OTET: Latest Exam Syllabus, Pattern, Books & Preparation Tips

September 9, 2022

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

OTET is a single common examination across Odisha to recruit candidates for the vacant posts of teaching up to class 8th in the state of Odisha. Also, the OTET examination is conducted by the BSE (Board of Secondary Education), which works as the functional body of education in the state of Gujarat. Apart from conducting the examination, BSE is also handling all the pre and post-examination processes, like the commencement of the exam date, application form, the declaration of the result, answer key, merit list, etc.

In addition, candidates will be selected under the marks secured in the examination. The selected candidates will also get a job in government,  Government Aided, Private unaided, and Private aided schools of Odisha. However, qualifying for the OTET exam is just an eligibility criterion for teacher recruitment. Likewise, only marks scored by the candidate will decide the selection process. Once the maximum mark you secure, you will have a high chance of getting shortlisted. 

Candidates with certain qualifications can attend the examination, which we will see in detail below.

Generally, the Odisha Teaching Eligibility test will have two papers.

  • Firstly Category A (Paper I)
  • Then, Category B (Paper-II)

OTET Syllabus

Candidates should attend both papers to get qualified for the examination. And also, It is mandatory to get the OTET qualified certificate to become a teacher for 1 to 8 standards in all schools in Odisha. To work for a private school also need an OTET certificate. Generally, this examination has two parts, Primary level, then, Upper primary level. 

Generally, the syllabus of OTET will vary from one position to another so, candidates can get the concerned syllabus from the OTET official Pdf.

Also, We have attached some common syllabus for your reference.

In the mid of August, the Directorate Of Secondary Education has come up with important news about the OTET Examination. DSE has also released the official notification of the application process on August 15. Likewise, It has planned to recruit Contractual Hindi, Sanskrit, and Physical Education Teachers. So, you can check that examination syllabus from the above link.


Child development, pedagogyFirst Unit: Child development Second Unit: Learning process Third Unit:  Inclusive learning and understanding children concepts with special needs Unit 4: Teaching and Learning Approaches. Unit 5: AssessmentCompetency, Teaching competency, Characteristics, Understanding, Then, Assessing scholastic Concepts, nature, individual Differences, And also, TLM, Comprehensive, Purpose,  and Sharing of assessment.
Language 1 -(Odia, Urdu, Bengali, Hindi, Telugu)Unit 1: Firstly, Pedagogy 2nd Unit: Then, teaching, reading, and writing skills reading skills. Unit III: Then, Assessment of learning (Odia, Urdu, Hindi, Telugu, Bengali) Unit 4: Language items V Unit: Language Comprehension in addition.Firstly, Learning, teaching, reading, and writing skills, the Role of grammar in learning a language, And also, Noun, Pronoun, Verb, Adverb, Adjectives, Then, Conjunction, Synonyms, and antonyms.
Language 2 (English)a. PedagogyFirstly, learning English at the Elementary Level Then, Language Learning And also, skills in learning English And English assessment Unseen passages in addition.
b. ContentFirst, the Unseen passage Then Grammar- Noun, pronoun, adverb, tense, the proposition, adjectives, punctuation in addition.
Mathematicsa. PedagogyMathematics Education in Schools Then, Methods and approaches to learning. And also, Mathematics assessments.
b. ContentFirstly, the Number system Then, Measurement And also, Shapes and spatial relationships And Patterns and data handling in addition.
Environmental studiesa. PedagogyStarting with, Concept Then, Method and approach Also, Governance and Evaluation.
b. contentPhysical features Secondly, the History of freedom and struggle of Odisha and India. Thirdly, Health and disease Then, the Physiology of the Human body Also, Force and energy


