August 12, 2020
August 12, 2020

I really like working for Chegg because I get exposed to questions from foreign textbooks, which gives an extra edge to my knowledge.

  Q. Tell us about yourself and what do you for fun?
I am from Nighasan village, Lakhimpur District, Uttar Pradesh. I completed my MSc in Mathematics from Banaras Hindu University. I’m currently working as an Expert Answerer on the Chegg Question and Answer Board. Alongside, I am preparing for Management Aptitude Test (MAT). I’m a very competitive and hardworking person with ‘never say no attitude’. For fun and recreation, I play chess. I love my subject, Mathematics. Not everyone can excel in the subject. Math can relate to our lives. It teaches us to always be careful with the signs.

Q. What got you into Chegg?
As I need to self-fund, I was looking for something which not only could contribute to my earning but also could add to my learning. Chegg was exactly what I was looking for. I am thankful to my college roommate who recommended me Chegg. I really like working on Chegg because I get to answer questions from foreign textbooks which gives an extra edge to my knowledge.

Q. Tell us about your challenging moment.
The hardest moment for me was to go against the grain and do what I wanted. Since I am a post-graduate from Banaras Hindu University, everyone had expectations from me to get a full-time job and start earning right after my studies. Everyone would give me their opinion. The toughest part was when things were not going in my way, I started questioning myself whether I was doing the right thing. I strongly believed that I did the right thing to work as a freelancer for Chegg so that I can financially support my family and alongside can work towards my bigger goal that is to become a District Magistrate.

Q. On the flip side, what’s been your life’s biggest success so far?
The biggest success came for me when the board results were announced. I topped my village and I still remember the proud faces of my parents. Furthermore, getting selected at BHU for post-graduation is the moment that I really cherish and feel proud of.

Q. What were your initial struggles when you started working for Chegg?
Prior to Chegg, I didn’t have any experience in teaching and freelancing. Working on the Chegg Q&A Board as an expert answerer requires a decent standard in the subject and in writing. Quite often, I came across questions which I never heard during my college days. I was really struggling with these types of questions because one needs to go an extra mile to figure out the actual concept behind the question and to help the students understand better. Language skill was also a barrier for me in the initial days because Chegg requires of us not just providing an answer or a calculation but also provide necessary step by step explanation of the methodology. However, I took very less time to cope.  

Q. Could you share a memorable moment from your journey with Chegg?
One day, I received a comment from a student that my answer was wrong. I checked carefully again and provided the same answer but this time with different values to prove my calculations.  The next day, I got another comment from the same student saying that my answer was correct and that his class teacher was wrong. My answer was better than his teacher’s answer.

Q. How was your experience at Chegg Expert Meet Delhi?
I totally love the experience that I had in the Expert Meet Delhi. I was super excited to meet my coordinators from whom I have been receiving emails, phone calls, and messages for updates and guidance. I felt really special and honoured to be a part of the Expert Meet because Chegg really cares about my contribution and hard work. I got the opportunity to meet my fellow experts and learned a lot from their experiences. I was really motivated after attending the meet and can’t wait for it to happen again. I love the concept!