PPSC: Latest Exam Syllabus, Pattern, Books & Preparation Tips

PPSC: Latest Exam Syllabus, Pattern, Books & Preparation Tips
September 16, 2021
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PPSC Syllabus & Exam Pattern

The Punjab Public Service Commission is in charge of organizing various exams throughout the state. To appoint the most qualified and eligible candidates for various positions, the PPSC exam is mandatory. In this paragraph we will be discussing the syllabus and the preparation tips that need to be followed constantly. Firstly we will give a broad idea on the syllabus. Secondly we will move the syllabus of Prelims and Mains specifically .Thirdly the exam pattern and most importantly the recommended books and the preparation tips. In conclusion we will be discussing the common questions of candidates. Candidates who intend to appear in the Punjab PSC exam should become acquainted with the most recent PPSC Exam Pattern, syllabus, course content. Above all syllabus and previous years questions must be given priority.


PPSC Syllabus

Candidates intending to appear for PPSC Examination have to go through 2 papers in the Preliminary round. In Mains they need to go through 5 papers. Then comes the last round the interview round. These papers analyze your overall analytical and educational forte in various domains. Most importantly for Mains give importance to every section and every paper.  Accordingly set your goals.

Furthermore dedicate your time to your weaknesses and work on them. In conclusion your time and hard work should be distributed in a way that every subject gets justice.

Table of Contents

Prelims Syllabus

The PPSC Prelims consists of 2 paper: –
1.Genral Studies


For the paper of General Studies, the topics are: –

  • Study related to the environment
  • Governance and Bureaucracy
  • Economics and financial studies
  • Geography of India and of other countries
  • Sports and IT sector
  • Indian Polity and IT administration
  • General topics, basic information about science concepts
  • Indian History
  • Everyday Science
  • Political Theory & International Order
  • History of India
  • Indian Economy
  • Punjab: Geography, People, Society and Culture, History &Economy
  • Current events of National & International importance

Moreover current affairs  and monthly magazines should also be read regularly to fetch good marks.


For the CSAT Paper, the topics are:-

  • General Reasoning
  • Data Interpretation
  • Numerical Problems
  • Data analysis.
  • Logical Reasoning
  • Problems on heights and measurements
  • Statistics and related problems.

In conclusion for CSAT you need to strengthen up your basic  mathematical skills. Meanwhile you should be aware that these are just qualifying papers. So invest your time and dedication accordingly.


Mains Syllabus 

The Mains paper consists of 5 papers: –
1.General English Paper
2.General Punjabi Paper
3.General Essay
4.General Aptitude 1
5.Genral Aptitude 2

You need to be aware that each subject needs to be given an importance. For instance if you focus on one subject more and side-line the others it would lead to your own loss.


For General English , the topics to be covered are: –

  • Vocabulary and grammar
  • Verbs, idioms, and tenses
  • Phrase corrections
  • Sentence completion
  • Paragraph writing
  • Precise writing


For the General Punjabi Language, the topics to study are: –

  • Essay writing
  • Letter writing
  • Grammatical concepts
  • Language quotes and explanation
  • Descriptive writing
  • Paragraph and precise writing

Candidates must write essays on various topics in this section. Candidates have the freedom to choose from a variety of topics asked in the exam. However they must adhere to the word limit specified in the exam. Above all they need to be precise in essay writing as this section can help them score well.


For the General Aptitude 1, the topics to study and learn are: –

  • History
  • Indian language, Indian culture
  • Geographical studies.
  • Detailed information about the state of Punjab
  • Constitution and law-making
  • Governance and international relations.


For the General Aptitude 2, the topics to study are: –

  • Studies related to the environment
  • Science and technology
  • Case studies


Latest and innovative problem-solving techniques

  • Statistics
  • Graphs and related problems


PPSC MAINS Syllabus Paper3: General Essay

This section asks the applicants to write essays on several topics. Moreover, the applicants can choose from a wide number of topics that are asked in the exam. Most importantly candidates need to understand this section would help them fetch really good marks.

PPSC MAINS Syllabus Paper4: General Aptitude I

The subjects included in this paper are History, Geography and Society

PPSC MAINS Syllabus Paper5: General Aptitude II

The subjects included in this paper are Indian Constitution, Governance, Polity, International Relations.

PPSC MAINS Syllabus Paper6: General Aptitude III

The subjects included in this section of the paper constitutes Statistics, Economy, Security Issues.

PPSC MAINS Syllabus Paper7: General Aptitude IV

The subjects in this paper are: Science & Technology, Environment, Problem Solving & Decision Making

In addition to this vast syllabus, candidates need to be aware of the current affairs thoroughly. To illustrate ,Mains has a pretty vast syllabus ,so the candidates need to have good hands on Mains syllabus specifically.

For Interview round, the topics to study and learn are: –

Questions on various topics related to the candidates’ level of understanding will be asked.

However ,the candidates need to be aware of the fact that he/she should be thorough with the syllabus.

In the first place its expected from the students to have a good command over the syllabus.


PPSC Exam Pattern

As previously stated, the examination is divided into three stages:

  • PPSC Prelims
  • Mains
  • Personality Test
    The paper patterns for the two exams are not the same. However, to get the post of your choice you need to ensure that you fetch good marks in all the three stages. Most importantly fetching good marks in Mains is what will actually decide your future.


