How To Study for Long Hours: Smart Study Habits and Tips 

May 15, 2024
how to study for long hours

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Studying for long hours is a constant challenge for students today. But if the student is motivated and determined, distraction cannot affect them. The amount of time invested in studying helps you to do well in the exam. With growing age, students easily get distracted because of various reasons. So, it is important to invest your study hours carefully. 

According to a survey by NCERT, around 29% of school students lack concentration, and 43% of students in classes 6-12 have mood swings. This survey was conducted on 3.79 lakh students all over India. The numbers are alarming, and it’s time to give importance to improving study hours effectively. 

This article will provide six tips on how to concentrate on studies for long hours.  

How to Study for Long Hours: 6 Helpful Tips 

There are many ways to study for long hours. Let’s look at the top six beneficial tips.  

Set Objectives  

  • Prepare a timetable to cover all the topics of your subjects. Set realistic goals to cover the topics in time. 
  • Give proper time to cover all the topics. Keep some buffer time in between schedules. If some topic takes time to complete, you can use the buffer time to complete it. 

Set Priorities  

  • There are many topics to be covered in the syllabus. Some of the topics require fewer study hours, while some of them would need more time. So, it is important to prioritize the topics according to your requirements. 
  • When priorities are set, you will focus more time on weaker sections. This would help you to do well in exams. Sometimes focusing more on weaker sections may become difficult. But, with proper concentration, things would fall into place. 

Have Proper Breaks  

  • One of the crucial parts of how to study for long hours effectively is taking proper breaks. Having proper breaks helps an individual to get refreshed before starting a new topic. The mind is fresh after the break and can grasp the topics easily. 
  • Always have proper breaks in your timetable. It is not mandatory to follow those breaks while studying. You can take extra breaks if you are feeling mentally exhausted. 

Proper Study Environment 

  • The study environment is important in providing effective concentration and interest in studying. One should choose the peaceful side to avoid all kinds of distractions. Always remember the study place should be well lighted. 
  • Have a place where there would be no disturbance during long study hours. This would enhance your preparation. You can play relaxing music to soothe your nerves while studying but do not get distracted by the music. 

Have a Social Circle 

  • It is beneficial for the students to have a social circle to share their thoughts, relax, and rejuvenate themselves. Having a regular session of games or going out with friends would help to refresh your mind. 
  • With a social circle, one would not feel left out. This helps in lesser distractions, and the students can focus more on studying. 

Prepare Innovative Fun-Filled Study Hours 

  • Reading for long hours can be boring. So, it is important to prepare innovative study hours. This would help to complete the topics quickly and also give the joy in learning. 
  • Invite your friend for group studies. This would help to cover the topics while interacting with each other. 
  • Take assistance from learning apps, discuss with your friends, and compete with them by solving some questions. This helps to make the topic interesting.

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How to Study for Long Hours with Concentration? 

The students need to prepare themselves before investing in long study hours. Let’s look at them in detail. 

Start the Day with Exercises 

  • It is advisable to start your day with 15-30 minutes of exercise and Yoga. This removes the body’s stiffness, opens nerves, and keeps you fresh all day. 
  • Physical exercises always keep your brain alert to conduct your daily work. With daily exercise, neurotransmitters are released in the brain that help to keep you awake.  
  • With proper exercise, students can focus on studying and avoid distractions. It would be easy to cover topics more efficiently. 

Have Proper Sleep 

  • Having proper sleep for 7-8 hours every night provides the required amount of mental and physical rest. This keeps the mind fresh every day. 
  • Replacing extra hours of reading with your sleep time would only affect your health. It would increase anxiety. In the end, it would hamper your preparation. 
  • When you do not get the proper amount of sleep, it decreases the grasping power and preparation efficiency. 

Having the Right Food 

  • Along with rest and exercise, it is important to maintain a balanced and healthy diet.  
  • Healthy food like fruits, fish, nuts, green vegetables, etc., helps improve the mind’s sharpness. 
  • Avoid heavy, oily food as it would make an individual lazy and affect concentration. 

Prioritize Topics 

  • When you start studying, always prioritize the important topics of a subject. So this helps to grasp the topic easily as the mind is fresh.  
  • This would help to give more focus to topics that require attention. In this manner, all the topics would be covered within the period, which would be beneficial during the exam. 

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Technique to Focus While Studying 

There can be many distractions while studying. Let’s look at some points on avoiding it while studying. 

Stay Away from Your Gadgets 

  • The first thing you do when you want to study for long hours is to keep away all your gadgets. Using gadgets like mobiles, tablets, and others would affect concentration. This would decrease the efficiency of the student. 
  • If you are going for online teaching, invest only in it. Do not wander about other websites. This would waste your time and energy. 

Choose Silent Surroundings to Study 

  • It is important to choose the right and peaceful surroundings. This would help them to concentrate better with zero or minimal distractions. 
  • Studying in peaceful ad lighted surrounding helps to increase the concentration and the grasping power of the mind. 

Sit With a Fresh Mind 

  • Always start with a fresh mind. Starting your day with exercises, eating healthy, and having proper sleep can help in having a fresh mind. 
  • Once all the above activities are done, the mind will not lose focus on studying. This would reduce distractions and would help in long hours of study. 

Avoid Multitasking 

  • Do not indulge in different subjects or topics simultaneously. This would make you lose focus entirely. This would beat the purpose of how to study for long hours with concentration. 
  • Do not start studying from multiple sources at a time. This is a huge source of distraction for students. Ultimately the objective of learning would get lost in it. 
  • Stick to the study plan and focus on a single topic at a time. This would increase efficiency while helping to grasp the topics quickly. 

Key Takeaways 

‘How to study for long hours’ is a burning question for all students. The students can get easily distracted while studying for long hours. So, preparing a study plan and choosing suitable surroundings is important. The students should have proper breaks to refresh their minds.  

They should start the day by exercising, eating healthy food, and avoiding gadgets while studying. These steps would help the students study for long hours without losing concentration.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I focus 100% on studying? 

Getting a proper night’s sleep, eating healthy, doing regular exercise, and having peaceful surroundings, are some ways to have 100% focus while studying. 

How can I study for seven hours a day? 

You should prepare a timetable covering topics uniformly while giving time for breaks and socializing with your friends. Always start your day fresh to have enriching studying sessions. 

How many hours can a human brain study? 

The human brain can focus for up to two hours. After that, it needs a break of 20-30 minutes to rejuvenate. So, it is necessary to prepare a timetable accordingly. 

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