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My day starts like any other day – with an alarm clock, freshly brewed coffee and a newspaper rolled up to fit in my hand as I make my way towards office, which is right next to my bedroom. Three steps and a turn – and I am able to report at work with two full minutes to spare.

Talk about an easy commute!

My workplace consists of a computer, few books, and a pair of headphones for an occasional piece of music, with snacks and drinks at an arm’s reach.

If I knew freelancing was this convenient and rewarding,
I would have started much, much sooner.


So, what is it exactly that I do? I work as an Expert Answerer/Freelance Subject Expert (Sign Up here!) with Chegg – a global student hub that helps students understand and master the concepts essential for success in their university courses.

Being an Expert Answerer is all about being an expert with the right answers. I, together with thousands of other experts, lend a helping hand to students who come to Chegg Question and Answer Board to get help with their homework and assignments. It is a unique platform that, on one hand, connects the students to the experts, and on the other hand, gives the experts a chance to showcase their expertise, help someone in need, and earn a quick buck at the same time.

The best part about freelancing with Chegg is the freedom of choice. Work can sound like a dreadful chore, but not for Chegg’s experts – and here’s why!

1. Your choice of work
Chegg helps you discover unanswered queries, and redirects you to interesting and engaging sets of questions, saving your effort to sift through an unending pile of posts. In terms of compensation too, Chegg has a policy of Pay Per Answer where you are paid for every question you solve. Often, experts also get a generous bonus of thanks from students who find their answers helpful – many experts find it just as important as the pay they receive for their work.

2. Your choice of workload
There is no upper limit to the number of questions you can answer as an expert. With a reasonable lower limit, and a prescribed length of time to finish the task, experts are free to discover and solve as many questions as they can.


3. Your choice of workplace
Any place with comfort and a stable internet connection, qualifies as a workplace – be it your own bed, or a nearby café which serves the best sandwiches in town.

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4. Your choice of working-hours
Experts are the early birds and the night owls – they are free to work at a time of their choice, which leaves them enough space to plan out the remaining time to pursue their other interests. Talk about relaxed shift timings!


For a Chegg Expert Answerer, life is easy and productive, with infinite potential to be shaped in any way you want. Knowledge, passion for your subject, and a stable internet connection – are the only things you need to get on board, and start making the most of your time.

Come, join the ranks of 6000+ experts already helping students around the world. 

Start working with Chegg!

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