Kota is also known as the coaching hub of India. There is a large network of education institutions. Being the coaching hub, there has also been a demand for many universities. Therefore, it is a home for a large number of universities. Here, we discuss such universities in Kota with all the details needed. Some districts of Rajasthan did not have proper education facilities. Kota was also among those districts. Acknowledging the fact, the government of Rajasthan took many steps to open various universities in Kota. Some were also funded to a great extent. Due to such steps, now there are more than 90 universities in Kota offering graduate, post graduate and doctorate degrees.


Before 2000, Kota was handicapped in the domain of education. The education industry was not active and there was no revenue and development. Due to the boom in the coaching industry after 2000, universities in Kota also started flourishing. Many coaching centres started to be opened one by one. Students from all across India came to the Kota to take admission in such coaching. Catering to the needs of the students, the Government of Rajasthan soon realised the need of many engineering and medical universities in Kota. In 2006, the Rajasthan Government opened Rajasthan Technical University. Now, students found way too many courses offered by RTU. This step played a big role in the economic development of Rajasthan directly and indirectly.

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Also, these universities in Kota have all kinds of courses and facilities for the students. All have their own hostels and good infrastructure. Moreover, they are also improving their ranking year by year.

Due to the lack of educational infrastructure in Kota, the local students had to move out of their city to graduate themselves. Also, the local students did not have reach to their desired course due to the unavailability. Government of Rajasthan recognized the need and allowed many universities to have their campuses in Kota. Also, they were allowed to teach the courses other than the classical subjects. Automation and nanotechnology courses are now available in the universities in Kota. Students see this as a great opportunity for themselves. Now, they do not have to suffer even for the doctorate. Premier institutions like IIIT are also present here.

Many government universities run directly under the guidance of the government of Rajasthan. Governor of Rajasthan is the chancellor of many of such universities. University of Kota and Rajasthan Technical University are the prominent names among universities in Kota. Governor directly takes the ultimate decision of their administration.

Parameters for the top universities in Kota

Universities are given ranking on certain parameters. These parameters judge the overall performance and standing of a particular University. These parameters comprise of research activities, available learning resources, students’ outcomes and the academic perception. Research activities include the number of patents, publications and other useful published research papers. Research activities reflect the future scope of a university. Available learning resources depict the strength of the institution. Availability of a modern library, digital classroom, sufficient faculties and other assistance are needed for the growth of the particular University.

Students’ outcome after the completion of their respective coursework throws a light on the overall understanding of the curriculum. The number of students placed and going for higher studies are the deciding factors. Also, the success of the alumni of a particular university also makes a mark.

Perception about the university is also so important. The overall infrastructure including the incubation cell lead the employers and academic peers to evolve the perception towards a university

In ancient times, there were many universities. Some prominent names are Nalanda and Taxila. Those universities were present at that time to research in all the domains of societies. Scholars from all over the world used to come there. Those universities led the way towards research in ancient times. Nowadays, the government is also encouraging the opening of many universities all across India. Different types of courses have been introduced to match the footprints of global researchers. Moreover, the current level of education is not adequate to provide knowledge to every Indian teen.

Development of Kota through top universities in Kota-

Entrepreneurship and start-ups are the need for the development of any city or state. Kota is now devoid of any such development. Jaipur is going to be the next hub for start-ups, but Kota is still lacking. The reason behind such a scarcity was the lack of good colleges there. Entrepreneurship cell is now being made in all the colleges and universities in Kota. This is a way for the Kota students to lead into start-ups. The very large network of institutions can make it possible. Every institution is motivating such a step. The opening up of IIIT also ensures it the most. IIIT is a premiere institute there which has its own base of information technology in this time of digitalisation. IIIT has been made due to the large population of students in Kota coaching centres.

Some start-ups that have stepped onto the land of Kota are Edu Uncle, Eeki Foods and MedCords. These start-ups have initiated the gathering of entrepreneurial minds. In 2016, The Kota Start-up Fest took place to encourage the localities. It was the first initiative towards entrepreneurship. Some other fests are also in action here. All such small steps are necessary for Kota development.

