Mastering Online Writing Jobs in Simple Steps


Earning money is not a tough task today. The emergence of freelance jobs has opened tons of possibilities for you to make money online. Likewise, when on one hand there are jobs related to creativity. For example, graphic designing and video editing. On the other, there are jobs related to business. For example, Affiliate Marketing and Entrepreneurship. Nevertheless, online writing jobs still make it to the top when it comes to making the most money with zero investment. At the same time, there are many different types of online writing jobs from home for students. These range from blogging to copywriting to ghostwriting. Freelance writing, therefore, is not only a great way to make a side income but also a very broad field that teaches you so many things with every article that you write.

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January 10, 2022
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Table of Contents

3 Key Elements of Freelance Writing

Before you put your step into the online writing world, there are 3 key elements that you must have.

1. Niche

The first and the most important question is – What do I want to write about? Is it Fashion that interests you? Or academic content that you enjoy most researching about? Find out that one category that best fits your interest and then write about it. In the starting, it can be difficult to figure out what you are good at. So, you need to use trial and error to find your niche. Once you know what your expertise is, start creating sample articles for the same.

2. Blog

A blog is something that showcases your writing style in an organized manner. If you are thinking of content writing as a permanent job, then having a blog is a must. This is because it is the simplest but the most effective way to build your personal brand.

WordPress and Blogger. com are two of the most popular ways to generate a free blog. All you need is an email address to sign up and create a domain name. Following that, you can write all that you want on your blog and self-publish it. In fact, you can even add your contact details like your social media handles, email address, and a short introduction about yourself to the blog. This gives your readers and clients a call to action.

Also, even when you do not have any professionally published links, you can always use your blog. We suggest that write at least three to five articles and post them on your blog. Subsequently, use them as sample articles while applying for online writing jobs.

3. Portfolio

The next important element is a portfolio. A Portfolio is a collection of your best writing samples. Whenever you get a client, he/she will ask you to show sample pieces of your work. In such situations, having a real organized set of your best work gets you the job more quickly. Although you can use your blog as a Portfolio if you are a beginner, separating out your articles based on niche casts a better impression. Besides, it also makes it easier for your client to decide whether you fit the job requirements or not.

These are the basics of content writing and are a very crucial component of online writing jobs. Of course, you can start content writing with scratch without having these. But getting an idea and deciding on these three factors beforehand will only give you a slight advantage over others in the competitive arena.

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Skills you need to start online writing jobs

Paid online writing jobs are not just about typing work. Although it includes typing a lot, there are many other aspects of it. You cannot just start writing anything on your own. There are guidelines that you must follow to actually make money out of it. Henceforth, there are certain skills that you need to get a high-paying freelance writing job online.

1. SEO

SEO refers to Search Engine Optimisation. The internet is a large library of millions of articles and blogs. So, when you search for something, say – ‘How to find a job’, there are many blogs that can answer your question. But have you ever wondered why do search engines show only results from some sources on the first page? That is because of SEO. In the case of online writing jobs, SEO is the art of writing articles in a way that can be easily understood by a large audience.

Some examples of SEO optimized writing include:

  • Writing short sentences.

  • The correct use of transitional words.
  • Using simple language.
  • Having a conversational tone that is not only casual but also informative.

In fact, this article is SEO optimized too. You can have a look at the writing style to learn more about it.

2. Courage

Pitching to multiple clients may not always reward you with a job or money. Ultimately, you need a lot of courage to go out there and face failures. Simultaneously, the constant initial rejections are very disturbing and frustrating mentally. Therefore, if you can take up and digest failure, only then you should opt for online writing jobs.  Nevertheless, every experience will teach you something to be slightly better at your job. Gradually, as you improve with constant negative feedbacks, your skills will ultimately get better. All these rejections lead to more growth and thereby get you ahead not just in the content writing career but also in life in general.

3. Copywriting

Copywriting is the activity of writing content that is especially meant for advertising. The written material is called a sales copy and is sent to the target audience/customers/clients in bulk. They help to generate more brand awareness ultimately leading to an increase in the overall revenue of a company.

To know more about copywriting, you can:

  • Take up an online course.

  • Buy online study material.
  • Watch youtube videos.

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3. Communication skills

This one is quite general for all kinds of freelance jobs. But online writing jobs, in particular, pose a greater challenge on beginners. Since here, the work is done remotely and conversations happen only via phone calls and video conferences, so you need to have excellent communication skills. Likewise, when you are on a prospect call, you should be able to convince them to take up your services. Only then you can succeed as a freelance writer. After all, writing is all about making the proper use of words. So, if you can use your words to pursue your dreams then why not start working on them from today?

What do online writing jobs do? 

