Voice on an EA – Pooja Sharma

   Q. How did you begin your journey with Chegg?  I was looking for a job which would provide flexible working hours and an opportunity to do work from home. Then one of my friends told me about Chegg. I cleared the test, registered and started working on the Chegg Question and Answer board as an […]

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Voice of an EA – Rahul Kundra

A motivator and a dreamer, he is an inspiration to many experts. With a ‘never-say-no’ attitude, he is a brilliant performer Q. How did you get introduced to Chegg? I started my career with Chegg in November 2016. I completed my B. Tech in computer science Engineering from IIT and there I came to know […]

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Voice of an EA – Rajesh

  Q. How did your journey begin with Chegg? I came to know about this opportunity through my roommate and colleague, who has been working as an Expert Answerer for a while. I was always baffled by my roommate’s luxurious lifestyle, we used to get compensated with the same amount of salary and yet he […]

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Voice of an EA – Rakesh Roushan

Rakesh Roushan – Computer Science Engineering Q. Tell us something about yourself and how were you introduced to Chegg? I am an IT Professional with a degree in Computer Science. I began his journey with Chegg on January 2017. Since then, I have solved 900+ questions while maintaining an excellent CF score of 91% – […]

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Voice of an EA – Sharon

    Sharon Valli joined Chegg as an Expert Answerer at its inception in India. Her journey with Chegg started in 2011 when she was recruited during a campus drive at Dr. Bullaya College in her final year. However, at the same time, she got placed in Wipro as well, which she had to forgo […]

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Voice of an EA – Usha Rani

Q. How were you introduced to Chegg? I came to know about Chegg through Naukri.com. I was impressed reading the job profile of an Expert Answerer (EA). I browsed and found out that Chegg provides subject help for students globally. On 22nd July 2015, I cleared the test and started my journey with Chegg. Currently, […]

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