August 12, 2020
August 12, 2020
Q.How did you get to know about Chegg?
I joined Chegg in 2016, while I was pursuing M.ech in Andhra University. I came across one of my friends who was sharing his experience at Chegg, and he was bragging about the kind of money he was earning with my other friends at college. I got curious and went straight to him to know further information and I was amazed to know about Chegg.

Q.How has your experience been with Chegg so far?
My specialization was ECE during my graduation, and hence, I preferred Electrical Engineering as my subject. I joined as an EE expert initially. No doubt, the first few days were the toughest of all as I was struggling to find the right questions which were according to my expertise.  Even after finding the right questions, it was difficult to solve them within the stipulated time. Yet, I somehow managed, and I was able to earn a small amount in the first month.Later, I thought I was capable of handling questions related to Mathematics as well. I chose algebra as my primary subject with the help of my coordinators, which turned my life upside down.

Q.What has been your biggest achievement so far?
I am financially stable now, and I was able to support my family while I was studying, and that I believe to be my greatest achievement so far.On the lighter side of things, I am very excited and proud to own a bike, which I bought from the money I earned working for Chegg. I would’ve bought the bike on this platform, only if I was given the permission.

Do you talk about Chegg to your friends or family?
Yes, of course, I do. When my friends started to see how financially independent I am, they approached me to know how I am able to manage that. I always guide my friends with the entire process – from onboarding to the help required while answering – I extend my help for all. My friends can’t thank me enough for introducing Chegg into their life.

How do you feel being in the EA meet?
This being my first time, I was super excited to meet my fellow experts and the management of Chegg. I just can’t express this feeling in words. I would always be thankful to Chegg for giving me an amazing opportunity to be a part of this meet.Never in my wildest dreams, I thought I’ll be attending such events, witnessing such grandeur while sitting among such wonderful people.

Q.What are your thoughts on the EA meet?
Firstly, I would like to thank the Chegg team for coordinating this amazing event, it not only boosts our confidence and encourages us to answer as many questions as we can, but it also gives us a platform to meet our colleagues and share our experiences. I would love to be a part of this event, every time it is organized in Vizag.Secondly, I would continue working for Chegg with the same level of dedication, and hopefully by the next EA meet, I’ll be a proud owner of a four-wheeler, thanks to Chegg.