How to Earn Money at Home in India? 100% Genuine Ways


There has been a rapid and unprecedented switch in the global working culture due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Most offices have instructed their employees to work remotely, teaching has been shifted online and the opportunities for work-from-home jobs have increased manifold. Although the situation is critical and you are wondering how to earn money at home in India, you have the incentives to utilize the time you have to build the career or land the job you always wanted.

There are several reasons that would make earning from home a lucrative option for you. If you have a 9 to 5 job that does not excite you, there are plenty of opportunities in the market to help you grow as well as earn money sitting at home. If you are a student and looking for options for how to earn money at home in India, you need money to pay for tuitions, books, supplementary courses, and casual extravagances!

Being financially independent is crucial in today’s times, and the pertinent question running through your head would be “How to earn money at home in India?”

Firstly, to efficiently earn money online in India, you will need a few prerequisites:

  • A laptop/desktop
  • A stable internet connection
  • A bank account
  • Valid PAN/Aadhaar cards for identity verification and tax deductions (if any)
  • A dedicated amount of time daily

List of Genuine Ways to Earn Money

Well, we’re here to tide you through that query with our list of “How to earn money from home” All you have to do is ensure you assess your passion, strengths, and weaknesses and choose wisely!

How to Earn Money at Home in India? 100% Genuine Ways
January 2, 2022
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Table of Contents

Online Tutoring

If you are somebody who is excited by academics and loves to involve yourself in books and coursework, why don’t you try online tutoring?

All you need is a strong internet connection, a good grasp of relevant concepts, and the patience to impart knowledge and clear doubts!

There are several websites online which let you register for free and help you find students to teach. Most of the websites will let you work on your own time and convenience.  As long as you are fulfilling the required number of classes or hours per week. You will be your own boss, can interact with students, solve questions. Moreover,  get paid for doing all of these things!

Another great option in the list of how to earn money at home in India for you is to sign up as a Chegg Subject Expert! It’s well-paid, has an easy sign-up process, and offers a great range of subjects like Economics, Mathematics, Psychology, Finance, etc. You have to answer questions posted by students. You will be paid for the questions answered by you

One can become a freelance expert with no fixed working hours. This is an excellent way to make money at home in India!

Freelance Content Writing

If creativity is right up your alley and if you can whip up 500 words in a jiffy (or an hour, that works too!) Content writing is a brilliant way to quickly earn from home in India.

You are required to be quick and efficient with research, work on SEO content, and cater to the specifics demanded by the client. There is ample room for your originality and creativity in the tasks and projects you will be assigned. Sticking to deadlines is a must for delivering content!

Writing freelance content is one of the most lucrative and sought after ways to earn money from home in India. You will payment asper word or per article. One will work on their own schedule and have flexible timings! You also have new and challenging assignments to work on each time. It’s a great way to exercise the inner Wordsworth in you!

Although verbosity is not a great quality for online content- you would want everybody to understand what you’re saying, right?

How to go about it?

Well, you can look for freelance content internships on sites like Internshala, HelloIntern, etc.

Another way to get yourself going is by signing up on freelance websites like Upwork, where recruiters or companies look for freelancer profiles fitting their requirements.

Trust us when we tell you, that writing freelance content is a tried and tested method in the list of how to earn money at home in India!

Working in Business Development

COVID-19 has wreaked havoc through our lives, but businesses and organizations have to keep functioning, don’t they? This is where you come into the picture. You can fit into a “Business Development” profile with pretty much any sector or skill-set you have, as businesses need a bit of everything to flourish! Moreover, you also make money from home!

If you have good organization skills and are resourceful, you could work in HR or Recruiting. If you are creative and like developing, optimizing, or creating content- written or audio-visual, you could work in Content Creation. Good “people-skills” and cleverness with marketing strategies, you can work for Sales or Marketing!

Business Development jobs and internships are available aplenty on job-seeking websites like or networking apps like LinkedIn.

What’s important here is you have a stable internet connection, at least 5-6 hours available per day. A willingness to do work.

If you fit into the requirements, business development jobs are decently paying. There are cool incentives, and provide an environment for learning and growth!

Freelance Web Developer

Are you somebody who is a passionate coder or likes to solve problems by deliberating and researching and coming up with a solution? Then, applying to be a freelance web developer is an excellent method for making money from home in India.

Web development is an upcoming and sought-after profession that opens up a bunch of online opportunities to earn money from home in India. The name might sound scary, but for a lot of these jobs, you don’t require advanced training at all!

(Although advanced knowledge can’t hurt. Therefore,  it is wise to always work on upgrading your existing skill-set it to make more money from home)

For many projects that are looking for freelancers, knowledge of basic WordPress sites, and how to handle them is sufficient.

However, if you are acquainted with programming languages and frameworks, you can aim higher and work for app-developers as well! App-developers will generally pay more than web-developers, but you will also have to work harder and have tighter deadlines!

So, if you are digitally suave and are keen to creatively experiment with your talents, give web-development or app-development ago!

They are an interesting and exciting method among how to earn money at home in India.

Youtuber or Digital Influencer

If working for anyone is not your calling at all, then one of the most convenient and comfortable ways to earn money online from home is to become an influence. In fields of content creator on Youtube or other digital platforms like Instagram, Facebook, etc. (Or, all at once)

You will need to identify something you are passionate about and want to share with the world. If you want to be a Youtuber for merely the money, it will not work well for you, as you might run the risk of burning out! But if you have the drive and passion, say, about fitness, or beauty, music or dance, or even academics, you can take this up. Good communication skills, great strategizing, and a determination to not give up will help you here!

Final Thoughts

This isn’t easy cash, to be honest. It will take hard work and elbow grease, but, if you are passionate and determined enough to make it work, the dream will come true!

Consistency and originality are key here, so if you are wondering how to earn money at home in India and your creative brain cells aren’t warming up to any of the other ways to earn online then perhaps this is for you?

It doesn’t hurt to try, and you will never know what might happen if you don’t take the first step!

So, all the best for utilizing your time and filling your pockets!

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