Child development and PedagogyUnit 1: Child development for primary school children. II Unit: Learning Unit III: Curriculum Learning, approaches and evaluationFirstly, Physical, Cognitive, Social, Emotional then, Moral development during pre-adolescence and adolescence, and also, Needs and problems, meaning-making knowledge and construction, Factors affecting learning in addition.
Language 1 (Odia / Urdu / Hindi / Telugu / Bengali)Learning of language, Learning Odia / Hindi / Bengali /Urdu /Telugu at Upper Primary Level, teaching Language, Assessment of language.Firstly, Objective learning, then, the principle of teaching and development of skills,
and also, Assessment learning and planning in addition.
Content Elements of language Items of language Famous literates Contribute to the development of the Odia /Bengali/ Hindi/ Urdu / Hindi /Telugu languageTwo unseen comprehensions, grammar and, Vocabulary. then, Speech, phrases, Idioms and, word formation. and also, famous authors and books of different languages in addition.
Language II (English)PedagogyPrimary level English, (Importance and Objective), then, Development of English skills (Basic skills and, teaching) and also, Assessment of learning skills (Comprehension and skills)
 ContentComprehension and language items
Mathematics (for Maths and Science teachers)Unit 1: Primary Mathematics 2nd Unit: Method learning and Approaches to teaching and evaluation, Unit 3: Number System, Shapes, Algebra, spatial relationship, and Arithmetic.Aims, logical, systematic, abstractions, pattern, then, mathematical language, analysis, deduction and construction, error analysis.
Science (only for Mathematics and Science TeacherUnit 1: Nature of Science 2nd Unit: Methods, Evaluation, Approaches Unit 3: Physical and Life Science.Aims, Objective, Problem-solving, then Discovery, Project, and Experimentation in addition.
Social Study (only for Social Study Teacher)Unit – 1:Teaching Social Studies 2nd Unit: Methods, Evaluation, and Approaches Unit 3: History and Political Science Unit 4: Political Science and Indian Constitution V Unit: Geography (physical features, climate, and agricultural limits)Aim and Objective. The survey, fieldwork/trips, project, then group work, diagnostic assessment, and remedial teaching in addition.

OTET Exam Pattern

Generally, the OTET Exam Pattern will vary from one post to another post-examination. However, I have given you the general Exam pattern that would help all the candidates. In order to get your official syllabus, check out the official website. Generally, the exam pattern also gets release with the examination date. Likewise, The recruitment team has released the exam pattern for the position of Contractual Hindi, Sanskrit, and Physical Education Teachers. 

Language of examinationEnglish, Odia, Hindi, Urdu, Telugu, and Bengali.
Generally, OTET conducts in two parts.Paper 1 and paper 2.
Then, the Duration of the exam.2.5 hours.
Also, the question type.MCQ  (no negative marks).
Moreover, the Mode of examination.Offline

CTET Marking Scheme for Paper I- OTET Exam Pattern

SectionsNo. of QuestionsMarks
Firstly, Child Development and Pedagogy30 MCQs30
Then, Language I (compulsory)30 MCQs30
And also, Language II (compulsory)30 MCQs30
Then, Mathematics30 MCQs30
Finally, Environmental Studies30 MCQs30
Total150 Questions150 Marks

CTET Marking Scheme for Paper 2- OTET Exam Pattern

SectionsNo. of QuestionsMarks
Firstly, Child Development & Pedagogy30 MCQs30
Then, Language I (compulsory)30 MCQs30
And also, Language II (compulsory)30 MCQs30
Then, Mathematics and Science OR Social Studies60 MCQs60
Total150 MCQs150 Marks

Get to know more about the OTET Admit Card

OTET Recommendation Books

There are some books, which hopefully help you to get qualified marks in the examination. Generally, these books are suggested by the experts, so they will be really useful for your preparation.

Here I also have listed some recommended books for the OTET examination. So that, It would help you to get more marks in the examination. So, have a look at it.

Firstly, OTET Paper 1 For Class 1 To 5Paperback
Then, OTET Success Master Paper 1Paperback
And also, Child Development & Pedagogy (CTET & TETs) paper 1 and 2Arihant Publication
Mathematics exam goalpost (CTET & TETs) in additionWiley Publication
Then, CTET & TETs Bhasha for Hindi Paper both 1 and 2Arihant Publication
Finally, CTET and TETs English Language and PedagogyArihant Publication

OTET Preparation Tips

Generally, preparation tips will be a great source of motivation for the aspirants who are confused about how to prepare for the examination. Once you check the preparation tips you can get a clear idea about how to prepare for the examination. So have a look at it and also follow that in order to pass the examination.

Firstly, Wake up early morning

If you wake up in the early morning you will get more time to study, also you can concentrate more on your studies because you will not have many disturbances. Likewise, it will help you to stay healthy.

Then, Read more informative books

In order to pass the examination, you can start read more books related to the examination. Generally, It would really help you to crack the OTET examination easily.

And also follow the study plan

When you prepare for the OTET examination, prepare an effective study plan. And also have time for revision.

Moreover practice regularly

Generally, Try to attend more mock tests. So that, It will be very helpful to write the examination faster. Practice is the most important part as it is helpful to get you to speed while attending the examination.

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Q.1 What is the syllabus of the OTET exam?

Ans. BSE prescribes the syllabus of the OTET exam. You can obtain the detailed syllabus of OTET at the official website of BSE Odisha.

