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Organizations receive thousands of resumes from job seekers on a daily basis. Great Resume and Interview Tips can instill a sense of confidence that can go a long way. The same applicants then hone their skills to crack the interview for their dream jobs. In short, your dream job is dependent on your resume and on how you present yourself in an interview.


A resume is an important tool which offers a page or two where, you can display your top skills and qualities. Resumes help employers make hiring decisions and help you get your first interview. 

That’s why it matters how you structure your resume and what information you decide to include.

The interview is a conversation in which you and an employer exchange information. Your goal is to present yourself as the best candidate for the position and also to learn more.

The interviewer’s organization to determine whether both are well suited for you and your career goals.

Interviews can be conducted one-on-one, in a panel, or as a group. Interviews can be informal or formal, relaxed or stressful, directed or undirected. We will look into the tips to face interview here.

To understand the importance of Resume and Interview Tips, let us investigate some statistics below

What does a recruiter look for in resume for job seekers?

Resume and Interview

On average, out of 250 applicants only 4-6 people are called in for an interview and only one person will get the job offer.

Now that you have a proper understanding of the importance of Resume and Interview Tips, you might be thinking about what to do now?

You might want to search all over the internet to create the perfect resume or even look for the best tips to clear an interview. You might even want to modify your existing resume with the necessary tips and skills needed for the next job hunt.

Hence, we have created a detailed list of articles to help you with your needs under one roof. Our Resume and Interview Tips section will address all your queries on the best resume practices, common interview questions with the right answers, resume types based on your qualification and profession, and even video interviews. With a shift towards a work from home environment, our articles are guaranteed to make your resume stand out from all applicants and help you to land your dream job.

Types of Resume and Interview Tips

Resume for Students

Final year students across India thrive towards landing a job in their campus placements. With no knowledge and experience in writing resume, they would often scour the internet for the best practices in resume writing. Hence, we have articulated an elaborate list of such tips to help them in this journey. Learn how to write a job application for freshers.

Resume for Freshers

We have thousands of colleges in India, from where lakhs of students pass every year. Sadly, no everyone can land a job through campus placements, and they must rely on the outside market for jobs. In this “dog eat dog” scenario, the perfect resume can help you elevate your application towards sure success. You will find several articles that act as a guide in creating the perfect resume or CV for freshers.

Resume for Experienced

Let’s face it, having prior experience does not necessarily mean that you hunt for the next job for a promotion or pay hike is easy. The competition is fierce for experienced people who have worked in organizations before. You need to make your resume stand out using the right language that can showcase yourself as the right candidate. Our blogs will set you on the right path and surely help you land that next job. We also cover LinkedIn Headlines.

Resume Templates

One of the easiest methods of creating a resume is to use a resume template then fill in the required details. It is both a fast and efficient way of creating a resume. Our blog covers a wide range of such templates with the logic behind it. So, feel free to use these templates in your next interview.

Interview Tips for Freshers

So, you have cleared your screening test and group discussion. Now the only obstacle in your path is the interview. As a fresher, it is adamant about learning how you can crack your interview and land your dream job. Our range of blogs will act as your one-stop guide on all types of interviews – Video Conference Interviews, Skype Interviews and Personal Interviews.

Interview Tips for Experienced

An interview is a perfect opportunity to showcase your skill set, personality, and experience towards your potential employer. However, experienced candidates need to constant keep in touch with today’s interview trends to keep up with the competition. Our list of blogs is the perfect place to get a good idea about such trends for the experienced. You will learn to use LinkedIn for jobs and how to introduce yourself in interviews.

Resume and Interview Tips go hand in hand on such a large scale to land the perfect job that both your resume writing and Interview skills need to be top0notch. The employer often asks questions in your interview by looking at your resume, thus knowing your own resume by heart is a must.

Importance of Resume and Interview Tips

A Resume will always reach before you.

The resume is usually the first document that an interview will get once they start the interview.

Tell me about yourself.

Your experience, history, qualification, skills are all mentioned in one document that the interviewer can take a glance at. In an interview, the way you present yourself can be one of the deciding factors on whether you make it or not.

Think of some of the best Headlines for Resume as well as Best Subject for Resume.

Every employer is looking for set of skills and experience that needs to be met for them to even consider you as a potential employee.

Sell Your Skills.

Consider your resume as a pamphlet of your products and the employer as your buyer. You would need to wow them to proceed further in an interview. These are your employability skills.

Showcase your Achievements.

Everyone loves a good story about your accomplishments and how you achieved that. To keep the interviewer interested in your resume is of utmost importance.

You are confident in your work profile.

Many a time it happens that we plan and execute something, even be successful in our endeavor, but after some time, maybe a year or so, we tend to forget those. We see the current challenges and try to cope up with them.

So, if you have a good resume, you will remember each and everything you have done and achieved in your professional career.

Keep updating your resume whenever you change jobs and join a new company, whenever you get a new role, a new project, a new team to handle.

Take a note when the company is rewarding you for your work. Just keep a note of the important happenings in your professional front. And you can always edit your resume keeping the master copy with you. And remember, even the greatest writer in the literary world need the help of the editor. You can read it, re-read it, proofread it ten times, but it is always good to take a second opinion.

Understanding Interviews.

Recruiting a suitable candidate is vital to the success of the company. Preparation is crucial, and so is an unbiased comparison of candidates.

It would be best to prepare a set of standard must-have questions, read through the resume thoroughly, and note down additional questions for every individual. 

Eliminating the Competition.

Needless to say, hundreds of candidates apply for one single job position within an organization. An interview is an efficient way to identify the potential employers from the applicants. Hence, it is of utmost importance for a candidate to understand the ways on how to face an interview.


It is a method of direct contact between an employer and a candidate. Employer can observe the physical characteristics of the candidates. It helps managers to check the authenticity of details in the application form.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to appear for an interview if I work as a subject matter expert with Chegg?

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After this, you would need to provide your valid documents for verification such as Aadhar Card, PAN Card, Voter ID Card and Driver License.

 Do you cover video conference interviews as well?

Yes, with the increase in change into a work from home environment and technological changes, there is a great emphasis on video call interviews like skype interviews. Our Resume and Interview Tips section covers such blogs with helpful tips on how to ace your interview.

Can I use your provided templates to create my resume?

Yes, please feel free to use our templates to create your own personalized resume. We have provided some templates based on your qualification such as for MCA, etc. and even based on your experience.

Examples: Digital Marketing resume template, Resume template for Software Engineer or financial analyst resume on our Resume and Interview Tips section.

Can I see some examples of some interview questions as well as their answers?

Yes, we have articles on some of the most common interview questions for internships as well as for job search.

In conclusion, our Resume and Interview Tips section is designed to be the one-stop guide for all your needs.



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