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Traditional teaching is no longer the preferred mode in this era of rapidly changing technology. Online teaching jobs are taking a great rise since this pandemic has started. There has been a significant rise in online teaching sites in India. More and more people are looking to establish their careers in online tuition jobs with the help of technological innovations and the internet. Online teaching sites play a major role in giving a platform to the teacher where they can express their knowledge and play a major role in nourishing student’s life. Online teaching job from home is not an easy task, you need a proper online teaching site and a good platform to get started. It is convenient to say that online tuition jobs are a growing sector in India where you can earn decent money by providing knowledge to the students for their sustainable future. In this article, you will find about the online teaching site for students and other best online teaching sites in India to get started with your online teaching job from home.

online teaching sites
June 21, 2022
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What is online teaching?

If we put it in simple terms online teaching is a process of teaching others by the means of the internet. Using technology to transfer your knowledge through teaching. It can be one-to-one online sessions or groups. Online teaching acts as a major part in providing students a better edge in education. It is way different from the traditional way of teaching. Online teaching jobs can be of different types, you can be a part of the organization working as a full-time teacher or you can start your online teaching job from home business. This falls in the category of online tuition jobs and you can build your platform where you can deliver a lecture on your desired choice of subject.

To get your business started you will need a basic requirement of online teaching sites where you can teach students and earn money. Let’s have a look at sites for online teaching.

How online teaching sites work, and why we need them?

Online teaching sites play a crucial role in providing a reliable platform where different teachers can work to provide education to their respective students. These sites come under a basic necessity when we talk about online teaching jobs. Consider this as your first step towards the career of online tuition jobs. There are numerous sites for online teaching in India. It becomes tricky to select a site with all the necessary features. When you opt for a teaching site to start your online teaching career then you should look for certain features mentioned below.

Check the online presence.

Look whether the online teaching site is worthy or not. Check out some of the reviews about it on the internet or any social media platform. This will help you know if the site is reliable or not. Since there are a bunch of sites that will offer you exotic experience in teaching but at the end comes out as a hoax. Gather every possible piece of information about that particular online teaching site. The online presence of any particular brand shows the working background and actual image of the organization. If the site is famous and reliable then only it will attract some potential students.

Good Learning management system

A learning management system or LMS is crucial when it comes to providing a top-quality education to the students. There are various best online teaching sites in India that are upgrading their LMS for a better learning experience for students. You can surf through some and test their LMS before start teaching through that platform.

Qualification required by online teaching sites.

When it comes to any sort of job basic qualification is required. The same is the case with online teaching jobs. When you start teaching then you should have basic qualifications of up to higher secondary school certificate. This is the minimum requirement you should have before even applying to sites for online teaching. It would be best if you have a higher degree in a particular subject. The most important thing to keep in mind when you start an online teaching job from home is subject proficiency. Your hold on subject matters the most in the teaching industry. No matter how many qualifications you have but the knowledge about the subject always gives you a better edge on every type of job in this industry.

There are some certain skills that you must have a part basic degree in your desired subjects.

Familiarity with the ongoing course structure. 

When you are aware of the course plan of the particular subject then it is easy for you to conduct lectures. This makes you well aware of what all is there in the syllabus. This also helps you in preparing beforehand for the online lectures. Since we are aware of the fact that online curriculum changes every year with time. So if you are a teacher and you are not updated about the course then it will directly impact your online teaching job career.

Communication Skills

It is obvious if you don’t have the necessary communication skills to interact with your students then there is no use for the high qualifications you have. Communication is a key skill that everyone should have. Whether you are in any sector, communication is a basic skill that you should make your strong side. Online teaching jobs from home is all about transferring your thought to your students. If you can convey your thoughts and knowledge then your students will have an overall growth as individuals.

Ability to use different resources

You don’t want to make your online teaching lecture boring for the students. Here is a thing that you should take into the practice of using different resources while teaching. Presentations can be a good option for delivering any topic of the subject. When you use such different resources then students will feel interactive and your engagement level will also become healthy. There are many resources you can use as a teacher. Sharing notes in PDF form, sending presentations, and much more. When you start using such practices then you will automatically see the results in your career as an online tuition job.