Paper-1 syllabus

  • Child Development and Pedagogy
  1. Concept of Inclusive Education and Understanding Children with special needs
  2. Understanding the Learning Process and Learners
  3. Childhood (focuses especially on children at the primary level)
  4. Understanding Child Development during
  5. Assessment and Evaluation
  6. Approaches to Learning and Teaching
  • Language-1 (it includes Odia/Bengali/Telugu/Hindi/Urdu)- This is divided into two groups Group A (Pedagogy) and Group B (Content)
  1. Language items
  2. Teaching, Reading, and Writing Skills
  3. Learning Odia / Urdu / Hindi / Telugu / Bengali at elementary level.
  4. Assessment of learning Odia / Urdu / Hindi / Telugu /Bengali
  5. Language Comprehension
  • Language-II (English)- It is also divided into two groups Group A (Pedagogy) and Group B (Content)
  1. Learning English at the Elementary/Primary Level
  2. English Learning and Assessing
  3. Skills in learning the English language
  4. Language items
  5. Assessment of the language.
  6. English Comprehension
  • Mathematics
  1. Measurement and mensuration
  2. Mathematics Education in Elementary Schools
  3. Shapes and spatial relationships
  4. Number System and Operation in Numbers
  5. Methods and approaches to Teaching-Learning Mathematics
  6. Assessment in Mathematics
  7. Data Handling, Patterns, and Sequences
  • Environmental Studies
  1. Concept learning in EVS
  2. History of Freedom Struggle in Odisha and India
  3. Methods and Approaches in EVS
  4. Internal Systems of the Human Body
  5. Health, Diseases, and Hygiene
  6. Matter, Force, and Energy
  7. Governance
  8. Assessment in EVS
  9. Physical Features of Odisha and India

Paper-II Syllabus

  • Child Development & Pedagogy
  1. Learning
  2. Curriculum Teaching-Learning Approaches and Evaluation
  3. Child Development
  • Language-I (Odia/ Hindi/ Urdu/Telugu/ Bengali)
  1. Elements of Odia / Telugu/ Urdu/ Hindi / Bengali Language
  2. Teaching Language
  3. Learning Odia / Hindi / Urdu/ Bengali/ Telugu at the Upper Primary Level
  4. Contribution of famous literates to the development of different languages.
  5. Language Items
  6. Assessment of Language
  • Language-II (English)
  1. Learning English at Upper Primary Level
  2. Language Items
  3. Comprehension
  4. Assessment of learning the English Language
  5. Development of English Language Skills
  • Mathematics and Science
  1. Algebra
  2. Mathematics at Upper Primary Stage
  3. Commercial Arithmetic
  4. Number system
  5. Methods and Approaches to Teaching-Learning Mathematics
  6. Evaluation in Mathematics
  7. Shapes and Spatial Relationship
  8. Life Science
  9. Evaluation of science
  10. Nature of Science
  11. Methods and Approaches
  12. Physical Science
  • Social Studies
  1. Geography
  2. Aims and Objectives of Teaching Social Studies
  3. History and Political Science
  4. Evaluation in Social Science
  5. Methods and Approaches
  6. History and Political Science
  7. Political Science

Q.2 How can I prepare for the OTET exam?

Ans. The preparation tips for the OTET exam are –

  • For the preparation for the OTET exam, the aspirant must first draft a study plan.
  • They must have strong knowledge of the primary and secondary level syllabus.
  • You must have a brief idea about the exam pattern as well as the OTET syllabus.
  • Practice the previous year’s OTET question paper.  

Q.3 What is the age limit for OTET?

Ans. There is no upper age limit for the OTET exam. The candidate who is above 21 years old is eligible to apply for the OTET.

Q.4 Is OTET having a negative marking?

Ans. No, there is no negative marking in the OTET exam. One mark is rewarded for the correct answer, and no mark is deducted for unanswered questions or wrong answers.

Q.5 How can I become a government teacher in Odisha?

Ans. You can become a government teacher in Odisha by appearing in the OTET exam. If you possess a valid Odisha Teacher Eligibility Test certificate, you can apply for the teacher recruitment drive conducted by various Government primary schools in Odisha.

Q.6 When next OTET exam will be held?

Ans. There is no notification regarding the next OTET exam. You may check the official website of BSE Odisha to get the latest updates regarding the next OTET examination. The exam is generally conducted every year as per the requirement of the teachers.

Q.7 Where can I get the exam pattern for the OTET examination?

Ans. You can get the OTET examination pattern at the official website of BSE. There are 2 papers under the OTET exam. Both papers carry 150 questions. The duration of both papers is 2.5 hours.

Q.8 Where Can I get my examination syllabus for the OTET examination?

Ans. The OTET examination syllabus is available on the official website of BSE Odisha.

  • Visit the official site of BSE.
  • Click on the Examination tab.
  • Select OTET exam.
  • Then, you can download the detailed syllabus of the OTET exam.