August 12, 2020
August 12, 2020
Q. How did you come to know about Chegg?
One fine morning, I was reading the newspaper and was captivated by an advertisement posted by Chegg – a US-based Academic Hub offering freelancing work from home and the nature of work was to solve subject questions for international students. It raised my curiosity and prompted me to visit Chegg office in Vizag. Without further ado, I took the test and decided to join as an EA. Chegg offers subject help on many subjects which is not seen in other companies, that I had surveyed so far. I am lucky to have Chegg in my hometown.

Q. How much time in a day do you spend on answering?
I spend 8 hours on TBS and 5 hours on Q&A. TBS requires typing out solutions, and hence requires more time than Q&A. For Q&A, I spend 3 hours (6 to 9 ) in the mornings and 2 hours (8:30 to 10:30) in the evenings.

Q. Apart from being a freelancer for Chegg, where else do you work?
Since 2014, I have been only working as an EA for Chegg. I also applied for other online teaching jobs but discontinued. Working for Chegg has always been a pleasure.

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Q. How did Chegg help you improve your personal and professional life?
The payment at Chegg is very good and timely. I never thought of a backup job since I started working for Chegg. Especially for women like me, working from home is a blessing. There are no night shift hassles and no traveling time loss. I am left with ample time to concentrate on competitive exams like Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE).
Sometimes, I get GATE questions on Q&A board. On solving them, I get lot of confidence. I am Earning and Learning at the Same Time. At Chegg, I can be a homemaker and a breadwinner too.
Recently, I faced an interview at Bharat Dynamics Limited (BDL). During the interview, I was questioned about my nature of work at Chegg. They also wanted to know whether there is a process of evaluation on the answers posted. I enlightened them on the role of in-house experts at Chegg, who monitor and evaluate the answers and also provide constructive feedback. When I explained, they were excited.
This April, I was interviewed by a senior scientist at BARC, who enquired about Chegg. My experience inspired him to join as an EA.
He also enquired on the subjects I dealt with at Chegg, and questioned me on the related subjects. Few scientists also asked me to draw Subject-related diagrams during the interview. I could do a fabulous job in the interview, due credits to Chegg! I am now waiting for the result.

Q. How do you think Chegg builds up your career?
My dream is to get a job in Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) or Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC). ISRO and BARC prefer subject-oriented experts and Chegg helps me sharpen my subject skills. I am sure that one day my dream will come true, all thanks to Chegg. Nonetheless, my association with Chegg will never ever break.
In my college, I was exposed to few textbooks and limited resources. Chegg provides advanced textbooks that are followed by international students. These textbooks are of very high standards and are application-oriented and so I am improving my subject well. One of the textbooks at Chegg has covered information of seven textbooks of my college days. I learned many things at Chegg which I didn’t learn during my college days.
My father is a daily wage worker and my mother is a homemaker. My parents always wanted to see me soar high in life and I am sure that Chegg will help me achieve their dream.
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Q. Could you recollect one Memorable Moment at Chegg?
Last month, I solved 26 tough questions, which were skipped by other MNEs. I felt proud that I could solve those questions despite the fact that they were not related to my subject. This is the most memorable moment. I solved few questions from physics and electronics too.
Once I solved a question from a textbook, which had a seven page long solution. It was the most challenging question I ever answered and it was fun. (Smiles)

Q. What is the best part of working at Chegg?
As said, subject In-house experts evaluate the solutions and send us Quality Check reports. The reports are very helpful to evaluate ourselves and improve. We also receive constructive feedback from international students. This is the best part of being at Chegg.
Scientists from ISRO and BARC also study the standard textbooks that we follow at Chegg. I am so grateful that Chegg gives me access to such educative books.

Q. If you were given an opportunity to be an SME, would you avail?
Working as an SME is great. SMEs definitely have more benefits, so I will definitely avail the opportunity.
Once I got an opportunity to work in a software company. I turned it off because it was not related to my subject.

Q. Have you ever introduced anyone to Chegg?
I recommended my sister, who is working as a lecturer. She is a Biology EA now. I also recommended my friend and she is an EA for Math.