Preliminary Pattern

The prelims exam is an objective exam with two papers worth 200 points each. Papers I and II of the Prelims exams are each 2 hours long.



There is no negative marking in the Preliminary Examination Papers I and II. However one needs to fetch good marks because no one knows what the cut off would be.


Mains Pattern

The PPSC Mains examination is a lengthy descriptive exam. For the PPSC Mains 2021, a candidate must complete four General Studies papers. Aspirants should look through old question papers to get a sense of the types of questions that are asked. For instance in your free you can have a look at the questions asked and frame your answers. You can get them checked by someone superior.

Subjects in PPSC Mains Maximum Marks


Punjabi (in Gurmukhi) (till 12th Standard) 100
English ( compulsory 10+2 standard) 100


Essay Writing 150
General Studies Paper-I: Geography, History, Society 250
General Studies Paper-II: Governance and International Relations, Indian Constitution and Political Science 250
General Studies Paper-III: Economy, Statistics, and Security issues 250
General Studies Paper- IV: Science and Technology, Environment, Problem Solving, and Decision Making) 250




Total Marks








PPSC Recommended Books

A spectrum-based overview of Modern India’s history.
Indian Economy by Ramesh Singh
Majid Husain’s India Geography
Indian Polity by M. Laxmikanth
Bipin Chandra’s Modern Indian History
G.C. Leong’s Physical Geography for physical geography
Satish Chandra’s History of Medieval India and R.S. Sharma’s India’s Ancient Past
Economic Survey by the Ministry of Finance of the Government of India
Arihant Experts’ Efforts Towards Green India – Environment and Ecology

In addition to these books there are some other reference books that might help you. Try sticking to less materials but valuable ones.


Preparation Tips

The PPSC examination is a test that is scheduled to select applicants .These applicants are selected to fill the vacant seats of the provincial and service management services in Punjab Province.
In this paragraph you will encounter some advise that will pace up your preparation strategy. Let us begin with the most fundamental and straightforward tips to prepare you for the PPSC exam.


1.Watch  topper’s Videos

Firstly try to learn his outlandish techniques and secrets. Secondly take as much suggestions as you can. Most importantly he/she  must have revealed some secrets that no one else knows. For instance what were his/her study pattern, time and schedule. It may include  reading a research paper instead of guide books, reading foreign books instead of national Books. In conclusion someone who excels in a field is the one who will motivate you drastically.


2.Proper and Strict Timetable Management

Your struggle is dedicated to a large goal. It will be in vain if it’s execution does not include proper time management. Just stick to the schedule you have framed. You can complete the exam practice in the allotted time frame. Keep in mind that you do not have to practice all hours of the day and night. Remember to take breaks. You will not be able to perform well if you are stressed out during the exam.
Normally, 6-7 hours of studying should suffice.


3.Group Study

However, studying both individually and collectively will be beneficial. Firstly, if you require guidance, support, and advice at the same time, we recommend that you study in a group setting.  Secondly, group study is another effective way to prepare for the exam.
Thirdly ,it is advisable to arrange group studies with people who are also taking the exam. And most importantly this method will improve your knowledge for instance.
It is best to keep the group small. The recommended number of participants in a group study should be 3-6 people.


PPSC Exam Dates, Fees, Eligibility & Notification


4.Concentrate on Crucial Issues

The best course of action is to concentrate on the most important issues. In this way, a lengthy syllabus can be condensed into a manageable amount of time. This will also make it easier for you to determine how to finish your topics.
Some topics are obvious in their importance, because they tend to fetch you marks.. Try taking advise from people who have experience in this field. For instance consulting people like :
1. Professors
2.Candidates in the past
As an outcome you will be able to concentrate on the main points.


5. Utilize Previous Papers

Past papers are extremely beneficial. As a result you can easily prepare for the PPSC exam with the help of past papers. The reason is straightforward. You will be able to determine “which question will be most important. You will have an idea which questions have  been repeated over time. This will also be advantageous. It will improve your knowledge .It will assist you in preparing for the exam well. In conclusion, practice is the key to mastering yourself in your preparation.

Above all it’s your dedication ,your perseverance and hard work that would pay you off.


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Where can I find the PPSC Prelims Syllabus and the PPSC Mains Syllabus for 2021?

The PPSC Prelims Syllabus 2021, as well as the PPSC Mains Syllabus 2021, are available for download on the Punjab Public Service Commission’s official website. Moreover there are also different websites you can refer to. Although official website would be recommended.

Is it possible for students to obtain the PPSC Syllabus in Hindi?

The syllabus is available in Hindi. Despite the fact that candidates must take the exams in English/Punjabi.

Who determines the PPSC Prelims and Mains Syllabus?

The Punjab Public Service Commission is the body in charge of determining the syllabus .For both Prelims and Mains PPSC is the governing body.

What is the significance of the PPSC Syllabus 2021?

The PPSC Syllabus 2021 will assist candidates in planning their preparation and performing well in the exams.

In the first place, applicants need to understand that the competition is huge and fierce. It is mandatory for the students to have an idea before hand about the syllabus. Although the syllabus may seem huge but if proper time is given preparation wouldn’t seem tough. Moreover he/she needs to work on it competitively. In conclusion ,the applicants need to understand the depth of the exam and the vastness of the syllabus.

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