary transactions, livelihood and much more.

Organisation skills:

The art of organising something has a skill, and it should be considered an important factor when it comes to learning M.Voc. Since the subject in itself has vast and has lots of information that can be learned, one must organise all the aspects that they want to learn and know from the particular subject. Organising helps the person to use their time in a much more efficient way and also allows them to learn more. This basic skill can help someone from knowing nothing to becoming a genius if the proper time has given. This also allows the particular person to reach his/her goals in the speculated time and therefore be considered of great use.

Time Management Skills:

Time management skills are another aspect of organising skills, as time management skills primarily focus on organising time. Time is irrelevant, but we humans do not have the same opinion on time. When one might consider time to be a precious asset that should be used. The right way without wasting any, some might just take the aspect of time to be something of a burden. And that has why we consider time to be irrelevant. The irrelevance of time doesn’t affect the people who perceive it in a way that makes it another unimportant element, time doesn’t think the same way as it affects everyone in the same way and in the same manner.

Jobs after M.Voc in India

There are various fields providing a lot of opportunities for M.Voc graduates to find a suitable job for the skills and qualifications. Since the world in moving towards the trend of finding talents and skills rather than marks and merits, M.Voc graduates have a lot more chance of finding their desired job now than ever, which makes this current time a golden era for those who have talent and relatable skill. This is the current scenario of the M.Voc graduates, and also given the fact that there are lots of various emerging and blooming fields, there are various job opportunities now.

Job name Average pay (Annually)

Software trainer 5 to 6 lakhs

Executive officer 5 lakhs

Manager 10 lakhs

Administrative officer 8 lakhs

Academic director 10 lakhs

Job name Average pay (annually)

Software trainer 5 to 6 lakhs

Executive officer 5 lakhs

Manager 10 lakhs

Administrative officer 8 lakhs

Academic director 10 lakhs

Regional sales manager 6 lakhs

Assistant professor 4 lakhs

Top Employers for M.Voc

Given the fact that there are various fields in the M.Voc course, it naturally gives the chance for its candidates to ensure there are a lot of employment opportunities. For instance, there is a specialisation called Travel & Tourism which mainly focuses on the travel and tourism part of the work, and under that, there are various other fields like Managing, Executive managing an Executive officer. All these job descriptions fall under the same specialisation of the course. And all these cater to one single need, that is the satisfaction of the customer.

Therefore, from the above mentioned statements we ensure that M.Voc graduates have a solid chance. And to getting recruited for their specialization under the specialized field during almost any time of the economy.

  • Fabriclore ratild Pvt Ltd – Associate fashion designer
  • Success career solutions – flight attendant, Staff fresher
  • Fabien Charuau – Studio manager
  • Professional grooming atelier – Beautician
  • Nishigandha laws and convention centre – Banquet manager
  • Lorral and Lovely – Beautician
  • Hayomi designs – Fashion designer
  • Veahsi solutions – Staff fresher
  • Beauty salon – Beautician
  • Smile please photographs – Photographer

Top M.Voc Colleges in India

Arch college of design & business, Jaipur. 57

Jyoti Nivas College, Bangalore. 88

Loyola College, Chennai. 42

National PG College, Lucknow. 99

Poddar Group of Institutions, Jaipur. 53

Kanya Maha Vidyalaya, Jalandhar. 90

Top M.Voc Universities in India

Jagannath University, Jaipur. 587

Bhartiya University, Jaipur. 875

Amity University, Noida. 411

LPU, Punjab. 740

S.R.M University, Chennai. 522

Cochin University of Science & Technology, Cochin. 410

Frequently asked questions on M.Voc (FAQs)

What is the eligibility for studying M.Voc in India?

For pursuing M.Voc in India, one must complete the 12th grade with more than 50% as the aggregate marks. Then after the completion of the 12th grade, he/she must have completed Bachelors in Vocation and after the completion of the Bachelor’s degree in Vocation, they are eligible for pursuing the Masters in Vocation.

Candidates may also have to go through some entrance exams like CUSAT (Cochin university of science and technology), CAT (Common admission test), MHT CET (Maharashtra common entrance test), IPU CET (Indraprastha university common entrance test) and CUCET (Central universities common entrance test).

What are the job opportunities after M.Voc?

Job opportunities after the completion of M.Voc are vast, just like the salary and scope of the said course. Since the course has a lot of specifications to which it caters, it makes a wider array of job opportunities for the M.Voc graduate to choose from.

There are wider areas where one could fine jobs after the completion of the M.Voc course, some areas would be Media industry, Hotel industry, Online industry such as software and web developing, Fashion industry and fashion technology related departments, Mass media industry, Creative industry such as creative writing and photography and also service industry like catering and much more. These are some of the common industries where M.Voc graduates are recruited and given decent jobs with decent pay.

  • Branch manager
  • Executive manager
  • Web developer
  • Software developer
  • Hotel management / caterer
  • Mass media and communications technician
  • Creative writer / photography / filmography
  • Entrepreneur

What is the salary after M.Voc?

Since the course has lots of specialisation, the salary depends on the specialisation and the experience of the employee. Also and like most of the job descriptions the salary is based on the experience and knowledge of the employee. While there are numerous specialisations under the course. There are only a few and a handful that provides with some decent amount of salary initially and compared to others. While all the specialisation and branches under the umbrella of M.Voc uphold some values and skills. The salary is based upon the employees’ talents. And their ability to learn newer things and adapt to them easily without any setbacks.

Administrative/ Office manager – 2.20 lakhs per annum

Program manager – 4 lakhs per annum

Director of institute – 5 lakhs per annum

Branch manager – 3.50 lakhs per annum

Assistant to the branch manager – 2.50 lakhs per annum.

What is the scope for M.Voc?

M.Voc is highly noted for it scope and the number of opportunities that it can produce for those who opt for it.

It has numerous branches within it such as agriculture, designing, animation, computer software development, Marketing and sales, banking and finance, photography, journalism and e-commerce and digital marketing. All these are part of the M.Voc course, and they are all structured.

What is M.Voc?

Vocation simply means trade or occupation and M.Voc stands for Master of Vocation. Master of Vocation is a postgraduate course that induces primary skills. That are necessary for the development of vocation education in India. However, the Master of Vocation course also focuses on teaching the skills that are required in running businesses. Therefore, it focuses on the practical side predominantly.

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