Voice of an EA – Chandan Kumar

Chandan Kumar, an Expert Answerer (EA) in Mechanical Engineering, has been associated with Chegg for more than three and a half years now. Chandan joined Chegg when he was in his second year of Engineering. Since then, he has answered more than 2,500 questions with an overall CF score of more than 85%. He is one […]

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Voice of an EA – Suvam Pramanik

Suvam started answering on the Chegg Question & Answer Board from November 2017 and is currently answering questions related to Computer Science. With over 2500 answers, he is determined to provide students with the best quality answers. His motive is to help out more students every day and thus, be among the top-notch expert answerers of […]

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Voice of an EA – Kamal Handoo

Kamal Handoo started his career with Chegg in January 2012. His performance was exceptional, and he solved 8000+ problems with an average quality score 4.5. Compassionate and talented, he is targeting to answer myriads of questions and help students succeed academically. Q. How has your journey with Chegg been till now? “Simply Awesome” 😊. Yes, […]

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