August 12, 2020
August 12, 2020
How did you come to know about Chegg?

Chegg came into my life after I joined Andhra University to pursue my Masters. Chegg is quite popular among academicians and the academic hubs. The brand has gone viral over the last few years. It gained publicity mostly through word of mouth rather than through advertisements. I was curious to know about Chegg, hence dug deeper. I found Chegg very interesting and so I jumped on the band wagon as an Expert Answerer on the Chegg Question and Answer board.

How much time do you dedicate for Chegg?
My college work keeps me occupied throughout the day as I must work on my project and on other priorities. Despite that, I devote maximum time and attention to the Chegg Q&A board. I spend about sixteen hours a day answering on the Chegg Q&A board. On holidays, I keep the scoreboard ticking further.

Describe your overall experience with Chegg.
The journey has been fantastic. I answer a wide variety of questions on the Chegg Q&A board – all related to my subject. I hold a Bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering and my specialization is Remote Sensing & Neo-Informatics. Answering them gives me a deep sense of satisfaction at the end of the day. I don’t mind forgoing my sleep in the night to answer questions on the Chegg Q&A board.Sometimes, I receive complicated questions related to Electrical circuits, Power systems, Transformers, and Power electronics. Unless the question is too complex and time-consuming, I would answer otherwise.

What is the best thing you like about Chegg?
Students pursuing Electrical Engineering have less job opportunities in the market. I always had this fear of finding a decent job for my settlement in life, but Chegg drove my fears away. It gave me immense confidence as I can use my expertise to the fullest as an expert answerer at Chegg. It is not quite right to depend on parents for our monetary needs. By now, we should learn to lead an independent life. Chegg is a perfect platform for us to apply our skill and at the same time earn a decent living. I get stipend from my University and also earn by answering on the Chegg Q&A board.

Cite a memorable moment.
Once, I skipped a question because I felt it was a hard nut. However, I noted down the question to give it a try later. In the evening, I started to work on the question and put on my thinking cap. After a long-haul struggle, I cracked it. It was quite memorable. Even though I couldn’t post the answer, it boosted my confidence levels and reduced my skipping rate ever since.

Share a challenging moment.
I stay in a hostel with a bunch of aspirants in Vizag. All of us are equally hardworking and good in our own disciplines. We all work on the Chegg Q&A board. Once I received a question related to circuits, which required knowledge on multiple disciplines. I discussed the question with my roommates. The question was very interesting and so we left no stone unturned and finally managed to answer it within the stipulated time. The student also felt happy and left an encouraging comment.We also compete while answering questions on the Chegg Q&A board. Usually, I crack the most number of questions without compromising on quality.

Tell me something about your family?
My father is a private accountant and my mother is an assistant professor in an Engineering College. We hail from Srikakulam. I have a sister, who is pursuing Engineering in Computers. I introduced my mother to Chegg and she is an active expert answerer as well.I bought a Bike – Karizma 250 CC with my earnings at Chegg. Vizag is gifted with a long coastal strip. Racing down the beach road on my Karizma gives me immense delight. My bike always reminds me to give my best to Chegg. I pay for my sister’s college fee with my stipend and I support myself with whatever I earn from Chegg. I bought gold ornaments for my mother and clothes for my sister. My parents are quite happy that I work for a Multinational Company.

How do you spend your past time?
I hang out with my friends. As I said, Vizag is my favorite place and the weather is also very pleasant. Vizag is an attractive destination with lovely restaurants. I enjoy life to the fullest and rejuvenate myself well enough to hit the Chegg Q&A board.I play a lot of indoor and outdoor games. I prefer playing games to watching them. I am a college level Chess player and have represented my college a few times. I also play volley ball.

What measures do you take to give to the student their money’s worth?
I assess the caliber of the student, based on the questions posted. If the question is too basic, I explain right from the basics. If the question is too advanced, I assume that the student has a fundamental knowledge on the subject. I give necessary explanation of the concept for every step and to explain the methodology. I try to address all the confusion points.

Will you give up working for Chegg if you get a good opportunity elsewhere?
I would never give up working for Chegg. Chegg is guarding me from goofing up my time and using it for a worthwhile cause. Whenever I get time, I sit back and answer on the Chegg Q&A Board.

How has Chegg helped you in your overall growth?
Solving simple questions won’t help me in sharpening my skill. No pain no gain – solving tougher questions fosters my learning curve. Unless it a time-consuming game, I will not forgo any question that comes on my way. I have seen tremendous improvement in my subject knowledge, especially in subjects like Analog.Andhra University is one of the best universities ever known. It provides all resources for my learning. It also gives me less pressure. For my project, I went to the National Institute of Rural Development, Hyderabad. The project was about preparing a development plan for a remote village – Janapara near Sambalpur. Answering Questions on the Chegg Q&A board also help me gather some helpful information for my project.

How do you introduce others to Chegg?
I introduced many to the Chegg family. I say that Chegg offers unique benefits – We can earn subject knowledge along with money. If one wants to dive into the subject, one shouldn’t limit himself to the prescribed textbooks. Chegg expands our horizons but letting us answer a wide variety of questions. Moreover, at Chegg, you get to answer questions from multiple disciplines at the same time and thus, gain access to a comprehensive knowledge.

Suppose Chegg gives you opportunity to work in-house, would you avail?
I am very excited and happy with Chegg. Chegg has been there with me through the thick and thins, supporting me every step of the way. My mother is a teacher herself and I know how noble a profession is teaching. If ever given an opportunity, I would definitely like to work with Chegg full-time. …