How to choose colleges or universities in Kota- There is a long list of colleges offering bachelors in various domains and departments. They are all good in different aspects but students should be smart enough to get the best according to their needs. Following criteria must be considered by the students before enrolling into the college-

  • Placements- This is the foremost aspect which attracts the students towards it. Good placements are considered those in which big companies participate. Many colleges claim to have 100% placements but students should look for the bog companies that recruit from the college. Also, the placement statistics must be uniform over the years with the least uncertainty.
  • Faculty- The strength of the college is its faculties. Students must watch how many teachers are there for students in a particular college. Moreover, they also must seek for the admiral level of faculties of the particular college.
  • Reputation- Some colleges have a very good infrastructure and ratings but their reputation is not so good due to past experiences. Students should seek reputation before joining the course.
  • Affiliations- Colleges must be selected based on their affiliations To UGC or any other commission.
  • Review and ratings- There are many platforms which give the quality check of the colleges. On these platforms, the former or current students of the college give the ratings and reviews to the college so that peers can easily go through them. Students must take knowledge of it.
  • Infrastructure- This is the external beauty of the college. The extent of facilities depends directly on the infrastructure.
  • Alumni- These are the previous students of any college. The success of Alumni is directly correlated with the worth of the college. Students before getting admission in the college should go through the list of dignified alumni of the particular college. They can also get into touch with a few of them to have a crystal clear state of mind. This helps them in making decisions.

Eligibility to follow the bachelors is as follows-

  • Students should have completed 10+2 or its equivalent exam from a recognized board. Science, commerce and arts all the streams’ students are eligible.
  • Eligibility criteria depends on university . Usually, this is based on the grade obtained at 10+2 level. However, 50% is the general minimum percentage.
  • In India, different colleges conduct their entrance exam. Students can attempt these exams. Colleges make merit lists based on this exam. Then, students are enrolled into the course.

Eligibility to follow the masters is as follows- Student should have passed his graduation. He must also pass the qualifying examination for the desired universities in Kota. Students can follow the masters as the domain of their Bachelors.

Top Universities in Kota-

Universities are approved by many commissions present in India. UGC and AICTE are the major names. UGC stands for University Grant Commission whereas AICTE stands for All India Committee for Technicality Education. These affiliations promote colleges and universities in a broader way. They provide assistance, funding, resources, approvals and other benefits. In return, universities have to follow certain norms and regulations put by these commissions.

There are more than 80 universities in Kota. Some of them are among the topmost colleges of India. They also have a good NIRF ranking for 2020. Here, we deal with only top universities in Kota. Both private and government institutions have a dominance over the education domain. Some of the top universities in Kota are as follows:

University NameCourses OfferedExams Accepted
Rajasthan Technical UniversityB.Tech/MTech/MBA/PhDREAP/LEEP/CAM/RMAP/DAT
Career Point UniversityAll coursesAll exams
Indian Institute of Information TechnologyB.TechJEE/GATE
Modi Institute of TechnologyB.TechREAP/LEEP
Maharishi Arvind College of Engineering and TechnologyB.TechREAP
Government medical collegeMBBS/MD/MSNEET
Daswani Dental College and Research CentreBDS/MDSNEET
University of KotaAll coursesAll exams
Agriculture UniversityBSc/MSc/PhDJET
Vardhman Mahaveer Open UniversityAll coursesAll exams

Review of universities in Kota is as follows-

Rajasthan Technical university-

Rajasthan Technical University (RTU) is located in Kota, Rajasthan. It is one of the prestigious colleges of India. It was founded by the government of Rajasthan in 2006 to promote technical education in Rajasthan. It covers an area of approximately 400 acres and is situated on the Rawatbhata road. Many private and government colleges have been encouraged to come under the umbrella of Rajasthan Technical University. Kalraj Mishra, who is currently serving as the governor of Rajasthan is also the chancellor of RTU. RTU has been affiliated by AICTE(All India Council for Technical Education) to avail the best facilities.


