August 12, 2020
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August 13, 2020


Q. Tell us about your initial experiences with Chegg.

I joined Chegg in February 2013. My sister introduced me to Chegg. After working for only 12 days, I earned as much as I used to in a month in my previous organization, and that took me by surprise. After that point, I never looked back, nor did I think of taking up any other job. During that period, I was also offered a job in the government sector, for the position of Assistant Executive Engineer (AEE) in Kirundul, but accepting that job meant leaving my entire family behind. I preferred Chegg over the government position as it gave me the flexibility I needed.

Q. Tell us a little about your personal and professional life.

I did my B.Tech from Gayatri Vidya Parishad College of Engineering, and M.Tech from Andhra University. During my M.Tech, I was offered the position of Assistant Professor at an engineering college, which I gladly accepted. I later became the Head of the Department (HOD) because I performed well. At that time, my sister was working as a full-time Subject Matter Expert at Chegg, and I also tried to join Chegg on a full-time basis, but sadly there was no vacancy at the time. However, I was offered a role of an Expert Answerer, which I gladly accepted.

Moreover, the college where I used to work took over 4 hours of to-and-fro each day, because of which it was immensely inconvenient to commute. On top of all this, my marriage and familial responsibilities were demanding, and that’s the reason why I preferred to work for Chegg rather than being a HOD in a prestigious college.

Q. Tell us something about yourself. 

I was always a meritorious student during my school and college days. Therefore I can honestly say that my knowledge has increased exponentially since I joined Chegg. In other words I have solved a wide variety of questions till date. I answer questions from different verticals as well, be it Mechanical Engineering or Geology, I have covered a huge spectrum. The level of difficulty for these questions varies as well. In conclusion  My love for sharing knowledge, and enhancing my understanding of the subject, knows no bounds.

I am a multitasker and have successfully provided solutions for over 14,000 questions. Whenever I get time, I work on the Q&A Board, which is a different experience than TBS. Moreover I dedicate a chunk of my time to Q&A during the peak time. Even on holidays I carry my laptop to work. I don’t believe that working for Chegg has ever been a burden.

Q. What sets Chegg apart from your previous professional experience?

Working for Chegg isn’t much different than my previous teaching job. Teaching, providing an explanation, giving step-wise instructions, and writing solutions are quite similar to what I used to do before, and this is the reason why I didn’t take much time to adjust to the role. The only difference is that the mode of teaching varies, but the principle I follow is the same: serving students at the best of my capabilities. Now, after coming to Chegg, I feel like I have upgraded as a teacher as well because this job keeps me updated with the subject.

Q. Tell us a little about your experience with Chegg so far.

Chegg introduced me to the American educational culture and standards, and it also gave me a wonderful exposure on how American students pursue their studies. Now, I am confident that I can teach American students as well, which would not have been possible without Chegg. I am very happy to be a part of Chegg; there is a simple and clear policy that Chegg follows: what you do is what you get, and I’m more than happy with what I’m getting. I hope I continue being a part of the Chegg team forever.

 Q. Does Chegg fulfil all your professional needs?

A while ago, I was going through a rough patch in my personal life. My husband was struggling with some health-related issues and I didn’t know how to manage the daily expenses. During that phase of a critical financial crisis, Chegg became my life savior. It was, and is, a place which I can always fall back on to support my family. I would never forget those days of hardship when Chegg was my only source of income, and I can proudly say that I fulfilled each and every responsibility by working for Chegg.

Q. Would you like to say anything about our coordinators? 

I am thankful to Stanley for accepting me as an MNE in the Civil Engineering department, and also for providing me with all the books I needed. He made me feel comfortable about answering all types of questions from any discipline. Later, Suresh and Satish were equally helpful in supporting me with the books I needed from different disciplines. These people supported me get through my rough days, I’m really grateful to them all.

Q. Would you refer Chegg to your friends and family?

I always have, and I always will! And not just me, my mother and mother-in-law are equally enthusiastic for telling people about Chegg and the work Chegg does. Out of the number of people I have referred to Chegg, there are several who are working on the Q&A Board. Furthermore, I’m quite proud of the fact that even my father and uncles have worked on the Q&A Board.
Lately, few of my cousins have joined Chegg as Expert Answerers and MNEs. Working with Chegg is never stressful. It has been a great learning experience thus far. The thought that in a country so far away, my solutions are making students understand concepts better and helping them ace their exams, fills me with pride, as I’m sure it does to every individual working for Chegg.