Voice of an EA – Srinadh

Chegg is my back up whenever I need financial support…I work from my home and take as many breaks as I want.
I always wanted to be a full-time EA for Chegg as I enjoy paying my full attention to help the students with my expertise…Those are the moments of utmost satisfaction of this job…Chegg fulfilled my desire…
– Srinadh, EA (Physics)

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Voice of an EA – Chinna Rao

Chegg helped me to be a cut above the rest with reference to subject knowledge among my colleagues. I give all the credit to Chegg. It helped me boost my confidence … Chegg came alongside and sent me a mail asking me to prioritize my health. I felt very happy for their concern … I also earned well. I bought new appliance for home. I could afford to buy necessary things for my family. Thanks to Chegg …
– Chinna Rao, EA (Maths)

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