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What Career Options do you have for Civil Engineering jobs?


Civil engineering is a specialization in engineering that deals with planning, development, and management of a human and natural ecosystem. It includes public works such as highways, bridges, canals, lakes, airports, sewerage networks, reservoirs, structural elements of buildings, and railroads. Historically, civil engineering is classified into various sub-disciplines. Lets take a look at civil engineering jobs.

Civil Engineering is one of the second-oldest disciplines after military engineering. It deals with designing military projects in communication and transportation lines. It is characterized as separating non-military engineering from military engineering. This takes place in the public sector, at municipal and national levels. Also, including the private sector, from residential clients to multinational businesses. We have written similar content in Civil Engineering Jobs in India.

But is a profession that people mostly try to get into?

Well, most people might not know what career option they can have. So let us understand what career options we can have after graduating in civil engineering. But before we see what options we have, let us know the eligibility criteria.

Basic criteria

The most basic required to become a civil engineer is that in class 10th, you have a diploma in civil engineering. Having science subjects (physics, chemistry, and mathematics) in 10+2 for higher secondary students also works.

Duration of course

The course duration varies from program to program. For a diploma in Civil Engineering the course might last for three years. In a Bachelor’s program in B.E.(bachelor’s in engineering) the session lasts for four years. Whereas, having a master’s degree after completing the graduation is of two years.

Approximate Expenditure

Approximate education expenses vary from one college to another. For a B.E.(Bachelor’s in Engineering) course, the government may charge 10,000. However, in a university, the same class may be up to 25,000. Whereas, in a private university, the price may be up to 35,000.

Similarly, a master’s degree may be for ₹ 10,000. The same course may be ₹ 30,000 in a university. While, in a private institute, the education expenditure may start from ₹50,000.

Institutes that offer this course

There are a number of colleges and universities that offer this course and have an effective course structure with good placements. Universities like  Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Delhi, IIT Kanpur, IIT Kharagpur, IIT Mumbai, BITS Pilani, CEG Chennai and Jamia Millia Islamia are some of the great institutes that teach this course.

Civil Engineering Jobs and Job roles

civil engineering jobs in india

Site engineer in private firms

Civil engineering jobs is always considered good, as everyone has a responsibility towards their friends and families. A site engineer has to analyze and inspect the facility and the operational data with a focus towards maintaining compliance with the safety and regulatory standards. This is one of the best career options for a civil engineer and can earn upto sixty lacs rupees per annum.

Assistant engineer in a government department

An Assistant Civil Engineer is one career option in civil engineering jobs where he uses the expertise and experience he has acquired since studying about buildings and facilities by evaluating, modelling and constructing them under the supervision of engineering practitioners. Whenever the government decides on working on any projects the assistant engineer helps in creating bids for the projects and prepares a cost-benefit analysis for each project that’s going to take place. The average salary of an assistant engineer is estimated to be around 7.8 lacs per annum.

Lecturer in Civil Engineering

With your knowledge base and skills that you had learnt in your graduation, you can help others grasp that knowledge to prepare the future generations. Hence, being a lecturer in the department of civil engineering in one of the best career options that a civil engineer can have. The job comes with its own perks and rewards. Great option in Civil engineering jobs.


To become a lecturer of civil engineering, one must have graduation in B.E. ( bachelor’s in Engineering) with a master’s degree in the same programme, with first-class or equivalent, and have PhD in the entitled discipline they want to work in. 10 years is the minimum experience that is to be required in this industry.


The average salary of a lecturer is expected to be around one lac per annum which can go upto 7-8 lacs per annum, the salary of a civil engineering lecturer also varies from institution to institution.

Scientist in the research organisation

You can apply for a position of scientists in any research organisation like the ISRO, ASCE (American Society for Civil Engineers) and even in the defence sector. A noble option in Civil Engineering jobs

Apply for Public sector Undertaking

If you are technically sound about what’s happening around the world, you can apply for a PSU. Today’s world, they depend mainly on the GATE score. The government shows vacancies through print advertising in major newspapers on a daily basis. So, brace yourself hard for the GATE exam. Civil engineers hold almost all civil service positions in public works departments.


