How to Earn Paytm Cash? Online Income Platforms


How many times did you search on the internet about making some cash without investment? Have you ever wondered how to earn Paytm cash from home? Answer must be several times. Every time it showed some irrelevant search that was of no use to you. But not this time. You can easily earn paytm cash online following some different steps and applications. All such platforms are free to use and you can earn paytm cash online. The online platform is vast. You can go deep into it and find millions of ways to earn money through different sources. But not every method is legitimate and authentic. It might sound hard that you will earn paytm cash from home by spending the minimum amount of time but the reality is different.

how to earn paytm cash
January 15, 2022
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How to earn Paytm cash?

To get started with earning online paytm cash you need to understand what the demand of a particular site or an application is. There are various websites that offer a register and earn paytm cash option to you. For that register using your email id and some basic details and you are good to go. Creating an account and linking your paytm wallet with that account is a must. By this, all your earnings will be transferred to the paytm wallet. Just register and earn paytm cash daily.

You need to understand what kind of work they are providing you. Some applications are fun to use and others offer you to earn paytm cash by watching videos. The different platforms offer different work and money associated with it. You can find applications that offer you to play games. The more you play games and interact with their application the greater your chances to earn real paytm money becomes. There is a quiz challenge where you can use your knowledge about any particular topic to earn paytm cash. Several apps in India offer various payment options. Linking your UPI, Paytm wallet, and bank account. It is up to you which one you want to select. It is advised that you should link your UPI or Paytm account for faster and safe transactions.

Various platforms to earn paytm cash online. 

Now let’s directly hop onto the main discussion of the day we have understood about how to earn paytm cash through different platforms. Now it’s time to know some services or applications that allow you to register and earn paytm cash daily.

Online survey jobs.

You all must be familiar with surveys that take place on various sites. They are one of the easiest ways to earn paytm cash without putting in much effort. There are a lot of companies that will be paying your paytm cash for every survey you complete. Just registering yourself to a website and answering the survey is all you need to do. If you were not aware of this method then this is the right time for you to get your earnings started with online surveys.

For the surveys, you need to provide correct and honest answers. You should focus on maintaining the level and answer with proper guidelines. Stay updated with these survey websites so that you never miss answering them. Just a mobile phone is enough for you to start with. You can also use it on a desktop.  Some of the sites from where you can earn Paytm cash is-

  • Google opinion rewards
  • Mobrog

  • Survey Monkey
  • Swagbucks

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Gaming apps.

If you are not into those boring surveys and other kinds of jobs online then there is a better option for you. There has been a rise of various gaming apps in India that will pay you money when you win any game. There are various games by which you can earn paytm cash. All you need to do is showcase some of your gaming skills and you can earn paytm cash daily. You might have seen it on social media or television about such applications. They really provide you with paytm money whenever you win. You can later transfer your winnings into your paytm wallet easily. It is one of the best examples of a paytm cash earning app.  Here are some top gaming applications to choose from.

  • Dream 11
  • Ludo
  • MPL

Various affiliate platforms.

If you don’t know about affiliate marketing then it’s high time now for you to learn about it. An affiliate program is like marketing but here you are not going door to door selling a product. Everything here is online, all you need to sell any of the products online by sharing the product link. This product link is called an affiliate link. There are several businesses that sell products and if you help them sell their product then you can earn a commission. It is a simple way of marketing and earning paytm cash.

When a customer opens your shared link and purchases that product then a company to which that product belongs will award you with some commission. It is a great business idea that is running nowadays all over the world. If you want to start something big then you should look out for affiliate business. Just register and earn paytm cash daily. Following the simple steps, you can earn paytm cash online. Various affiliate sites are popular in India, some include.

  • One code
  • Meesho App
  • Amazon affiliate
  • Flipkart associate

Online jobs.

There are numerous businesses online that require candidates that can complete their work within a fixed deadline. There are certain types of work for which the company does not have work. So they hire people on a part-time basis to get it done. You can earn paytm cash just by completing their work. We are not talking about freelance sites as they do not pay you in paytm. You can search for various job portals like Indeed, Naukri, and many others. Just look for a job search for part-time work and you can choose results according to your preference.

