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In this ever-growing world, the needs and wants of people are never-ending and to fulfill those needs a consistent source of income. People in India have a question in mind i.e. how to earn money from part time jobs without any investment. Well, to know the answer to this continue reading to get enlightened.

In the corporate world, job security has always been uncertain. During these unprecedented times such as Covid-19 & recession, your superior can fire you anytime. So it’s better not to rely on a single source of income, it’s always better to have an alternative. Also, who do not have any source of income can start their career as a Graphic Designer, Web Developer, Content Writer, and many more in the field of their personal interest.

Unless you have plans of crime and scams (which is not the right option), you can’t become a billionaire instantly, so one has to work hard and refine his skills over time and gain mastery in the domain of his choice and be successful by earning money from home without any investment.

Genuine List of Earning Opportunities

Under-mentioned is some viable options to make money online in India with part time jobs without investment at all.

Expired Domain Reselling

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Taking your business online is a way to gain global reach with endless opportunities but for that, you need a website that needs to be hosted on a domain and purchasing a domain sometimes can be heavy on the pocket so you can buy reselling domains by sellers who find expired domains over the web and then resell them through social media or other online platforms.

Expired domain reselling business is going to be a top web business in the future with the growing online needs of people.

Providing SEO services

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the basic need for all businesses online because they want to appear in the organic search results without spending much on digital marketing so they look for an SEO service provider or an SEO consultant who can do SEO for their business.

You can create a social media page or a website about your SEO services where you can mention the benefits of SEO focusing on the needs of the firms, the website can also mention about your existing esteemed customers and then you can advertise your services to business firms.

Once you are contacted by a firm you can disclose your SEO consultancy charges and SEO process fee and then earn money from part time jobs without investment.

Being a virtual assistant

People at top positions in the corporate world need an assistant for small tasks like setting up a meeting, a little documentation work, or providing reminders so you can be a virtual assistant for such people.

All you have to do is prepare a resume of all your qualifications and skills then put it on a professional platform where the recruiters can see it and call you for an online interview.

You can sit at your home with your laptop and your phone and earn well while assisting a top industry leader, all you need is better communication skills with a flexible schedule.


Dropshipping is easy money where you just have to list the supplier’s products on your online store to make people aware of your collection of products.

The process is simple all you have to do is open multiple online shops where people would come and order stuff,  then after receiving the order you have to order the same product to your supplier, then the supplier sends the product to the customer.

The more effectively you showcase your product the more you will be benefitted and earn money online without any investment.

Earning money through apps

Earning money through mobile apps is a trendy topic these days as many apps provide an opportunity to their users to earn money.

Few apps give money to the users for endorsing the app or referencing the app in their blogs or websites. Few apps give money to the users who are the beta testers for the app.

In the upcoming days, Apps would be a major stakeholder in the online business.

Taking Online Surveys

Taking surveys has always been useful for product-based companies as they know about the opinions, needs, and demands of the people online. Companies can make informed decisions based on the data collected through surveys.

You can take up surveys for the companies and collect data and provide it to the firms. It takes no investment to take online surveys and you can earn pretty well by conducting surveys.

Creating Websites

A website is a primary need for an online business and there are more than 400 Million online business firms and this number is increasing day by day. Firms lookup for website creators and designers who can showcase their product to the online audience.

make money online in india without investment

For starters, you can take up an HTML course online and then excel in the art of creating websites and then post a few of your gigs online for the firms to see and contact you for your services.

You can charge for creating webpages or finding bugs in the webpages of different online business firms and earn money online from part time jobs without investment.

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