Many types of colleges run currently under an umbrella of RTU. 68 engineering colleges are associated including the top colleges like Jaipur Engineering College and Research Centre. Besides, the colleges running under RTU also offer other courses such as B.Arch., MCA, MBA, MTech, M.Arch and hotel management. All the courses are being pursued by more than 1.5 lakh students.

RTU has numerous bodies which coordinate the admission process as follows:

  • B.Tech/B.Arch. admission- REAP(Rajasthan Engineering Admission Process) is the coordinating body for such admissions. Every year 12thpass or diploma students fill the application form. RTU one the basis of merit enrolls the students into their desired course.
  • Lateral entry- For diploma candidates, there is a provision of enrollment directly into the second year of engineering. For such enrollment, LEEP( Lateral Entry Engineering Program) is the coordinating body.
  • MTech/M.Arch admission- CAM(Centralized Admission for MTech/M.Arch) is the coordinating body for such courses. Currently, 12 programs are active for MTech. Students also get a stipend of INR 12,400 every month for 2 years. For such stipend, students must qualify GATE(Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering) Examination.
  • MBA admission- RMAP(Rajasthan Management Admission Test) is the coordinating body for such a program.
  • PhD admission- RTU DAT(RTU Doctoral Admission Test) is the coordinating body for this program.

University of Kota-

Rajasthan Government established this university in 2003. This university comes under the UGC Act,1956. More than 180 colleges run under the University of Kota. In such colleges, more than 2.25 lakh students are enrolled. These colleges are in six districts of Rajasthan. The names of these districts are Karauli, Baran, Jhalawar, Bundi, Kota and Sawai madhopur.


The courses offered here are Arts, Management, Commerce, Law, science and social science. The courses are MBA, MCA, LLM, M.Com, B.Sc., M.Sc., MA and diploma courses. Diploma courses are being offered in culture and history of Rajasthan. Doctorate courses are also available.


This university has already made many international and national collaborations to empower teaching and technology. This university is focusing towards the overall development of students. Many steps have been taken to promote the libraries and curriculum. Research is also under the focus of this university.

Agriculture University-

Agriculture University is one such good University in the field of Agriculture. It was established on 14th September,  2013. Currently 11 units are active under the jurisdiction of agriculture University. There are present many Krishi Vigyan Kendra operating in various districts. These are under agriculture University for the purpose of extension education. This is affiliated to ICAR. It is known as State University. It tops the list of universities in Kota.

It offers both bachelor and master courses. Honors in Bachelor of Science and Master of Science are the courses. Honors in Bachelor of Science is a 4 year full time on campus course. This course has total fees of approximately 3 lakhs. There are several departments for bachelor courses. Master of science is a 2 year full time on campus program. Total fees for this course are 50K. Also, there are several departments in the master course.

To get admission in this college, one has to fight the JET exam. JET stands for Joint Entrance Test. It is a state level entrance exam. It is also known as Rajasthan JET. This exam is conducted for entrance in various courses. Such courses are horticulture, agriculture, dairy technology, food technology and forestry fields.

Career Point University-

Career point has been the dominating centre in the coaching industry for two decades. It aims at providing a quality education to the various students irrespective of their background. The headquarters of Career point is located in Kota, Rajasthan. Towards achieving its objectives, Career Point also operates two universities located in Kota and Hamirpur. Institution in Kota was founded in 2012 and is spread over 50 acres. Also, the one in Hamirpur was established in the same year and is spread over 30 acres. This university is one of the best universities in Kota. It caters more than 200 courses in various streams. Some such streams are library, humanities, management, arts, science, commerce, information technology, teaching, engineering, physiology, social science, pharmacy and allied sciences. 12 departments are there in the career point university. All these departments handle all the above courses.

