Voice of an EA – Keerthi
August 12, 2020
Voice of an EA – Pankaj Tiwari
August 12, 2020

Q. How were you introduced to Chegg?
I am pursuing my Masters from Andhra University. I stay in a hostel where I see my seniors actively answering questions on the Chegg website. They divide the answers step-by-step and explain each step to make it presentable to the student. It raised my curiosity. Once, I also helped my senior to solve a question. I asked him if he could help me to join the Chegg family. He directed me to the Chegg office in Vizag. I cleared the recruitment formality and thus began my journey.

Q. Where else do you work?
I worked for Hindustan lever for a while, then I joined NIT Allahabad to pursue further studies for a year and then I joined AU. Currently, I am working for Chegg as an Expert Answerer.

Q. How is working for Chegg different from working elsewhere? What do you like about Chegg?
Chegg is a unique platform where I can apply my subject knowledge. At Chegg, there is less work pressure. We can work at our own pace and time. This kind of freedom is not common elsewhere. Chegg Q&A Board is open 24/7. I can work at leisure. Moreover, the questions are very logical and interesting to solve.
Solving questions at Chegg is fun and satisfying as I am decently paid for my labor. Answering such questions expands my knowledge and prepares me to face other competitive exams too. Chegg is the right place for those who seek to improve knowledge in their subject.

Here, I receive all levels of questions related to my subject. The questions are very application-oriented. Difficult questions prompt me to refer to foreign authors. Fortunately, I am associated with a college where I can refer to a lot of foreign authors and other resources to solve questions.

Q. What is your daily schedule?
I wake up at 5AM and go out for jogging. Then I settle down to answer questions on Chegg Site. I go to college at 9AM to assist my professor in his research. After coming from college, I again work on Chegg Q&A board.

Q. How do you respond when you receive poor quality rating?
First of all, I am glad that my answers are evaluated. The evaluators also provide helpful comments and suggestions. I make necessary modifications to the answers and upload the answers as soon as possible.

Q. How do you balance your personal and professional work?

I never felt burdened working for Chegg. Whenever I have other priorities like examinations or lab practicals I focus on them in the morning and then catch up with Chegg in the evening. It is very comfortable working here. The more you work, the more you are paid and that is what I like about Chegg.

Q. How did Chegg make your life better?
A lot! Chegg made me financially independent. I bought gifts for my parents. I bought a smartphone for my father with my earning at Chegg. I bought saris for my sister. I started to buy branded stuff. All my clothes and gadgets are branded. I have enough time and money to spend with friends. We hang out at KFC.

Q. Cite a memorable moment.
During Dasara vacation, my friend and I found some free time and we thought of having a competition on answering Chegg questions. By the end of the first day, I solved 15 questions and he could solve only 10. He couldn’t withstand the defeat and so it raised a competitive spirit in us. Daily we used to exchange our progress on Whatsapp. By the end of the month, he solved 127 questions and I solved more than 150. The best part is, I got 5 rating for all my answers. We also earned the highest during that season.

Q. Cite a Challenging moment
Once I received a very challenging question related to designing a circuit for a vending machine. It was a ten page answer. It consumed a lot of my time and energy but then I successfully solved it. Student was extremely happy with the answer and gave me the best rating. Even my friends appreciated me for answering such a challenging question.

Q. How did Chegg help you in your overall growth?
can boldly say that I have seen a hyperbolic growth in my life after joining Chegg. I grew financially. I improved my subject. I improved my writing and presentation skills. I improved my time management. I am greatly indebted to Chegg.

Q. Did you ever recommend Chegg to anyone?
Whenever I come across someone who is interested in academics, I recommend Chegg to them. I did introduce Chegg to many of my friends and juniors. Some of them are earning more than me.

Q. Did you ever get bored of answering?
No, I never get bored of answering. In fact, it rids me of my boredom. (laughs)

Q. Suppose Chegg offered a full-time job, would you avail?
Chegg is a great platform to address global students and to interact with them and teach them. I take pride and I am privileged to work for Chegg. I will avail the opportunity for sure because I love solving subject related questions and teaching students.