Voice of an EA – Ram Avatar Singh
August 12, 2020
Voice of an EA – Rajesh
August 12, 2020
Q. How did you come to know about Chegg?
I was introduced to Chegg in college by one of my friends. As soon as I heard of Chegg, I was curious and searched the internet to know more. I went through the whole contract and understood that Chegg is the right place for subject enthusiasts like me.

Q. Tell us something about your education and professional life?

I am from Gorakhpur. It’s a town in Uttar Pradesh. I did my initial schooling from St. Joseph’s Inter College. After that, I went to pursue my undergrad studies in Mechanical Engineering from JSS Academy of Technical Education, Noida. After my education, I have joined Infosys, Mysore to undergo training in the software field and then eventually moved to Pune to start my professional career with the company.

Q. How is being an EA different from working as an employee elsewhere?

The best part about Chegg is that work is available 24*7. I can work from anywhere – home or cafe. All I need is a laptop and internet.In a regular office job, one must travel to one’s workplace daily and clock in 9-10 hours and work there and that too in a fixed schedule. In this world of changing trends, Chegg provides a cool opportunity to work when and how one wants to.

Q. How much time do you spend answering the Questions on the Chegg Q&A Board?

How many solutions do you do?I work as a software engineer, so I am mostly glued to my laptop. I always have Chegg website opened on another tab and whenever I find the time I answer a question. On an average, I answer about 350 questions a month.

Q. How do you make sure you provide a quality answer?
I do a thorough verification to check the accuracy before posting the answer. If it is a program-based question, I write the code, provide necessary comments, and execute the code to check the correctness. I also provide an algorithm for the benefit of the student. The comments from the students as well as the admin team help me rectify the errors and improve quality.

Q. How did Chegg help you progress in life?
Chegg is my first employer and I have been working for the past six years. I have been into the Software industry for the past four years. I can say that I have spent a lot of time answering the questions and have been duly paid for it. The monetary benefits, as well as the knowledge enhancement, is a great positive that one gets from Chegg. It is a great platform to interact with international students, help them, and even learn from them. The money earned from Chegg is helping me finance my higher education. I am also planning to do my Masters in the US.

Q. Cite a memorable moment on Chegg.
Chegg team visited Pune for an expert meet in the month of August. It was a fun-filled day, getting insights from fellow experts and encouraging words from the directors and coordinators. During the meet, I was titled as a “Superstar Expert ” and was asked to share my experience. It indeed is a memorable moment when you are chosen to speak amongst the other experts.

Q. Are you happy being an expert answerer?
Happiness is what I reap as I daily work on the Chegg Q&A Board. Money, recognition from the manager, custom satisfaction, and a proper work-life balance are enough to make a person happy. I found all of them at Chegg.