Voice of an EA – Saheba

Voice of an EA – Saheba Kaur Anand Rendezvous with John Sundar How did your journey begin with Chegg? Well, I was introduced to Chegg by one of my relatives. I took the test and qualified myself for the role of an expert answerer.  I am thankful to my relative who showed me the path […]

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Voice of an EA – Mahesh

It has been an amazing journey, so far. I receive a wide variety of questions ranging from medium level to high level on the Chegg Question and Answer Board… Chegg is helping me to make the best use of my free time. It is like earning on the move… Chegg questions are also helping my students to sharpen their subject skill.
– Mahesh, EA (Biology)

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Voice of an EA – Sumanth

At Chegg, there is less work pressure. We can work at our own pace and time. This kind of freedom is not common elsewhere… I receive all levels of questions related to my subject. The questions are very application-oriented… I can boldly say that I have seen a hyperbolic growth in my life after joining Chegg. I grew financially…
– Sumanth, EA (Electrical)

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Voice of an EA – Lalitha

When I started working for Chegg, I discontinued searching for other jobs, and started depending solely on Chegg… At Chegg, I can work at leisure without any pressure… The earnings at Chegg made me more independent and much more confident… Chegg gives me an opportunity to have exposure to international textbooks and thus expand my knowledge. I am greatly indebted to Chegg!!!
– Lalitha, EA (Electrical Engineering)

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Voice of an EA- Sirisha

I am lucky to have Chegg in my hometown… Working for Chegg has always been a pleasure… Especially for women like me, working from home is a blessing. There are no night shift hassles and no traveling time loss. I am left with ample time to concentrate on competitive exams… I am Earning and Learning at the Same Time. At Chegg, I can be a homemaker and a breadwinner too…
– Sirisha, EA – Electrical Engineering

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Voice of an EA- Sainadh

Chegg helps me to upgrade my subject knowledge as I answer questions related to my subject… We couldn’t pay house rent for four consecutive months. Now, thanks to Chegg, life has become more easy. I managed to clear two huge loans…
– Sainadh, EA (Electrical Engineering)

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