Voice of an EA – Pratap

Q1. How did your journey begin with Chegg?

I’m Pratap. I hail from Vizag. I did my schooling and college education from Vizag. I graduated from Andhra University. I am quite good both in Physical Chemistry and Organic Chemistry, so my friend opined that Chegg would be an ideal place for experts like me and introduced me to the role of an Expert Answerer at Chegg.

Q2. What else do you do apart from working for Chegg?

I work as an Assistant Professor at a Pharmacy College. I am also pursuing my Ph.D.

Q. How is working in a college setup different from working for Chegg?

In a college, there will be a one-on-one relationship. If a student poses a question, the teacher needs to be very spontaneous and reply, whereas here we have time to think and respond in a written format.

Q. Tell us your experience with Chegg Textbooks?

The questions I receive at Chegg are quite in-depth and the textbooks are advanced and of high level. Chegg Textbooks are rich in knowledge and instrumental in expanding knowledge. Chegg helps me to revisit all my basics. Chegg is like an incentive for me. It is an opportunity to test my subject skill and answering ability.


Q. What if you get a difficult question, do you skip?

Yes, the questions I receive on Chegg are of different levels. Even if it is a tough one, I would never give up in the first place. My track record is proof of that. I don’t sleep until I get it right (smiles). I take time to mull over it and finally manage to solve it.

There was one challenging instance where I received a high difficulty level question. The question was definitely related to my subject and all I had to do was to put on my thinking cap. Finally, I made it. I felt I truly deserved a pat on my back.

Q. Have you ever received a poor rating? If so, how do you respond?

I did receive a poor rating once. I was working late night, and I was a bit careless and went wrong. I admitted my mistake when I saw the report. I thought to myself that ‘Failures are stepping stones to success’ and that I should never be careless again. From then on, I always received the best rating. The in-house territory team is quite helpful in giving timely guidance and the communication lines are always open.

Q. What is the good thing you like about Chegg?

Working in a College is routine and mundane. We become lifeless and inanimate. Chegg changed my attitude towards work and spiced up my life by creating an interesting work environment and throwing challenging questions. Chegg made me more animated, vibrant and motivated at work.


In college, we follow a syllabus, I teach the same topic from the same textbook for different batches of students. Chegg allows me go through different textbooks that focus on similar topics and gain a deeper insight. The questions asked on the same topic are intense.

Chegg gives me an option to select the subjects which I have command on, so that I can most expertly assist students.

Q. In a day, how much time do you spend on Chegg?

I devote a minimum of 4 hours a day for Chegg. If the difficultly level is high, I spend more time. Some questions require research and take more time.

Q. How do you balance your personal and professional life?

A teacher should always be a student and do his homework or else he cannot survive as a teacher. Chegg helps me to do my homework. I learn a lot by answering on Chegg. I spend some quality time with my family and also entertain my one year old daughter. My wife has been very supportive and takes the onus of the family burden. She is a great home maker.

Q. How has earning at Chegg made your life better?

Chegg is an incentive for me. It is more than a salary. Money is not the primary motive behind working for Chegg. It helps enhance my knowledge and makes me more confident. I would never leave Chegg. Thanks to Chegg, I am now able to comfortably buy goodies for home – I cleared some debts, bought some toys for my baby and saris for my wife.


Q. How does Chegg help you in your overall growth?

Teaching orally is easier than teaching through writing. Chegg helped me improve my writing skills and computer skills. I have also recommended Chegg to a lot of my friends. I also improved my vocabulary and sentence construction. Good writers are eventually good speakers.  I also see that it has impacted my oral teaching skills as well.

As a teacher, I address students. Chegg has made me a global teacher. I take pride in it. It helps me to address students across the global. Thanks to Chegg for all these!



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