The amba accreditation in short is known as AMBA. This association was established in 1967. This is a globally recognized organization. It was association was established by the alumni of MBA. The function of amba accreditation is to enhance the superiority of education and to certify institutions accordingly. The alumni took graduation from the United Kingdom. The founders got the mission of the amba accreditation from the unawareness of MBA in Europe. To bring the worth of MBA into the light they thought of establishing amba accreditation. Henceforth they decided to form an assembly. This would change the perception of people for MBA graduates.

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They started to work to promote the benefits of this education. They decided to give a name to this as Business Graduates Association (BGA). With time they had developed their organization. They have shown persistence to bring growth in the management degree. They have started to observe noticeable positive results from the people. For the best result, they even discuss with the employer to know about the business school in a better way.

The first director-general of this association was David Clutterbuck. This position was attained by him in the year 1969. Since 1983 they had started to accredit multiple programs of MBA. Such accreditation was done by adhering to the function of the organization. This association also provided accreditation to the degree program of MBM and DBA with a pass of time.

Later in 1987, the business graduate’s association was known as the association of MBAs. Till 2017 the president of this association was Sir Paul Judge. This personality has supported and helped to establish a renowned institution. The establishment of these institutions was done in 1990. Its name is Cambridge judge business.

What is AMBA Accreditation?

This forum was established to help business schools get their recognition. Accreditation is given to them based on the standard of education. In other words, it is a quality check done by a professional. It is conducted to know the quality of education. It is noted innovatively the business schools have designed their courses for the post-graduate program.

Till now this association has given accreditation to over 276 business schools. All such schools are located in more than 75 countries. The amba accreditation program revolves around the first to know the impact of it. To know about the learning outcome and the employability. Thus, with their rigorous research, they have selected the criteria for the assessment. Hence, they conduct a detailed review to know the standards of the teaching and the learning. This evaluation is primarily done based on the design of the curriculum, employability, and alumni.

The accreditation is kept new to bring continuous changes in the trends of education since innovation is essential for the dynamic change in the world. This would promote the business to upscale their education pattern timely.

History of AMBA accreditation

The alumni of top business schools in the United Kingdom founded this institution. The alumni got degrees from different business schools. They have observed the unawareness of the MBA post-graduation program. All the alumni formed a group to bring awareness to this program. Since the career prospect after completion of this course is high. Another reason for the promotion of this course since businesses and employers prefer to recruit MBA students. Keeping all these points, they had decided to establish the association. After establishing they had started to promote it to make people aware of this course. All such promotions worked positively for them. Since students had started to show inter to pursue on this course. in the initial time, the name of the association was Business graduate’s association. Later in 1987, it was got the name Association of MBAs.

This would help them to select the business school where students can take enrolment for a bright future. Furthermore, they have continued with their operation to handpick the best business schools. Therefore, they have listed some criteria for providing amba accreditation to the business schools.

What are AMBA accreditation Roles?

The roles of amba accreditation are as follows


The amba accreditation program helps the student to find the best institution to pursue multiple post-graduation courses. As they select business schools based on the standards and criteria. The institutions that will perform better will get the reward of getting the amba title.

Assisting students

This would make the task of a student to identify any business school from globally. Furthermore, this would help identify renowned institutions. They do not judge an institution based on popularity.  However, they give importance to education quality. They consider every aspect of the school before giving the title. Since it is related to the future of the students.


It would assist the students in allocating their funds for their education wisely. As they can take admission in the best institution to get their degree.


As the amba accreditation revamps their rules and policies to judge an institution precisely. Hence, all the businesses also have to improve the standard of education to get the reward. According to the accreditation, the design of the course should get a transformation timely. It has to be parallel with the requirement of the industries. Since this is one of the ways to increase the employment rate furthermore.


The role of accreditation is to analyze an institution properly for having a proper quality check. The in-depth study helps to know the institution in a better way to conclude. Since in a detailed study, various additional information comes to the surface. Such information might work efficiently for concluding.

The external professionals evaluate as well.  Therefore, all the professionals come from the field of administration and academics. Such steps assist in doing cross-check properly. Cross-checking helps to create parity between virtual; and reality.

