Voice of an EA – Rajesh
August 12, 2020
August 12, 2020

Kamal Handoo started his career with Chegg in January 2012. His performance was exceptional, and he solved 8000+ problems with an average quality score 4.5.

Compassionate and talented, he is targeting to answer myriads of questions and help students succeed academically.


Q. How has your journey with Chegg been till now?

“Simply Awesome” ????. Yes, is it simply awesome to work for Chegg. I have worked with a lot of educational groups inmy almost two-decade extensive career but have never felt so much at ease while working. To add to it, Chegg pays a highly competitive remuneration, as per industry standards. Working with Chegg is almost having a dream career.

Q. Share something from your personal life.

On a personal front, I am having a well-satisfied life. Living in a joint family along with the family of my elder brother in our own house and going well in almost all aspects of life. Yes, there are some challenges (Apart from being married) which are to be taken care of, but then that is life.

Q. How are you being benefitted by the Expert Meets?

Of course. Who would not? Meeting with people who are in the same industry, working for the same company, and sharing thoughts with them. It proved to be beneficial. The best part was the moment when the presentation about the global scale of the company was shown. I felt proud to be working for such a big company and contributing to its growth. The Meet was arranged well and certainly, a lot of nice memories were made.

I felt proud to be working for such a big company and contributing to its growth.

What do you bear in mind while answering questions on the Chegg TBS Group?

While authoring textbook solutions, the main points are the same as per the Chegg Authoring Guidelines. The formatting of text and page setup is already saved as a template, so that is mostly not the issue. The focus hence remains on explaining the solution. Trying to be precise, yet explanatory is the focus. Writing all the concepts, and formulae involved while keeping an eye on the concerned book material is an important part. The next important part is to create a proper structure for the solution.

Q. How much time do you spend on Chegg daily?

 Frankly speaking, it is highly variable. It all depends on the amount of work pending and the due date of submission. My planning to complete the assignment is what can be the perfect definition of “Lazy Planning”. So, it ranges from almost no work on some days to continue working for hours on some days. Even if we are really bent on having an average, it would be 2-3 hours per day. (But with very high deviations.)

Q. Have you referred anyone to Chegg?

 Yes, I did introduce a few people initially to Chegg. But not everyone can pass through the selection procedure of Chegg. While some were selected and started working, some could not get through.