  • Firstly, online writing jobs are a great way to improve your English skills. We all know that English is a language spoken worldwide. So, when you know how to speak and write it effectively then it automatically makes you more eligible for all kinds of jobs worldwide.
  • Secondly, paid online writing jobs have no boundaries of age or academic background to start working. Plus, it does not require much time and effort to start earning. Hence, it does not matter whether you are a student, a teacher, or any retired person, you can always take up freelance writing as an easy income source.
  • Lastly, freelance writing prepares you to step into the corporate world with confidence and professionalism. Likewise, online writing jobs from home develop a sense of self-confidence in you. Especially if you are a student then doing content writing jobs online and earning your own money while studying gives you a feeling of pride. This ultimately makes you are a happier person. Simultaneously, it also improves your communication skills to perform better in your career.


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5 ways to get content writing jobs online

Now that you know the benefits, the skills, and the basic elements of online writing jobs, let me take you to a list of 5 ways to get paid content writing jobs online.

1. Start Cold Pitching

Cold pitching means communicating directly with people who can give you a writing job. These include potential clients such as:

  • Bloggers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Companies

  • Startups
  • Small Business Owners

Since cold pitching is not easy, therefore not many people do it. This is because it includes sending a customized email or message to prospects to tell them about your services. Basically, you contact them and try to convince them that how your writing skills can help them grow their business. As we have already discussed, you need the courage to be ready for rejections when you are a beginner. However, once you get your hands on writing a great cold pitch, the chances of you getting reoccurring freelance writing gigs increases by 10 folds.

2. Have a website

Professionalism is the key to unlocking high-paying clients in online writing jobs. Buying a website in the immediate start may not be helpful. But once you get some experience of working as an online writer, it is the best investment to make. Moreover, you can use WordPress to create a professional website.

Tips to create a great professional website:

Domain Name

Your domain name is your brand name. Know that whenever anyone visits your website, it is the first thing that they will come across. Besides, it should not look childish like social media usernames. For example, or Instead, it should be something like For example,

Mention your services

Your website is not just a blog or a Portfolio. It should have everything that you offer including your services and your contact details.

Essentially, your website must contain the following information:

  • All of your services. These should include your expertise and niche. One example is – ‘I am a copywriter, mastering the art of writing sales copies and in-depth blog posts’
  • Contact Details: A professional email address and links to your social media such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram, and your business phone number (optional)
  • A direct link to your blog page and portfolio.

3. Writing Guest Posts

One way to get attention in the freelance writing world is to start writing on already popular websites. Many clients initially do not give you the credits for your work. This is termed ghostwriting. It simply means that you can have your content under someone else’s name. But never the less, it is a great way to build your portfolio by concurrently increasing the chances of landing high-paying clients.

Chances are when your blog is published on already popular websites, hundreds and thousands of people can read it. But here’s the catch, you can mention a link to your personal website or blog under that guest post. For this, you have to create a short author bio. Following that, you give access to a wider audience to reach you via your website or blog. All these actors ultimately help you to get better clients and land high-paying online writing jobs. 

4. Networking

Online jobs are all about networking with like-minded people. LinkedIn is one of the best ways to build this network of professional freelance writers.

It helps you by:

  • You can ask experienced writers about their journey and learn from it.
  • You can view what they post and get an idea to strategize your own social media.
  • You can directly message them to know more about writing jobs from home.
  • You can even get job referrals and land your first client by proper networking.

Remember that, competition would always be there. But how you prepare yourself for it is totally up to you. So go out there and find out everything you can to make the most money!

5. Online tutoring at Chegg

Working as a subject matter expert is one of the best online writing jobs from home for students.

The role of a subject matter expert at Chegg India lets you learn and earn. For this, all you have to do is sign up on their website. The best part is that you only need some subject knowledge to start. Accordingly, you can take up the subjects that you are pursuing a degree in and answer questions related to that. The more correct answers you give, the more money you earn. Additionally, there are many subjects that you can choose from. Some examples are Psychology and Mathematics.

The Sign Up process consists of the following three steps:

  1. Registration

  1. Online Screening

  1. Verification

After signing up, you can start answering questions.  Click here to become a subject matter expert at Chegg now!

Final thoughts

All in all, online writing jobs are not just a side hustle anymore. If you are dedicated enough to put all your efforts into freelance writing, then it makes a great stable career option. In fact, the current industry rate of writing is 50 paise per word in India. This means that writing a 2000-word article pays you Rs.1000. Thereby, experienced content writers take anywhere between 2 to 3 hours to complete a 2000-word article. Now imagine if you are working for 8 hours a day as a full-time writer, then how much you can make? The possibilities, therefore, are endless and chances are many. International clients on the other hand even pay up to $50 for 500 words. That equals almost Rs. 3730 currently!

Indeed, it is certainly one of the highest-paying freelance jobs to do. So, what are you waiting for, use the above methods and become a writer today! All the best!

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