Primary AMBA accreditation Activities and Functions

The activities of amba accreditation are as follows:

Collection of data

To start with the review, process the amba accreditation collects all the information. In the preliminary stage, they do not prefer to judge any information according to some basis. As one they start with the process, they will require the information even if it’s unnecessary. As this would help them to cross them to get verification. information.


The collected information is all analyzed meticulously. This helps the professional to find any pros and cons aspect of the institution. Since getting accreditation from amba requires a highly professional institution. It is because the people trust this program. Hence, they give their level best to scrutinize the institution well.

Precondition evaluation

After completion of the previous step, they move further to the following step of review. In this step, the amba accreditation policy is checked to sync. Since they need to ensure that all the parameters ate met by the business school. Furthermore, essential because amba accreditation always changes to keep them updated. Hence, this equally becomes important for the business schools to keep themselves at par.

Common standards

The team of professionals highlights the point in the process of checking to know the commonalities. If the commonalities with the policy of the amba accredited are high then the probability gets high by the institution to get the title. They will not prefer to continue with their research further. Since this would show that they are not adhering to the policies of the program.

Site review

After inspecting the site of the institution, the professionals arrive at the conclusion. External examiners do this to cross-check reality on-site and off-site. If the professionals find any dissimilarities, then they have to improve more. Else in the next meet will be for the follow-up.

The primary function of amba accredited is to enhance the superiority of the education and to certify institutions accordingly.

Why accreditation is important?

It is a certificate of standard. When a university or an institution gets the title, it shows they maintain their quality of education. Furthermore, it not just maintaining a mere quality but such institutions maintain the highest standard. From the perspective of a student, it works as a guarantee for the program before taking admission. It assures them of newer job opportunities. Thus, such declaration is not only present to one’s home country but also is applicable internationally.

Furthermore, from the perspective of employers, it works as a guarantee that the education that has been to the students is high in quality. Thus, they easily recruit candidates to work with the company. Since the employers perceive that the candidates have received the best education for business. It further demonstrates the superiority is parallel with the education of other countries. Since they seek candidates that are well aware of the latest technologies and trends.

Hence, the student will be able to forecast and manage the problems of any situation. Thus, they become more competitive than the others. Besides having such students will be able to provide quick results for the benefit of the company. Since they must have studied in their education. Therefore because of these reasons accreditation is important for them.

List of the accredited business institutions in India

The following names of the top institutions are mentioned for easy understanding of the nature of business schools are:

  • Indian school of business, Hyderabad
  • Management development institute, Gurgaon
  • Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad
  • International management institution, new Delhi
  • Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore
  • A. Pai Management Institute, Manipal
  • Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta
  • SP Jain School of Global management
  • Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow

Frequently Asked Questions About Amba Accreditation

Which is better AMBA or AACSB?

AMBA stands for Association of MBAs. AACSB stands for Association to advance the collegiate School of business. Amba gives certifications to the individual programs. AACSB gives certification to the entire business school. In the bigger perspective, AACSB is better since it is taking the responsibility of the whole business institution efficiently. On the other hand. AMBA takes t responsibility for a smaller section in comparison to the other one.

How important is AMBA accreditation?

It is essential to check the standard of education. Since it checks the education program of the master of business administration, master in business and management, and doctor of business administration. Therefore, institutions having such accreditation helps ones to grow as students get the trust to take enrolment. Therefore, employers also prefer such institutions.

How do I get an AMBA accreditation?

When a business school wants to apply for accreditation for the post-graduation, then AMBA needs the entire portfolio it. This will help the professional to know more about the study program. This will assist them in check and deciding the performance of the course for accreditation.

What are the names of AMBA-accredited business schools?

The names of the business school are in the following. All the institutions have received their respective accreditation.

  • Indian school of business, Hyderabad
  • Management development institute, Gurgaon
  • Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad
  • International management institution, new Delhi
  • Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore
  • T.A. Pai Management Institute, Manipal
  • Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta
  • SP Jain School of Global management
  • Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow

Why do employers prefer AMBA accreditation?

Employers give importance to accredited institutions as they believe the candidates will get a better education from such business schools. Such institutions also help the institution to get build new skill sets. Having such skillsets will be able to make them stay ahead of the competition. Thus, the company will be reached to reach the maximum heights of the potential because of the performance of the candidates.

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