This university maintains itself in a good manner. It has large classrooms, furnished library, equipped labs, cafeteria and accommodation facility. The campus is totally Wi-Fi enabled. Besides, there are seminars and conference halls available. Sports ground is also there. The infrastructure of this university has been prepared in a manner to cater the students easily. Course fee here is different for different courses. On an average, 2-3 lakh is the average course fee. Some courses are cheaper having fees less than 1 lakh while other courses demand fees over 5 lakhs.

To cope up with the situation, universities provide assistance in the form of scholarships. Scholarships are given on the basis of merit or the marks obtained at 10+2 level. Scholarships and funding are of 3 types here. Scholarship 1 is given to the students based on the marks obtained in qualifying examination. 30% scholarship is given to the students obtaining more than 90% marks. 20% is given to those scoring 85 to 90% marks. Then 10% is for those having 75 to 85% marks. Further, 5% will be given to those having marks in the range 65 to 75%. Scholarship 2 is given to the Ex- Career Point students. Ex-students are those who took coaching from a career point before. Scholarship 2 is the additional scholarship which is 5%. Scholarship 3 is given to the students attempted CP STAR Scholarship Test. Up to 40% scholarship is given to the students based on their performance.

Coming to the scope, the placements of this university are quite satisfactory. The average package here is 2.5 lakh whereas the highest package offered is 12.5 lakh. Many good companies like HCL and TCS come here to place the students. Due to the availability of multiple courses, each kind of company visits here. Faculties are truly supportive here. All kinds of assistance can be taken here. They have good knowledge and experience in teaching.

Vardhman Mahaveer Open University-

Vardhman Mahaveer Open University is among one of the top universities in Kota. The previous name of this university was Kota Open University. It was renamed in 2002 but was founded in 1987. This university has many regional centres across various districts of Rajasthan. The names of such districts are Ajmer, Bikaner, Jaipur, Kota, Jodhpur, Udaipur and Bharatpur.


This university offers both bachelor and master courses. B.Ed. is one such course taught here. It takes its own entrance exam for the enrolment into the course. MCA and MBA are available as the option in master courses. For both these master courses, the university takes its own exam. Some other courses are also available ;like BA, BCom, BSc, BJ, BCA, BBA, MSc, MCom, MJ etc. The course fee is affordable. It provides good opportunities to the students.


Indian Institute of Information Technology (IIIT), KOTA-

IIIT Kota has not so many years in existence. It was established in 2013. It is the joint venture of both central and state governments. Currently, it is under the guidance of MNIT, Jaipur. This institute is of prime importance. It promotes information technology in Kota and also in  Rajasthan. It is based upon the PPP model. The campus spreads over 100 acres.


This college is a very good place to study. It has many facilities. The campus has staff clubs, community centre, playing fields, guest houses, canteen, post office etc. The library is very well developed and has a good stock of books. Approximately 1.5 lakh books are present here. This institute provides scholarships for financial assistance. The placement of this college is good enough. 90% of the students get placed. Average package of the students goes up to 13 lakhs. Highest package offered is 26 lakhs. Here, various internship offers are available. More than 40 companies visit here.


This college offers bachelor courses. Students are enrolled on merit basis. Merit is made on the basis of score in JEE Main. Here bachelor degree is offered in computer related branches. Those branches are computer science engineering, electronics and communication engineering. The eligibility criteria for this college are very tough. Students must pass 10+2 with at least 75% marks. Physics and Maths must be the compulsory subjects during 10+2.


Daswani Dental College and Research Centre-

This is one of the best colleges of Rajasthan. This is a private college. This college was established in 2008. It is affiliated to Rajasthan University of Health Sciences, Jaipur. It covers 2.5 lakh sq. feet area in Kota. Many of the NEET students aspire for this college. There are only dental courses present both at graduate and post graduate level. Admissions take place on the merit obtained in NEET examination. Bachelor courses such as Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) are provided. For master courses there are many choices available. Conservative dentistry, oral surgery, orthodontics and others are some such choices. It is one of the finest dental colleges among top universities in Kota.


