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Andhra Pradesh Police Recruitment: Syllabus, Pattern, Books & Preparation Tips

September 9, 2022

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Andhra Pradesh police recruitment (AP SLPRB) conducts many exams on the AP police department for various posts. Andhra Pradesh Police Recruitment exam syllabus and pattern is also provided by the exam conducting body. The exam pattern may also vary according to the position. The position of a programmer and scientific assistant does not have any physical examinations like posts of constable and inspectors.

Exam Pattern of AP SLPRB

In general, the exam of AP SLPRB has the following stages for the police posts (the various categories of Sub-Inspectors and Super Intendent):
  • Preliminary Exam
  • Mains Exam
  • Body Standards Test (PST), Efficiency Test (PET) and Measurement Test (PMT).
  • Medical Standards Test (MST)
  • Personal Interview (PI)
  • Document Verification

Prelims of AP SLPRB

Prelims of AP SLPRB are only qualifying. Both the Arithmetic/ Reasoning/Mental Ability and General Studies are of 100 marks and are of three hours duration. The total marks will be 200 and the time will be of six hours. The questions will be objective (MCQ) based. Students can either use English, Telegu or Urdu. The exam will be in offline mode (with pen and paper).

Mains of AP SLPRB

Andhra Pradesh Police Recruitment exam syllabus for mains has four papers: Arithmetic/ Reasoning/Mental Ability, General Studies, English and Telegu. The marks allotted to each exam will be 100. The duration of each paper will be of three hours. Out of the four, Arithmetic/ Reasoning/Mental Ability and General Studies will be of objective type while English and Telegu will be of descriptive (subjective) type. For the AP Police SI exam of AP SLPRB, Arithmetic/ Reasoning/Mental Ability and General Studies will be 200 marks each. Only those students who have passed the prelims of AP SLPRB and the physical test will be eligible to give the mains exam. Students will have to answer the MCQ-based questions on the OMR sheets. Students will be required to answer them using a black/blue ballpoint pen. The authorities (AP SLPRB) will provide it in the exam centre. The PET test will have 100 metres run and a long jump. It will also have a 1600 metres run. It will be 100 marks. (for Constable Police post)

100 metres:

  • General will get 15 seconds.
  • Ex-workers will get 16.5 seconds.
  • Women will get 18 seconds.

Long Jump:

  • General will have to jump 3.80 metres to qualify.
  • Ex-workers will have to jump 3.65 metres to qualify.
  • Women will have to jump 2.75 metres to qualify.

1600 metres run:

  • General will get 8 minutes.
  • Ex-workers will get 9 minutes and 30 seconds.
  • Women will get 10 minutes and 30 seconds.
The exam pattern for Police Constable posts (men and women) will differ from that of the Sub-Inspectors for all AP SLPRB posts.

For Constable (Civil), Firemen and Warden

The mains exam of AP SLPRB Constable/Firemen/Warden will have only one paper of 200 marks.

For Constable (AR & APSP)

AP SLPRB’s mains exam will have one exam that will have 200 questions. The total marks will be 100. Final Selection will be on the marks obtained in the mains and the PET round. AP SLPRB will not consider prelims marks in the final rounds.

The exam pattern for Scientific Assistants in Physical, Chemical and Biology/Serology in AP Forensic Science Laboratory is:

Subject No. of Questions Marks
Scientific Assistant (Physical) 120 120
Scientific Assistant (Chemical) 120 120
Scientific Assistant (Biology/Serology) 120 120
Each question carries one mark. The duration of the exam is two hours. The question paper is in English. The questions are objective. Like the other exams, students will have to answer the questions in the OMR sheets using blue/black ballpoint pen only. They will get the pens in the exam hall. AP SLPRB has prohibited the following items in the exam hall:
  • Mobile Phones
  • Calculators
  • Rings/Jewelry
  • Any Electronic gadget
  • Water Bottles
  • Books/Newspapers/ Bags/ Notes etc.
In addition to these, AP SLPRB will adopt COVID-19 preventive measures that the candidates have to follow. The cut off marks are: 40% (general), 35% (OBC) and 30% (SC/ST/Ex-workers).