To get in, one has to clear GATE after B-tech to get into IITs or the NITs. Not only the IITs and theNITs accept GATE, but private universities accept it as well because it occurs at national level which 7 IITs and IISc conduct. A number of scholarships are available to those who clear it.


The scorecard of a GATE examination is valid for about three years and will make you eligible for a stipend of ₹ 12400 per month. Many colleges also offer programs like student exchange and research internships.

Startup ventures

Let’s take a look into some other types of civil engineering jobs. Starting an investment on your own, be it any business, requires a tremendous amount of patience and toughness. There is no best age or time to start your business. Just having a professional degree or a specialization and a few years of industry experience will always give us a higher edge to prosper in your commercial enterprise. So, it is one of the career options for civil engineers. You can start up your business venture in :

Start a cement manufacturing plant

A cement manufacturing plant is one of the startups that a civil engineer can go into. Even though starting this business may require a little capital and investment in many expensive tools and equipment, selling cement will not be too difficult, especially if the rates are highly competitive.

Setting up Air conditioners

This business is not linked to the installation of air conditioners. Still, it is one of the potentially profitable companies in the construction and development value chain. The demand for this business is high, especially if you are an excellent salesman. It involves working and networking with the site supervisors and other stakeholders and always aiming to provide unique business leverage.

Construction Consultant and Estimation service

A civil engineer may set up a construction consultancy practice after needing skills and a significant amount of experience in the construction industry. If you deliver quality insight, you are sure to get long-term contracts with corporate and government bodies. As an expert, you help determine the amount they would spend to prevent them from saving their time. This startup business for a civil engineer career is an excellent deal if you’re great at deconstructing the cost for a project on different parameters and know what you’re doing.

Professional organisations

The civil engineer must be updated with all breakthroughs in his field and key matters throughout his life. While schooling at a college provides the basic preparation needed to enter this field, ongoing learning is the foundation to excellence. Therefore, studying when working either on a daily job, on the field or through summer work is essential and trains one to move into a permanent job.

Part-time roles to pursue

You can practice what you have learned by the time you have become an experienced Civil Engineer professional who knows how things work and can make you understand what he really thinks is best for others.

Work with Chegg

Civil engineering job Chegg

As a Chegg expert, you get opportunity to work any time and anywhere and earn a good amount even while learning. Chegg experts solve questions and provide the desired answers to students in any subject.

Chegg’s reach is to countries like Germany, Russia, India, the USA, and many others with 11 million-plus users online. But who all can join? Well, you can if you are a graduate in subjects of Business, Engineering (Mechanical, Civil, Computer, Electrical, chemical), Science like applied Physics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics like calculus, statistics, etc.


All you need is a good internet connection, a laptop or a computer and definitely your skills. It can help you help others to learn, in return you can earn about a good amount every month. Payment is made on per-answer basis. So the more you answer more you will earn at the end of the month. Top civil engineer subject matter experts at Chegg earn upwards of 30k every month. This can a perfect option for a part-time source of income.

chegg Jobs

CAD designer

You can help in creating a rough idea by creating it virtually without using any physical substance. An architect later uses this as a bluprint. This would help them in judging whether the design needed is aesthetically appealing.

Online services like Fiverr can be an example as a part-time job that can help you fill a good amount in your wallet.

Take part in environmental projects

You can also search for the environmental projects that might be taking place around you. Additionally, you can even travel near some sites such as working in a service line. You can improve the movement and set up of the sewage line. The payment may be good and might help you gain a good experience of things work. You may land yourself on a bigger project that might be a huge benefactor to your resume. In this way, you can earn while you learn.


Hard work is required in every job, doesn’t matter what option in Civil Engineering jobs you perform. A person can begin by being employed in any sector and later can enter corporate business. He can start his own business after understanding how the market works, its tackles and difficulties.

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