Bachelor courses here are of 4 years duration. These courses are full time on campus. On the other hand, master courses are of 3 years duration. They are also full time on campus. NEET is conducted every year for both bachelor and master courses. This campus has a good infrastructure. Food and water supply for the hostel students is up to the mark. Well-arranged and organized library is also one good feature. Placements are also quite good in this college and faculties also possess in-depth knowledge. Almost every student finds a good scope after graduation or post-graduation.


There are so many perks for students studying in this college. It provides hostel facilities both for boys and girls. Library and sports facilities are also available. Here it is based upon IT infrastructure and also it has a good transport facility. It also comprises a big auditorium and cafeteria. There is a single con with this institution. Here, the fees are not bearable by lower middle class families. Students have to raise the loan to study here. The fees for bachelor courses are 275000 per year. Thus, for a 4 year course, students have to pay 11 lakh rupees. Also, for master courses, the fees are 3 lakh per year.

Maharishi Arvind International Institute of Technology-

This is a private college. It was established in 1975. It provides both bachelor and master courses. Every college has its own pros and cons. Talking about the pros, this college has an excellent infrastructure.

Classrooms are very large and labs are well equipped. All kinds of equipment are available.


It provides large sports grounds. Faculties are knowledgeable and educated. There is no questioning on the knowledge of faculties. This college is very well suitable for learning purposes. For the whole year, many fests take place which provide good exposure to students. Cons lie in the placement domain of this college. There is no good placement here. Most of the students have to try off campus to have a job. Also, the placement cell does not participate actively with the companies. This college offers both graduate and post graduate courses. It offers bachelors in engineering or technology, master’s in business management, masters in technology and also some such courses. Total fees for bachelor courses are approximately 3 lakhs where for master courses it is 1.5 lakh.

Government Medical College-

This is one of the best government colleges in Rajasthan. It was established in 1992 with the aim of promoting medical education all over Rajasthan. This college is recognized by the Medical Council of India (MCI). It is affiliated to Rajasthan University of Health Sciences. Both masters and bachelor courses run here. MBBS and MD admission are done through NEET. This college requires very high marks in NEET. Cut-offs go pretty high for all courses. There are many good courses such as MBBS, MD General Medicine, MD Anaesthesiology, MS Obstetrics and Gynaecology, MS Orthopaedics etc.

MBBS is a 5.5 years full time course. It is an on campus course. Total fees for this course are 2.25 lakh. On the other hand, MS and MD are of 3 years duration and total fees is 10K. For admissions into MBBS, NEET is conducted every year. For MD and MS, college accepts the admissions through NEET PG. There is no con with this college. All the facilities are up to the mark. Almost all the students get placed at good packages. One year internships are conducted by the college itself and all the students easily grab the internship.


To pass the course, only 50% marks were needed. Infrastructure of this college is excellent. Labs and classes are very well developed. Library is well maintained and is a good place to study. Hostel facilities are up to the mark. College provides a good sports environment. Faculties are well qualified doctors. They have precise knowledge of their subjects. Proper attention is given to every student and the curriculum is well taught here. For an all-round development of the students, many fests take place. Students give their best participation in them. It lets them learn new things other than medical knowledge.

Gurukul Institute of Engineering and Technology-

This is one of the best engineering colleges in Kota city. This is a private college and was established in 2007. This college accepts the REAP exam for its admissions. This college is accredited by AICTE and Government of Rajasthan. It is affiliated to Rajasthan Technical University. The institute provides the best of its perks to the students. Placements at this college are pretty good. Some great companies come here to place students. Wipro, HCL are some good companies which offer placement to the students. Nearly 70% students get placed from this college.


The college possesses great infrastructure. Labs and classes are well prepared. Mess is not up to the mark but other hostel facilities are excellent. Library is also in very healthy condition. Faculty of this college has good knowledge. Students feel free to learn from them. Teachers remain connected with the students and help them over hurdles.