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Watching videos.

Have you ever thought about the idea that you can earn paytm cash online just by watching videos? But it is true that now just by simply watching videos you can earn paytm cash. These videos are nothing but advertisements run by a particular company. You must have skipped many Youtube advertisements just to watch your favorite video. Here you will get paid to watch such advertisements or videos again. Such ads that don’t generate revenue are sent to such people that see them generate revenue. The amount generated by it is sent to the owner of the videos and then he/she shares some revenue with you. Some sites where you can earn paytm cash by watching videos are.

  • Ysense

  • Adfun
  • Swagbucks

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Paytm first games.

You read it right, paytm also has its own gaming platform where you can earn paytm cash online. It is one of the best paytm cash earning apps which is backed by paytm itself. You don’t have to worry about any fraud or scam with such an app. This paytm cash earning app allows you to earn an unlimited amount of money from this platform. You can play games on this site and have a test of your knowledge by playing quizzes and earn paytm cash, different kinds of games to make you feel competitive, and if you win then you can win rewards in a form of cash.


One of the most established platforms on the internet. Earlier it was popular for paying people when they read articles on their site. But it has gone under a makeover now. Now you can earn paytm cash just by downloading the applications, completing the given offers, and then referring to your friends. With every successful referral, you will earn a reward. It is the best paytm cash earning app. To get started first download the taskbucks application after which as the name suggests you need to complete the given tasks to get cash. The next step includes signing up using your mobile number then linking your paytm account. Then task bucks will tell you to install some applications. You can earn almost Rs 50 paytm cash.

Refer programs

Referral programs are the best way to earn paytm cash. When you refer any product to any customer then you earn a commission out of it. A lot of applications will pay you on referring to a product. With this earning has no limit. You just have to simply register and earn paytm cash daily. Share that product ink on social handles. Try to use more authentic reviews while selling it. There are different methods that you can try to boost your income through such apps.

Earn some great money through Chegg India.

Do you have a great piece of knowledge about any subject? Do you want to earn money through your knowledge? Chegg India is the most popular MNC that is emerging in India as the best platform for students. If you are good in any subject then you can become an SME, a Subject matter expert at Chegg India easily. You must be wondering about SMEs. Let us put some light on this profile. As an SME your job will be to answer the various questions about a particular subject which is asked by students. Sounds really simple right? Yes, it is not such rocket science.

It is similar to teaching online. The only difference is you will be answering the questions and not interacting with students in real life. Since the pandemic affected all our life it has been hard for most of us to earn on a regular note. This job of SME at Chegg India gives you an upper hand in your earnings. You can simply earn a great amount of money by taking a few hours from your schedule. It is not like a regular teaching job. You can work on your own terms. If you are free then just answer some questions and get paid for it.

How to get started? So becoming an SME, Subject matter expert at Chegg India is super simple. Firstly you need to sign up here and fill in all the registration details required. The second step comprises screening and guidelines tests to examine your hold on the subject you are applying for. All the documents will be then verified including the documents that you provide and you become an expert. There are a lot of subjects that you can choose from like Business, Engineering, Healthcare, Science, Mathematics and a lot more. Visit Chegg India for further information.

In Conclusion

It is not that tricky to earn paytm cash online. You just need to use the right application or a platform at right time. Make good use of your time and research the ways you can put your time into it. Always aware of sites that ask you to add money to get started with your work. In the name of earn paytm cash by watching videos, some sites are scamming people on a greater scale. Don’t fall into such traps as it will lead you to a huge loss. Always look authenticity of a particular application. Read some genuine reviews about that platform on the internet before investing your time in such apps. Many paytm cash earning apps are free to use and do not require any investment from your side.

Now you have understood the basics of earning online utilizing different sites and applications. Follow the steps of the above-listed sites and applications. Earn money safely and invest it in a better place.

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