20+ Small Scale Business Ideas from Home with High Profit


Small-scale business ideas from home are those ideas that need less investment, fewer employees, and few machines. The goods and services are manufactured and sold on a small scale, but they can give high profits. Anybody can start a small-scale business and become successful in it. Indeed, small-scale business ideas from home can be the best choice for people capable of handling ownership.

The ownership of a small-scale business relies on a single person. The person has to generate a small-scale business idea from home. The management functions effectively as the employees are less in number and can be monitored easily. Moreover, small-scale businesses are flexible and stress-free. There are many small-scale business ideas to suggest for one. To become a small-scale business owner, you have to work hard with strong determination and dedication. Coordination, management, and proper planning are necessary for small-scale businesses.

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May 10, 2022
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Table of Contents

Top 20 Small-scale business ideas from home

Below are the most trending business options one can choose and earn huge profits, which are as follows –

1. Tailoring or Embroidery

Tailoring can be one of the best skill-based business ideas from home that are in high demand among people. People never get satisfied with the stitching of their clothes in most cases. To be a tailor is not so easy. You have to work carefully and fulfil the needs of your customer. You can start a small-scale tailoring business even at your home with a few machines and labour. You have to work in the best way and satisfy your customers with your perfect stitching. Along with stitching, you can even indulge in many other aspects of tailoring like embroidery, Zari work, and many more. As this is a skill-based business idea, you have to improve your skills and innovations in this field to stand out successfully.

2. Candle making

Candles and scented candles always have high demand among people. Candle-making is one of the easiest businesses. The making of candles needs only four ingredients: wax, essential oil, wicks, and mould. Apart from making candles, you have to market them effectively. You can sell the candles online or to any shops. You can earn Rs.20,000-Rs.25,000 a month by candle making. Thus, it is another small-scale business idea from home.

3. Home Baker

Are you a good baker? Do you love baking? Baking is one of the exciting businesses for a person who loves to bake. Today everyone celebrates every event with cakes and bakery food items. Thus, home baking is one of the best small-scale business ideas from home as it will be extremely profitable. If you are an expert in baking, you can even start baking classes and teach the art to many people interested in baking.

4. Social media influencer

Social media has taken over everything in today’s context. Many people are very addicted to social media, and using this platform profitable is not a difficult task. If you are interested in creativity, creating unusual content, and entertaining your audience, you can become a social media influencer. Work with a strategy and attract audiences and followers. Once you become popular, you can earn better through promotions, collaborations, and paid partnerships.

5. T-Shirt business

Many people prefer T-shirts as they are very convenient and easy to wear. Make T-Shirts so that many people will like and feel comfortable in them. Also, you can design them as per the age group of people who use them. Quality and brand are significant to attract customers, so work accordingly.

6. Tiffin Centre

People never say no to food. The food business never goes out of style, and it will always be profitable. Start a tiffin centre in your locality and provide homemade healthy foods at affordable prices. You will learn better. Tiffin centre is one of the most efficient business ideas from home. The food prepared must be tasty, healthy, and affordable.

7. Organic Farming

Planting and farming are such blissful activities. Organic farming is the best home-based small-scale business idea that can yield profit. You can do this on a small scale in your home garden, on your terrace. Organic farming has high demand as many people prefer these rather than consuming fruits and vegetables sprayed with harmful pesticides and chemicals. Since the demand for organic fruits and vegetables has improved, you can choose this business idea to become profitable.

8. Personalized Gifts

Do you love creativity and innovations? You have to try this business idea if you are a creative person. Personalized gifts are grabbing the attention of people.  Handmade and personalized gifts are gaining popularity, and this business will bring a considerable profit.

9. Organic and Natural cosmetics

Organic cosmetics and organic products are preferred by most youth rather than other beauty products and cosmetics. Handmade, chemical-free, and organic cosmetics and beauty products are prepared and marketed among people. This is one of the profitable home-based small-scale business ideas which involves low investment.

10. Party Planner

Having fun and partying are never-ending stories. Planning for a party and executing the plan successfully is very important for the success of an event. People want to party cool, and they completely give the responsibility to plan an event or party to the party planners. Party planning is an exciting business idea. You have to be innovative and decorate the event in the best way to satisfy your customers. Also, this event and theme-based party planners have high demand, and this business will be extremely profitable.

11. Babysitting

Babysitting is one of the most convenient small-scale business ideas for housewives and women who want a convenient job. Although maintaining a kid is not an easy task, you can work in your comfortable space making happy memories with the kids. In many houses, both the husbands and wives work, and they prefer babysitters to take care of their babies and kids. Moreover, in almost all the houses, there are working couples, and thus, the demand for babysitters is high. So, this is one of the extremely profitable small-scale business ideas.

