CHEGG: The New Face of E-Learning

Education! That one word bequeathed with respect and desire, has had a profound influence on science, ethics and social being on humans since eternity. The thirst for knowledge has pushed us far and wide to search for this elixir. Earlier, burning the midnight oil hath served the purpose; collecting books; reading them; reaching out to profound masters, were the order of the day in time that hath passed by.

Fast forward to the networking era – There has been a paradigm shift in the methods of accessing centers of learning. Mathematics, Chemistry, Engineering, Management and Social Sciences are being studied zealously the world over. Questions are being asked around the world. Questions; that shout out loud to be answered; the solution: E-learning.

E-Learning has been making inroads into the erstwhile static location and paper based education services sector. Currently, it is a $56 billion industry, which according to figures will continue to move northwards and will breach the $100 billion mark by 2015. Projections also show that by 2019, half of the college curriculum would be e-learning based. Chegg India has been the forerunner in the e-learning sector, and has latched on to the early bird, that was earlier known as Cramster; which now reaps rich dividends.

At Chegg India, the mantra is “You ask: we deliver”. From humble beginnings as the company, now a subsidiary of the American text book rental giant Chegg, has been answering solutions ever since its inception. Armed with highly talented resources from across various fields, we offer an advanced technology at your desk. Solutions to American collegiate level text books are provided. E-learning has an added dimension with Chegg India. Around 200 experts working in centers located in Vishakhapatnam and New Delhi contribute to the success story we have built. The talent pool of in- house experts is supplemented with an arsenal of freelancing experts called MNE’s (Managed Network Experts), who also provide solutions.

Currently, we have provided solutions for over 2500 American collegiate text books across various fields of study. Our team has put in vast effort that has left no stone unturned in the journey so far. All solutions have found their way to the Chegg Study portal which is accessed by students on the other side of the globe. It is no wonder that our solutions and our services are highly valued across the American Student community.

The experts working with us undergo a tough entry test, where their skills and subject knowledge are tested. We ensure that the crème-de-la-crème of the industry works with us as we move ahead in our venture.

Over the coming weeks, we will develop this blog to provide the students across India and abroad, a chance to directly link with the industry and be actively involved with professionals and academia. Just like the Christmas bag of goodies, this blog would cater to vast students across the country, where great minds can come together and encourage the spirit of learning. Quizzes, interesting problems and challenges, along with tutorials, would appear, making the student more aware about his/her domain and be one step closer to the industry. A small peek into the world of Chegg and interesting happenings will appear in the future postings.

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