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August 27, 2020
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August 27, 2020

Smart ways to earn money online for students


Being in college can be expensive and it’s not always a good idea to ask for money from your parents for every small thing. That is why students like to earn money while studying. It can be very easy too. So, how to earn money from home in India while studying? What are the online jobs which let you earn money while studying? What skills are required for such jobs? And how much do these jobs pay?  

All these questions are answered below. So as youtube bloggers say “stay tuned”. 


1. Tutoring:

earn money online in india for students

When I was in college most of the students in my class used to teach each other, I am quite sure you must have seen that in your class too. So, considering that why not make money for it?  

It is one the best thing that a student can do to make some extra money not just because it is one of the best paying jobs also because it helps you get deep understanding of the concepts too. 

As most parents look for a tutor for their child who can understand their child’s learning and understanding pattern, we being experienced in teaching as we have been doing that since the beginning with our friends and class mates. We can teach other people and get paid for it.  

  • So, where will you find these jobs? 

CHEGG is an online learning platform where you can offer these services and get paid for it. CHEGG acts as a bridge between the teachers and the students. 

  • How does it work?  

The students ask questions from all over the world and all you have to do is answer their questions correctly. And when you do, you get paid for your correctly answered questions. 

You don’t have to worry about the subjects that you can offer your services for. As they hire for a wide range of subjects like physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics (calculus, statistics and probability, advanced math, other math), health care (nursing, anatomy and physiology, psychology), earth science, economics, accounting, operations, finance and all engineering concepts. It is an easy way to gain knowledge and earn money from home in India. 

  • How can you apply for it? 

It’s quite easy to be honest. 

    • Get yourself registered 
    • Take a subject test 
    • Adhere to the guidelines 
    • Take a guidelines test 
    • Upload your documents for document verification.  

AND THERE YOU GO. Easy isn’t it? 

You can go and apply for it right now on the site mentioned below: 



2. Internship:

Students who are looking for getting a job after their college should get very serious about getting an internship while in college. Because companies are always looking for someone who has some experience in the fields of the jobs they are offering. So getting a basic understanding of how to work in a corporate environment is always beneficial.  

Internships can be in different areas. If you interested in getting a writing job you should look for an internship in article writing. If you are interested in HR department you should look for an internship which can provide you basic understanding of an HR, similarly with a finance or a marketing job etc.  

  • How can you find one? 

Well, now that’s pretty easy these days too. As with increasing popularity of online sites like internshala, naukri.com you can apply for an internship at various companies in one go and can expect a call back quite quickly. 

You can check out the underlined sites: 



  • What do you have to do? 
    • Make your resume 
    • Get yourself registered in the above mentioned sites 
    • Apply for the internships you are interested in 
    • Check for any call or message back  
    • And DONE. 


3. Offer Resume Coaching:

If you are good at putting together resumes you can offer to do the same or provide resume coaching to other students/freshers in exchange of some money. One of the perks of working in the placement cell of my college was that I got really good at putting together resumes. So, I started giving resume coaching to other students and that really paid off.  

So if you can relate with me, start finding some clients to whom you can offer these services to. It’s as easy as it sounds for earning money from home for students. 

  • Where and how can you find clients? 

You can either find clients by posting your advertisement in school or college related groups or you can just tell your mates to do pass on the information to their friends that you can help with their resumes.  

And then you can provide them coaching or put together their resume yourself just by sitting at home and get paid for it.  

  • How much will it pay? 

That depends upon the number of clients that you get, quality of your work and the level of fees that you will charge.  

I suggest you to charge 100 to 300 bucks for a single resume so that it can attract more people.  

Word of mouth plays a very important role in this type of work as more of it will bring you more clients.  

The time before the summer break is the peak time as most students start getting their resumes together for their summer internships.  


4. Affiliate marketing: 

It is process of earning a commission by promoting other people’s products by a traceable link that you are given as an AffiliateYou promote products that you like and earn money on the basis of the sale and profit that you make. 

  • How does it work? 

Affiliates promote that traceable web link on their web site or blog site, their social media profiles and even emails. You get the payment based on the complete quantity of that order when clients click on that web link and lastly make a purchase. 

The benefits associated with this job are that you can: 

  • Handpick your partners. 
  • Low/NO risk 
  • Grow brand awareness. 
  • Increase SEO 

The skills required for this job are: 

  • To create attracting posts and 
  • The ability to promote the page. 
  • The skills to convince someone to buy the product.  

It’s kind of a passive income that I, you and everybody dream of. But you can realize this dream by applying for an affiliate now. Now the question is,  

  • Where can you apply for it?  

You can apply for it on various sites like Amazon, Flipkart, AjioMyntra etc. They all have an option called “affiliate”. 

You just have to sign up as an affiliate and you get access for every product available and done. 

Every time someone buys any product through your link you get a commission. 

It’s easy and convenient in today times, earning money from home for students or anyone else who is looking for an extra income.  



Everyone one of us have some special skill set, don’t we? So why not use this skill set for earning some extra cash? Almost everyone I know freelance their skills for making some quick cash. If you are good at drawing, sketching, painting, writing, making handicrafts, comedy, making posters, making videos or anything else. You can freelance your skills for temporary jobs.  

Anybody can do these jobs even the people with fulltime jobs, part time jobs, housewives or especially students. Earning money from home for students in India isn’t that hard.  

  • How does this work?  

