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Sikkim Police Recruitment 2022: Admit Card, Call Letter & Exam Center

Sikkim Police
Sikkim Police Recruitment 2022: Admit Card, Call Letter & Exam Center
August 24, 2021
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Every single student is given an Admit Card. The student must bring the Admit Card to the Examination Centre. The admit card will have the candidate’s recent photograph. It will have their signature. It will also have the name of the Examination Centre. The examination centers are allotted randomly. The date and time of the exam are also on the Sikkim Police admit card.

No one under any condition is allowed in the examination. The candidate should have valid Identity Proof. They should also have their Admit card with them. A student is not allowed without an admit card.

A valid Identity Proof includes any of the following-

  • Aadhar Card
  • Voter ID Card
  • Driver’s License
  • Passport
  • PAN Card

Table of Contents

Identity Proof

The candidate must bring one of the above identity proofs with them. They must bring two recent passport size photographs as well. The Admit Card also has the reporting as well as the closing time. The candidate must reach the Examination Centre on time. After the closing time, no student is allowed to enter the Examination Centre. The students are checked properly. The checker makes sure that there is no electronic device. There is not a metal device. There are no Bluetooth devices. No chits. No gadgets. The students are not allowed to bring a pencil or rough paper.

Not allowed

No student should bring their backpack inside the examination center. The student should respect and help in all the formalities. The student should sit in their seats and wait for the exam to start. They should be calm and patient with the examiner. The Examination normally starts after half an hour. The candidates are should maintain decorum until the exam starts.

The candidates can not talk to each other during the exam. If any candidate is found at fault in disrupting the calm environment of the Examination Centre they will be immediately removed from the grounds. The same rules should be followed throughout the 2 hours. If any candidate is finished with their exam before the allotted time, they will be asked to keep quiet and let the other candidates complete. No student will be allowed to leave the Examination Centre before 2 hours.


How to download Sikkim Police Admit Card?

Students should follow the following steps to download the Admit Card.

  • Browse to the official website of The Sikkim Police Department www. Sikkim Police .nic .in
  • Find the advertisement on the tabular bar that states “Sikkim Police Recruitment 2021 Admit Card OUT NOW” or “CALL LETTER for Sikkim Police Recruitment 2021”
  • Click on the advertisement link.
  • After opening the link, the website will ask for your login credentials.
  • Fill in your Username and your Password or your Date of Birth
  • You can download your Admit Card from the page.
  • The students should check their admit cards. They should check all of their details on the Admit Card.
  • If the details are correct the candidates can print out their Admit Cards


Documents to carry along the Admit Card

The candidates should carry the following documents along with the Admit card.

  • A valid Identity Proof.
  • A pen or a pencil
  • Covid-19 Vaccination Certificate


The students must have their Admit Cards with them. The students will show their admit cards at the entry gate. There is no entry without them. The candidates should not bring any rough paper or any blank notebook with them. The Examiner will provide an A4 size sheet to all the candidates. The candidates must not bring their backpacks inside the Examination Centre. The next process is the seat allotment. After the verification process, the seat allotment process starts. The students should maintain decorum during the entire examination.


Important things to remember for the Sikkim Police Admit Card

  • Every candidate should check their details on the Admit Card.
  • If all the details are correct then the candidate can print out the Admit card. Every candidate should bring valid Identity Proof along with their Admit Cards.
  • You can print a black and white or a colored copy of your admit card.
  • The details do not change once an admit card is out.
  • The Admit Card has both the entry time and closing time on it.
  • The candidates must reach the Examination Centre before the closing time. The gates close after the closing time.


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Interview Call Letter

After the Preliminary and the Mains Exam, most posts require the Interview stage. The candidates who have already cleared both the exams will then get a Call Letter that will allow them to sit for the Interview. The Call letter will have all the details regarding the location of the interview, the date, and the reporting time. After downloading and printing the Call Letter the candidates should start preparing immediately. The Call Letter will have all the necessary information. The candidates should wear formal clothes to the interview. They should reach the location at a specific time. After the interview the candidate is will know about the merit list after some time.

How to download Admit Card?

To download the Call Letter, the candidate should browse to the official website of The Sikkim Police Recruitment Department and click on the advertisement that states “Call Letter for the Sikkim Police Recruitment 2021 Interview” After that the candidate will have to fill up their credentials. From there the candidate can download their Interview Call Letters.


Handwritten declaration

A handwritten declaration is a verbal consent form that makes sure that the candidate is willing to share all of his/her details with the government. It also makes sure that all the information filled by the candidate is true to their knowledge and if they are a valid citizen of India.

The declaration.

If by any means, the information provided by the candidate is incorrect, the government can take legal actions against them. The candidate has to write down a declaration “I __________ (Name of the Applicant), hereby declare that all the information submitted by me in the application form is correct, valid. I will present the supporting documentation as and when required.



The candidate will write down this declaration. The candidate is a valid applicant.


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Q1 – What should I bring along with the Admit Card?

A1 – The candidate should bring a Valid Identity Card with them. A printout of both the Admit Card and the Identity Card. They can also bring a pen or a pencil.

Q2 – How do I write the declaration?

A2 – You can write the declaration with a black pen or blue ball pen.

Q3 – Can I bring my Backpack?

A3 –  You can not bring your Backpack to the examination center.

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