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Gone are the days when you had to go from place to place looking for work to make some extra income or, say, supplement your salary. It was difficult to strike a balance between your personal & professional lives. The situation has changed as a result of technological advances and the accessibility of internet. Now you can easily find both full-time jobs and part-time jobs at your home and work in your comfort.

According to Wikipedia, India’s present per capita income is expected to grow at 6.8% still this is slower than its previous growth. Per capita income helps determine the average per-person income to evaluate the standard of living for a population. It is a crude indicator of the prosperity of the country. Having multi-sources of income helps in upgrading your living standards. Still, you also become a valuable addition to the country’s economy.

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Current Scenario

According to Statista Research Department, during the COVID-19 pandemic, specifically during the lockdown in March 2020, income loss hit the entire household income spectrum. However, research showed the severest affected groups were the upper-middle- and middle-class income brackets. Also, unemployment rates were rampant nationwide that further lead to a dismally low GDP. Despite job recoveries over the last few months, improvements in incomes were insignificant. To lead a secure and stable life, you must have a multi-source income to survive in the most adverse economic situations.

The idea of making extra income

What comes to your mind when you think about having more money? The idea of having multiple sources of income always sounds lucrative and appealing. The more you have, the more you want. And it turns out, the smarter you are, the more you can make of it.

Many do it for the sake of upgrading their lifestyles, paying off their debts, or achieving financial freedom early. However, it’s not just about making money but also learning and creating something innovative, brushing up skills, and having ownership over it.

This idea of earning extra income or doing side hustle can help you in numerous ways:

Becoming financially independent

Most of the time, it’s a student struggling to meet their education expenses or a homemaker unable to balance her personal or professional life. Sometimes it’s also about meeting the regular costs and not seeking financial help from others. Part-time online jobs are a perfect way to supplement your salary. It does more than assist you in juggling your career and personal lives. However, it also provides you with the ability to become financially stable and self-sufficient.

You are paying off your debts quickly.

Just imagine giving your 100% in your job and still not paying off your debts faster. Learning numerous ways of earning extra income helps in pacing the process of paying your debts. After all, no one wants to live a life full of obligations.

You are reaching your retirement early.

How about achieving financial goals at an early age? Making sure of having emergency funds and planning for a back-to-back vacation? Sounds fascinating! The best thing about it, it is all doable. Earning extra income by doing your interest-related work from home jobs helps you reach your retirement goals early.

Becoming diversified with skills

Many of you think it’s not possible to work on multiple things when you’re doing a full-time job somewhere. With the opportunity of online jobs or part-time jobs, it has become possible to work in your free time. All these jobs require some basic skill set and just a nominal internet connection just to get started. It helps make some extra income and gives you a chance to brush your skills. Enhance your learning and ultimately mastering the art of it.

Becoming an entrepreneur

The thought of having your business ideas, escaping the ordinary 9-6. Even having a side business to make some extra income is what everyone aspires. All aspire to have a side business to complement their profits. This is a brilliant idea because it helps you to test whether your business idea would succeed or not. After all, getting a job as a steady income source comes with its own set of challenges.

Opportunities and Obstacles

After all, everything in the universe has its pros and cons. So as efforts to make extra income. In the next few paras, you will get a fair idea of the benefits and setbacks of making money online.


When you have several revenue sources, your net income grows, and you have opportunities to do things you previously couldn’t because of financial constraints. You can afford luxuries that you couldn’t yet afford due to your inadequate primary income. You enjoy amenities that you were not able to cover because of your limited primary income. There also comes some level of security and protection in adverse situations. You’ll never feel worried or insecure even in the most challenging economic times. Proper planning of your side hustle may require low investment. Sometimes no investment is required at all. Making money while working on tasks you’re passionate about makes you happier.


After exploring the benefits of raising extra money, it’s important to remember that putting this lifestyle into practice isn’t as easy as it seems. We grow certain hobbies once we start earning from a single stable source of income. We formulate exercises to help us re-energize. We are often looking for a way to get away from the busy workplace or business hours. It would be best if you had time to socialize with your friends, spend time with your family. After all, there just 24 hours in a day! This begs the question of whether you are willing to sacrifice the comfort you’ve developed for generating more sources of income? Whatever source of income you’ll choose based on your skill set, experience, and knowledge will consume your time and energy. But think more wisely about it, after all, you can’t have both things at the same time.

Recommendations to Make Extra Income

If you’re looking for ways to make the extra income, you will get an ample number of opportunities. Making money online depends upon your unique skill sets, schedule, and remuneration you want. Nowadays, it doesn’t matter what you do for a living and where you’re working. Once you’ve made your mind to grow your sources of income, you can achieve it. All you need is just a nominal internet connection.

However, the main challenge lies in the reliability and authenticity of these ways. Some of them promise real and quick money. They lure you with significant amounts and small tasks. But usually end up being frauds.

Another challenge is the investment you seek in for starting your own business or your side hustle.

We understand the challenges that one has to face while finding ways to generate extra income. We have come with authentic solutions and offer you reasonable remuneration. These solutions require meager investment or, in fact, no investment at all.

We have written a couple of articles to identify the avenues that fit your skill sets. You can have flexible working hours schedule to balance your professional and personal life. They are authentic and, most importantly, satisfy the remuneration you’re eligible or aspire to.

Here’s a list of some of the top picked articles to explore the venues for making extra income. You can explore more as per your needs and requirements.

To address the spectrum of thoughts you must be having related to extra income, and we would recommend exploring:

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Our payout structure is simple, and we process expert payment once a month. Our experts are paid for the correct answer they provide, and our top experts get paid approx—50-70k INR per month.

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  • Meet-Ups

We always try to keep you engaged by setting up expert meetups where you meet your peers, increase your network to excel in your career.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to make extra income while working full time?

The majority of us are involved in a private job, which means we have an unsecured job. One day if a financial crisis or similar happens, we might lose our precious job. If you want to eliminate your financial insecurities, you can start working part-time along with your full-time job. Chegg India offers a part-time opportunity as a Q&A expert where you can work at your ease.

How can I earn money online as a student in India?

The very first thought of making money as a student is always challenging. You’re busy with your studies and do not have any investment. Don’t worry, with us you can work at your flexible timings, and it requires absolutely no requirement.

How to earn money online without investment?

Investment plays a considerable role when it comes to starting something of your own. Or even finding ways to generate extra income for yourself. Chegg India, try to overcome this challenge of investing money. It allows our experts to get started making extra income without any investment.

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