The employer hires you for some specific project. You have to complete it in given time and submit it to the employer. 

 If the employer or the people like your work you can be hired for some other projects too.  

  • How can you apply for it?  
    • Get yourself registered as a freelancer at given sites  
    • Mention the skills sets that you have 
    • Mention the services that you are willing to offer. 
    • And you done. 


  • How much will you earn? 

That depends on the quality of your work. But the average will lie between 200 to 1000 bucks per work. 

Check out sites like: 

Fiver , upwork  


6. Survey participation,watch TV and play games:

This one is a no-brainer job and students earn money online in India without putting much effort through it.

  • How does it work? 
    • There are tons of companies who make products and their sales only depend upon their quality. So, to check the quality of their product they take surveys. So, here is where people who do not want to acquire new skills or put much effort come.  
    • They help these companies with surveys. There are tons of companies who like to pay money to these people for their survey participation. 
    • As companies want maximum customer satisfaction, they want customers’ reviews and suggestions. So, for that there are plenty of jobs in India which require you to test their product which involves TV shows, testing out their sites even play their games.  

Now it may sound like a dream job, as this is something that everybody wants to do. Sit home, relax, choose a time for TV, play games, surf through internet. So I don’t think anybody would want to lose this opportunity especially students who wants to earn some extra cash.  


There aren’t as good earning in this job compared to other jobs but there is always a benefit of being at home as it enables students to earn money online 

  • How do I apply for it? 

There are plenty of sites which act as a medium between these companies and people. You can get yourself registered and get started.  


7. Edit or proofread your peer’s/professor’s papers:

If you are in a college, it is always a good idea that you remain in your professor’s good books. So, if I say there is a way that you can earn money as well as you can remain in good books of your professor. Would you believe me? Well, doesn’t matter if you believe me or not because it is true. 

  • What do you have to do? 
    • Your teacher keeps on reading and doing researches, so if you are lucky and your university allows ongoing undergraduate students to be a part of the research by assisting, edit or proofread your professor’s papers. You can go for it. You can either just ask your professor to edit or proofread his/her paper. 
    • Students studying in India don’t realize how big opportunity it is to assist your professor. It is an ongoing trend in other countries and some universities in India also provide such opportunity. It will enable you to earn money from home in India as editing or proofreading papers doesn’t require you to go on any specific location.  
    • Or if you are too shy to put yourself out there, you can ask your peer’s papers. You can offer to help your classmates in editing their papers in exchange of some cash. This will not make you a lot of money but I am sure enough to handle your partial expenditure.   


8. Youtube videos:

how to earn money at home for students in india

If you have any kind of skills that you can make videos of, you should try your hand in making youtube videos. With an increasing trend of social media and youtube even the 10 years old children have their own channel on youtube. Youtube enables you to earn money from home in India as well in every other country.  

  • How to do it? 
    • That is quite easy. If you have a touch phone there would already be an app called Youtube.  
    • You open that application, on the right top corner you will find an account option.  
    • After opening it you will find a bar called “your channel”.  
    • You go there and create your channel by a entering name and a profile picture for your channel.  
    • And done.  
    • Make videos and upload it. 

It is that easy. You like playing games and you think that you good at it, record it and upload it. Do you sketch? If want to show your skills to people you record it and post it. No matter what skill you have you can always make videos and post it on youtube. One can start teaching their skill to other people on youtube also. I have seen various people teaching their dance, art, guitar etc routines on youtube.    

  • How much will you earn? 
    • You never know what people may like. You never know that yours is the next video going viral or getting thousands of likes. 
    • As more and more people see it, more views it will get and hence more money you will make. 

9. Network Marketing:

how to earn money while studying in india

What is network marketing? And how can I earn money while studying in India through it? What skills does it require?  
I am going to answer all these questions.
Network marketing is also called pyramid marketing, multi level marketing, referral marketing. In simple words, it is strategy for the sale of good and products where a person gets compensation when it makes other people join the company. 
It can also be said as word of mouth marketing. People have earned tons of money from MLM in the past.
It is the perfect type of temporary job if you are an extrovert, are not ashamed of marketing and attending many sessions at once in a day. The more people you bring into the firm, the more will be your commission.
You can earn money from home in India while studying through this job as MLM is a growing trend now days.  


10. Virtual Assistant Jobs 

If you are a student with fair communicational and organizational skills then you can make money from home in India. Every virtual assistant job is quite different from each other. Although some general components to expect can be data entry, social media management, research, transcribing documents or organizing. 

  • Benefits? 
    • You have freedom to choose your own location, rates, system and attire. 
    • You can also take multiple clients and can earn money from home in India. 


  • All you need is: 
  • Your computer system, mobile phones and 
  • An internet connection
  • Paying scale? 
    • Can differ depending upon the rendered services, hours done, tasks etc. 
    • But you can expect a range of Rs 500 to Rs 4000 per hour. 

Here are the sites where you can find relevant jobs:

Do not hesitate to put yourself out there. You need money for your expenditure or just want to earn some extra cash, you go ahead and try new things. When I was in college I used to try new things and it never failed to teach me something and other, even if you make less money by doing these temporary daily jobs, it will still be something and something is better than nothing. 
With growing popularity and easy accessibility of internet, you have the opportunity to earn money from home while studying in India and I don’t see any reason why you will ever want to lose this opportunity.  

So, I suggest you to go ahead and register yourself in whatever you would want to do.