August 12, 2020
Voice of an EA – Srinivas Palli
August 12, 2020

Q. Tell us something about your personal and professional life.
I am a civil engineer. I have graduated from IIT Kanpur, and now preparing for UPSC-Civil Services Examination. I am passionate about studying and travelling. I aspire to become an IAS officer.

Q. How did you get to know about Chegg?
A friend suggested me to join this platform three years ago. I thank him every now and then, for bringing me to this platform where I can spread my knowledge and continue to learn new things.

Q. How is your overall experience of working with Chegg?
My experience with Chegg has been awesome. The coordinators have been very helpful. Working as an Expert Answerer on the Chegg Questions and Answer Board in Physics/Advanced Physics helped me in preparing for my UPSC-CSE Mains exam (Physics – optional subject). Solving questions on a regular basis has helped me to strengthen my concepts as well as expand my knowledge base. Practising a wide variety of questions has broadened by spectrum by motivating me to learn a wide range of topics. I have always liked working as a freelancer.

Q. How much time do you spend on answering on Chegg Q&A? Do you set targets for solving a particular number of questions in a day?
It depends on the question volume. Usually, during semesters, I give around 4 to 5 hours to answering on the Chegg Q&A board. I target 30 questions a day. I solve a few questions while waiting in a queue or while travelling in metro and not waste time.  
Q. How has Chegg helped you in your life and career?
Being a UPSC-CSE aspirant, I wanted a source of earning without diverting myself from studies. Working with Chegg gives me the flexibility and I can do other important things as well. I enjoy travelling a lot. When question volume is not high, I plan some trips. I want to visit every beautiful place on Earth before I die and so far Chegg has helped me a lot in accomplishing my dream.

Q. Can you mention any memorable/special moment of your journey with Chegg?
There was a memorable moment last year when I solved 85 questions in a day with good ratings, which is my personal record. A year before that, I did 72 questions in a day. These were special moments for me. I am hoping to break this record as well!

Q. How do you make sure that you provide quality answers?
Quality makes a big difference. I double-check the answers, check for the units and dimensions in the solution provided. I also solve the question with a different formula on a rough sheet to ensure that I get the same (correct) answer.

Q. Do you enjoy working with Chegg?
Yes, I do. I enjoy very much. Maybe that’s why I am sharing my experiences with you. Working here gives me a lot of challenges, and competition with other fellow experts makes the work more enjoyable.
Q. How likely would you recommend your friend / relative to join Chegg as an Expert Answerer (EA)?
I have already recommended many of my friends and relatives. Whenever I see an erudite man, I will recommend him to join Chegg.

Q. How was your experience at the Expert Meet Conducted in Delhi?
It was very well organized. I met a few experts and coordinators and had warm conversations with them. It was an awesome experience overall.

Q. Any word for Chegg?
Chegg is doing a great job of spreading knowledge. Thank you Chegg!