Voice of an EA – Saheba

Voice of an EA – Saheba Kaur Anand Rendezvous with John Sundar How did your journey begin with Chegg? Well, I was introduced to Chegg by one of my relatives. I took the test and qualified myself for the role of an expert answerer.  I am thankful to my relative who showed me the path […]

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CPL India 2018

Chegg India lifted its curtain to the much awaited event Chegg Premier League – a long awaited tournament for Cheggers that unleashes their sporting skills and drives them away from their monotony…
Chegg India left no stone unturned to make the event sensational…

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Voice of an EA – Vidya Sagar

Chegg is quite popular among academicians and the academic hubs… The journey has been fantastic. I answer a wide variety of questions on the Chegg Q&A board – all related to my subject… Chegg is a perfect platform for us to apply our skill and at the same time earn a decent living…
– Vidya Sagar, EA (Electrical Engineering)

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Voice of an EA – Sandhya

after I started working for Chegg, I totally loved it… Ever since I was a child, I always wanted to teach. Working for Chegg and teaching students is a dream come true for me… Chegg gives work-from-home opportunity, and there is no one to boss over me. I can work at my own pace from my own space…
– Sandhya Rani, EA (Chemical Engineering)

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Voice of an EA – Swaroop Reddy

I receive a wide variety of questions – theory based questions, problem based questions, multiple choice questions etc… Doing a comparative study on all the world economies, thus helped me explore newer depths. Thus, working for Chegg provides reciprocal benefits… Every question is based on a key concept and every key concept has some important points to remember. I make a mention of them in the answer. This is helpful to the students to be better equipped to answer the question…
– Swaroop Reddy, EA (Economics)

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Voice of an EA – Murthy

I was captivated by the role of an Expert Answerer – a work from home option, work available 24/7, answering questions posted by students – what better opportunity could I ask for… The Chegg In-House team gave me constructive feedback that helped me learn to develop student-friendly answers… I always look to grab more number of questions from my cozy corner…
– Murthy, EA (Biology)

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Voice of an EA – Ramesh

At Chegg, I gain more than what I give. I receive a wide variety of questions related to a topic. Answering them helps me master the topic… Working at Chegg as an Expert Answerer is a pressure free job… I got addicted to Chegg…
– Ramesh, EA (Electronics)

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