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August 27, 2020
Top Performers – June 2020
September 21, 2020

Top Performers – May 2020


Zalak Mandora | Finance

Zalak Mandora has been working with Chegg since 2018 as a Finance Expert Answerer. She is a postgraduate in Commerce and was taking private tuitions for commerce students prior to her marriage. Thereafter, she joined her husband’s coaching institute to teach B. Com and BBA students. It’s been eight years she is into teaching with her husband, Pravin Mandora.

When her husband joined Chegg, he introduced her to the Chegg Question and Answer board. However, she realised that she should brush up all the finance topics as she is expected to answer questions of various levels. So, she studied every chapter with her husband in detail. From November, she started answering on the Chegg Q&A Board.

She has shown impeccable performance on the Chegg Q&A Board, answering over 15K questions and maintaining a lifetime CF score of 93%. In her words, “Chegg is a platform, where one can make best use of time and earn money while teaching students. Chegg has also helped me in enhancing my knowledge of finance.” She sincerely thanks Chegg for such a wonderful opportunity.



Swati Mittal | Statistics and Probability

Swati Mittal completed her B. Tech in 2011 and she always wanted to be a teacher. Chegg has provided her the platform to utilise her talent and pursue her dream. Chegg has not only helped her grow financially, but also given her the happiness to help others in solving problems.

She joined Chegg in November 2018 and has answered 12000+ questions in Statistics and Probability with an overall CF of 87%.







Rajesh Pai | Accounting

Rajesh has completed his B. Com and is a Chartered Accountant by profession. He joined Chegg in August 2019 and has answered 7900+ questions in Accounting with an overall CF of 85%.

In his own words, “Chegg is one of the best platforms I have ever come across, where I have successfully applied my knowledge and skills. Chegg has helped me sharpen my subject skill too. In the first month, I answered only 45 questions. Now, I answer sizeable questions per month with a CF score of almost 90% plus. I have solved more than 7K questions so far.

I enjoy answering on the Chegg Q&A board and always look forward to providing quality answers to our students. It never occurred to me that Chegg was such a great platform to utilise my academic knowledge. One can excel in Chegg platform by diligently understanding student’s queries and meeting their expectations by providing quality answers. I personally thank Chegg for giving me an opportunity to work on such a great platform. Kudos to Chegg team for managing Cheggers through various means, like WhatsApp and helping whenever we are stuck in terms of understanding answering guidelines.”