Average package of this college is between 2-3 lacs per annum. Maximum package can go up to 6-8 lacs per annum

Frequently asked questions

How many universities in Kota are present?

More than 80 colleges and universities in Kota are present.

Which is the top university among the universities in Kota?

Agriculture university is the top university among the best universities in Kota.

Which are the top 10 universities in Kota?

Top 10 universities in Kota are as follows:

  • Agriculture University
  • Rajasthan Technical University
  • Career Point University
  • University of Kota
  • Indian Institute of Information Technology (IIIT)
  • Vardhman Mahaveer Open University
  • Government Medical College
  • Maharishi Arvind International Institute of Technology
  • Gurukul Institute of Engineering and Technology
  • Daswani Dental College and Research Centre

Which kind of courses are available in universities in Kota?

Following courses are available in universities in Kota:

  • Bachelor of technology
  • Bachelor of Arts
  • Bachelor of Commerce
  • BBA
  • BCA
  • MBBS
  • B.Arch.
  • LLM
  • Master of technology
  • MD/MS
  • Master of Arts
  • Master of Commerce
  • MBA
  • MCA

Moreover, there are many other courses available in different domains. Arts, science, commerce, management and medicine have different kinds of courses.

Which government exams students can prepare during graduation in Kota?

  • IBPS PO- IBPS stands for The Institute of Banking Personnel Selection. This government body conducts exams every year for clerks and officer positions. The selected candidates will be indulged in the clerical work, administration work and also the supervising work. Their initiative will be to increase the bank’s business. Here, the person can expect a very good salary and high job satisfaction.
  • RBI Grade B Officer- RBI stands for Reserve Bank of India. RBI job is one of the most preferred jobs by the candidates. It is an entry level position for the management cadre. This body offers the best growth in the finance sector. The average salary and the job reputation are the main attractive points of this position.
  • SBI PO- SBI stands for state bank of India. SBI fills up the vacant positions every year. It provides thousands of jobs every year which are filled by the examination. The exam consists of three stages namely Prelims, Mains and Personal Interview. The Probationary officer is a highly respectable post also which includes the responsibility of general banking, marketing and other administrative tasks.
  • SBI Clerk- This post is for junior associates.  The exam is conducted every year and consists of four stages namely prelims, mains, group discussion and personal interview. The training is given for 6 months during which the selected candidates are given complete knowledge of administrative and accounts work.
  • IBPS Clerk- This is also the national level exam but is conducted only in two stages namely prelims exam and mains exam. The salary of this job is quite good and also brings job satisfaction.
  • UPSC Civil Services Exam (IAS/IPS/IFS)- UPSC stands for Union Public Service Commission. It conducts the national level examination every year. It conducts the exam for filling the highly dignified posts of IAS( Indian Administrative Service), IPS( Indian Police Service) and IFS( Indian Foreign Service). This examination consists of three stages named Preliminary examinations, Main’s examination and Personal interview. This exam is one of the toughest exams in the world. Every year more than a million candidates attempt this examination. Such a high competition is due to the power, money and dignity associated with this post. Any graduate can fight for this exam.
  • UPSC CDS- CDS stand for Civil Defense Services. As the name suggests, this exam is conducted for the enrolment in the defense services including military, air force and naval academy. This examination is conducted twice in a year. The procedure for selection in this service is very tough. Candidates should pass the SSB interview which conducts the toughest personality and interview test.
  • SSC CGL- SSC stands for Staff Selection Committee which conducts CGL ( Combined Graduate Level) exam for all the graduates. This exam is conducted every year for the posts of income tax officer, assistant section officer and assistant enforcement officer.
  • INDIAN Railway- This is the largest central government department in India. Graduates of any discipline can apply here. Thousands of vacancies are filled every year for different posts. The facilities and allowances provided here are very luxurious.
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