The exam pattern for students appearing for the Computer Programming exam of AP SLPRB:

It will be MCQ based paper with 100 questions. The total marks will be 200, with two marks per question. The time limit will be two hours. Candidates qualifying this round will have to give a personal interview cum a practical exam, which will carry 50 marks. So, the total marks will be 250.

Andhra Pradesh Police Recruitment Exam Syllabus

The Andhra Pradesh Police Recruitment exam syllabus for the general police exams is as follows:

Arithmetic/Reasoning/Mental Ability:

  1. General Mental Ability
  2. Comprehension.
  3. Analogy.
  4. Series Completion.
  5. Arithmetic Reasoning.
  6. Data Interpretation.
  7. Numbers and Relations.
  8. Cubes and Dice.
  9. Probability.
  10. Sequence.
  11. Triangles.
  12. Rational and Irrational Numbers.
  13. Mensuration.
  14. Decimals.
  15. Real Numbers.
  16. Logical Reasoning.
  17. Decision Making
  18. Problem Solving
  19. Clocks and Calendars
  20. Spatial Visualization
  21. Visual Memory
  22. Profit and Loss
  23. Compound Interest
  24. Analysis
  25. Judgment
  26. Analogies
  27. Analysis
  28. Comprehension

General Studies:

The general studies syllabus of AP SLPRB is:
  1. Indian Culture
  2. Andhra Pradesh History
  3. Indian History
  4. Geography
  5. Indian Polity
  6. Constitution of India
  7. Current Events
  8. Indian Freedom Struggle
  9. Economics
  10. Indian Economics
  11. General Science
  12. International Relations
  13. Economic Developments
  14. Disaster Management
  15. Environmental Protection
  16. Social, Cultural, Economic and Political History of India.
  17. Rural Development.
  18. Planning and Economic Reforms of India.
  19. Ethics

English and Telegu papers:

  1. Essay.
  2. Precis Writing.
  3. Letter Writing
  4. Paragraph Writing.
  5. Report Writing.
  6. Translation to and from English/Telugu.
  7. Comprehension

For Programmers:

Subject No. of Questions Marks
General Awareness 15 30
English Comprehension 10 20
Logical Ability and Reasoning 25 50
Computer Application 50 100
Total 100 200
In the personal interview, AP SLPRB asks questions on general awareness along with personality test questions. There will be a practical exam on computer programming.

Chary’s SI English (For Constable and Sub Inspector)

About: This book is written by Rajendra Chary. It is written for competitive Government exams in Andhra Pradesh (AP). This book costs Rs. 280. Why you should buy it: This is one of the best selling books for AP Government exams. it covers the grammar portion of the syllabus for SI’s post.

The reasoning for SI, Constables

About: This book is available in English and Telegu. This is a reasoning book for AP and Telangana state competitive exams. In addition, this book can also be used for Group-I, II, III, IV, VRO (Village Reconstruction Organization), SSC (State Service Commission), Bank and various other competitive exams. It costs Rs.395. It is written by Panditi Meenakshi. Why you should buy it: It has easy explanations for the problems. It is very easy to understand. It is one of the best books for AP competitive exams.

AP Police Constables Preliminary Exam book

About: As the name suggests, this book is exclusively for those applying for the AP Police constable’s post. It is available only in Telegu. This book is useful only for the preliminary exam. It has 21 test model papers from where students can practice. It costs Rs.169 which is pretty cheap compared to other competitive books. This book is written by the Vijeta Competitions Editorial board. Why should you but it: If one is preparing for the AP Police constable’s exam, then this book will help them in practising questions. One can solve plenty of previous year papers from this book.

Chapter-wise Arithmetic (AP)

About: This book has all the previous years questions for Sub Inspector and Constable exams. It is available only in Telegu and costs around Rs.179. The maths portion is entirely covered in this book. It is published by Yes and Yes publications. (2019 edition) Why you should buy it: It has all the previous year questions on Arithmetic. Students can practice their maths from this book and get a grip of the syllabus.


About: This book is published by Annapurna Experts. It contains many model papers for AP police exams. The most recent edition is of 2018. Why you should buy it: Students preparing for AP Government police exams can practice many model papers from this book.