12. Home-cooked snacks

Human beings are very much attracted to snacks, and snacks play a relaxing role in our lives. We all expect snacks after returning home from a tired and hectic day. Likewise, making snacks traditionally and healthily and marketing them is one of the best small-scale business ideas. Men and women interested in cooking and who know many different recipes for snack items that are rare, traditional, and delicious, here is the best idea for you to start a business and succeed. Start the home-cooked snacks. You can even market them online.

13. Photography

Are you a passionate photographer? Today there is a high demand for photographers and photography. Sell your online photos online and earn better. You can be an expert in any field of choice and interest. You can upload photos of different genres like travel photography, product photography, food photography, stock photography, etc.

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14. Yoga Instructor

Yoga is a healthy practice that keeps us relieved to maintain a healthy body and mind. Although it may seem like many people don’t practice yoga nowadays, many people still give importance to yoga in their daily lives. Yoga classes can happen either in offline mode or online mode. All you need is a video camera and a stable internet connection to start online yoga classes.

15. Dance Classes

Dance is a form of art that many people love to do. If you are a passionate dancer and a choreographer, you can start dance classes as your business. Many people are passionate about dancing, and there will be a good response if you start one on your own. Include participants from all age groups and genders to improve your dance classes. Also, you can become social media influencers by exposing your dancing talent.

16. Photocopying and Printing shop

If you live in a busy locality, this is a suitable business for you. Especially when you set a photocopying or printing shop nearby any educational Institutions like Schools and colleges you can choose this business idea without any second thought. You can enjoy profit out of this business.

17. Masala Making

Masalas are the secret behind every delicious food. Readymade masalas are the best-selling products that many Indian women buy and use in their kitchens. If you are good at making masalas, you can sell them by preparing them hygienically and healthily.

18. Tour and Travel agency

Today travel and tourism industry is gaining high popularity. Thus, you can start a business related to tourism and travel. You can organize tours and research and upload content about particular tourist spots.

19. Cloth boutique

Having a boutique and selling clothes of unique design and colour help you get more customers. Many men and women are fond of dressing and always shop for dresses, so this is one of the unique and successful business ideas from home.

20. Blogging

Are you a creative writer? Are you interested in writing? Blogging is the best business idea from home if you are a passionate writer. Keep writing and upload your content online. You can earn whenever anybody visits your site and read your blog posts.

Teach Online or Coaching Classes

Teach Online and coaching classes are one of the no investment business ideas from home. Teaching is the most exciting and refreshing profession. You can start your tuition classes at your home or start your classes on your terrace. Set up a shed on your terrace and bring in a classroom atmosphere for the convenience of your students. You can teach yourself if you can employ the best teachers to handle different subjects.


The above-mentioned small-scale business ideas are some of those that are extremely suitable for profit. You have to work with sheer dedication and willpower to start a small-scale business. You can earn better in small-scale business. All you have to do is improve your business idea and strategies. Try doing your best. Maybe your business is small, but your profit and success will be great. Enjoy your business and enjoy success.

Frequently asked questions about small scale business ideas

Q1. Can Small scale business ideas from home be successful?

Ans. Yes, Small scale business ideas can be extremely successful. If you are determined to start a business on your own, try small scales businesses as they need only less investment and less labour. Although the business happens on a small scale, the profit the business can yield can be high. There are plenty of small-scale business ideas, and you can choose any of those based on your skills and choice.

Q2. How can I start a small-scale business from home?

Ans. To start a small-scale business, you must first come up with some business ideas from home related to your interest. Research your business idea and if you can make it profitable and worthy. Work on your brand name and logo, then develop strategies to improve your business. You can get loans for your small-scale businesses from the right bank for investments. Get a license and permits if it is necessary for your business idea.

Q3. What are some of the best small-scale business ideas from home?

Ans. There are plenty of small-scale business ideas from home that one can choose from. Some businesses are skill-based, while few can be practiced easily without any skill or experience. Likewise, some of the best small scale business ideas are:

  • Cake baking
  • Handmade chocolates
  • Organic soaps
  • Pickle making
  • Home-made snacks
  • Nursery garden/ organic farming and many more.

Q4. Are small-scale business ideas profitable, and can I get rich?

Ans. Yes, it can indeed be successful when you choose any small-scale business idea out of your interest and choice. There is immense choice to start any small-scale business. You can become rich by earning more money if you work effectively. Small scale businesses may need less investment, but it can yield more profit. To become rich and profitable, set a proper business idea. Your business idea should be relevant, and your business should have high demands.

Q5. Which business is best for housewives?

Ans. Certain suitable small-scale business ideas that are profitable and can be done from home. These business ideas are very suitable for housewives, and some of them are Bakery and cake doing yoga training, babysitting, blogging, catering services, and many more.



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