Getting started with online teaching jobs.

We all understand that online teaching jobs are a profitable business and to get started there are certain things on which you should work. A tutor plays a significant role in the academic and personal growth of students. Here are the points that will help you in getting your online teaching job from home running.

Analyze your audience

Take this as your first step towards your online teaching career. Do some research on analyzing your audience and student’s need and requirements. Doing so can help you understand what is the ongoing trend in the education industry. Determine what subjects are in trend and know where certain students are facing difficulties.

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Before starting your own online teaching business you should have a look at the basic requirements that will help you in growing. Select the different niches after conducting proper research on the topics you want to teach. Get to know the targeted audience as mentioned in the above point. When you choose a niche then you can work on the skills required to get things done. You can prepare yourself for the subject you desire to teach to the students.

Since online teaching sites offer various job opportunities increases competition in this sector. You should analyze the requirements and your teaching methodology to stand above the crowd. Try to get a certification of the particular subject you are looking to teach. This helps mainly the category of people who are not experienced and starting at fresher level. There are several online teaching sites for students that target students and freshers that are looking to earn some experience in this teaching sector.

Setting the teaching method

The teaching methodology is key to the growth of your online tuition job career. It would be best if you use different effective methods to teach the students. Make the online teaching session interesting for the student. Using various video lectures will make things interactive for the students. The longer you keep them engaged during the online session the more they will get motivated towards learning new things. Online teaching sites influence greatly your teaching methodology. There are various features that these sites provide through their teaching platform.

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Some sites for online teaching to get your career started

Online teaching jobs can be found on various sites in India. Since you have followed all the necessary things to get started now the only thing left is the place where you can get an online teaching job from home. Let’s have a look at some of the trending online teaching sites where you can find your dream teaching jobs.

Job posting sites in India are one of the most popular ways to find online tuition jobs. You can search for your desired teaching jobs on such sites. Here are some sites that you can choose from.

Indeed jobs

Indeed job is one of the fast-growing job search platforms that is helping many candidates with their dream job. Many education sectors choose this site to post their respective job openings. You can filter your job search preference on this site and choose accordingly. It has a very basic user interface that makes it easy for any individual to operate and surf through this site.


You must have heard about this platform once in your life. One of the oldest and most reliable job hunt sites where you can find any job category easily. Since it is popular hance most education organizations try to post their job on this platform. Naukri offers you various features that make it easy to use. You can create your CV and upload it on the site. So next time when you searching for online teaching jobs you don’t have to waste any more time uploading the CV.


LinkedIn is a social platform where you can boost your career and search for jobs at the same time. It is much more famous among the students and younger generation. It is no doubt one of the best online teaching jobs sites for students. You can connect with your favorite education sector company by sending connection requests to their employee. But moreover, your success is dependent upon your CV and enthusiasm for teaching.


Why go the conventional way to do your passionate work? Youtube offers you a budding platform for every passionate creator. You can be an online teacher on youtube where you can upload various videos about your desired subjects. This can act as great marketing for your business as well. Later as your youtube channel progress, you can start your private online tuition jobs from home.

Chegg India: Best online teaching sites in India

If you are looking for a place where you can teach students and earn a great amount of money at the same time the Chegg India offers you the opportunity of a lifetime. Chegg India is a leading platform dedicated to the students and helps them in every way possible academically. If you have a passion for teaching and you want to start earning some side money then you can join Chegg India as a Subject matter expert (SME). An SME is responsible to answer the questions asked by students all across the country. These questions can be of any subject if you are an expert on that particular subject then you can become an SME at Chegg.

There are many subjects you can choose from whether it is Mathematics, Engineering, Health Science and much more. Simply visit Chegg and signup with us to get your career started. If you wanna connect with some of the best experts and expand your knowledge then you should give it a try.


We have gone through every aspect related to online teaching jobs and various sites for online teaching. You can start building your profile for a better edge in your teaching career. Online teaching jobs are booming and you can choose this as your part-time and full-time career depending on your preference. This article has included some of the best online teaching sites in India that will help you provide a better start to your career. If you are dedicated enough to teaching students and passing that valuable knowledge then this career will take you to another height.

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