Andhra Pradesh  (AP) General Knowledge (GK)

About: As the name suggests, this is a GK book. It is published by the RPH Editorial board and costs Rs.110. The Kindle edition costs Rs.78. Why you should buy it: This book beautifully covers every aspect of General Knowledge of Andhra Pradesh. This book is extremely handy for every exam of AP SLPRB, as all of the exams have GK. It covers features like History, origin, geography, culture, economy, art traditions, festivals, rivers, temples, wildlife, industries and travel. This book is not only good for competitive exams but it’s also for those willing to know about the state.

Upkar’s Objective English

About: This book is published by T.S.Jain and Lal. Its latest edition is of 2010. Its paperback edition costs Rs.115 and the Kindle edition costs Rs.84. Why you should buy it: This book covers various aspects of English like:
  • Word Power Test
  • Comprehension
  • Correct Usage of Words
  • Synonyms or Similar Words
  • One – Word Substitution
  • Antonyms
  • The sequence of Sentences and Words
  • Active and Passive Voice
  • Synonyms in Operation
  • Transformation of Sentence
  • Synthesis
  • Spellings
  • Closet Test
  • Direct and Indirect Speech
  • Punctuation and Capitals
Students who didn’t have English as their first language in schools can refer to this book to prepare for this English syllabus of AP SLPRB. This book comes in handy for all the AP SLPRB exams. Plus, it’s cheap.

Preparation Tips and Tricks for Andhra Pradesh Police Recruitment Exam Syllabus:

Studying the Syllabus:

Before starting any preparation, one must see the syllabus of the concerned exam and remember it by heart. The syllabus gives an idea of what the student has to study to pass the exam. One can make the list of the syllabus and hang it on their wall or somewhere where they will be able to see it every day. It would serve as a constant reminder of what one has to study.

Planning and Strategizing:

The next important part is planning. Nothing comes out without any planning. Students should plan what they should study and how much they should study to get the cut-off marks. One should see which portion of the syllabus has more marks and prepare accordingly. One should also make a list of the books from where they will study. Students can refer to the above booklist for books. They can make a timetable deciding how much to study each day and give themselves a time limit for completing the syllabus.

Sticking to a few books

This part is crucial for the preparation for any competitive exam. Students refer to multiple books for preparation which ultimately overloads them with information. They forget the basic things that they studied. They also forget about the additional information that they studied. For this reason, students need to make an exhaustive list of books which they will follow sincerely till the end of the preparation.


Revision is another crucial part of the preparation. One should make an exhaustive list of books and keep revising till the end of the preparation from that same source. Multiple revisions help in retaining the information for a long period of time. One can apply various strategies for revising like writing down whatever they’re studying and asking someone to test them.

Giving tests

Tests show students where they stand in their preparation. Students shouldn’t wait to finish the syllabus. They should start giving short tests on every topic they complete. With constant revisions and tests, students can keep their preparation on track. One can refer to the various model papers and previous year questions to test themselves. Once they complete the syllabus, students can even join some test series programmes.

Being Consistent

Students should be consistent in their preparation. It is very easy to get distracted nowadays. Students must discipline themselves and continue their preparation. The preparation will have no value if students study for a week and forget about it in the next week.

Believing in self

One’s beliefs make one who one is. Students should believe in themselves and keep pushing forward until they reach their goals. Only by believing in self, one can bring discipline in their life.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q.1 From where to buy the books?

A. One can buy the books from Amazon or any other E-commerce website. They can get the books offline too.

Q.2 How much time does it take to complete the Andhra Pradesh Police Recruitment exam syllabus?

A. It depends on the exam that one has chosen. On average, it takes around six months to a year to complete the preparation.

Q.3 Where can I find the syllabus for Scientific Assistants?

A. One can refer to the official website. AP SLPRB has posted the syllabus for Scientific Assistants on their official website in pdf format.

Q.4 Does the exam pattern change every year?

A. No. The exam pattern remains the same for each exam. If there’s any change, AP SLPRB will notify that on their official website.

Q.5 What do they ask in the interviews?

A. One can refer to Youtube videos to check some mock interviews. One can get an idea from that.

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